E-mail letters, Nov. 15, 2010

Wagner’s remedies are baseless

Rick Wagner’s remedies for undoing what he thinks are Congress’ dastardly economic policies seem baseless. Corporations were contributing 34 percent of federal income tax revenues in the robust U.S. economic growth years of the 1960s. They now pay less than 19 percent. Many Fortune 500 corporations use loopholes they effectively lobbied for OR nefarious accounting methods OR register in the Cayman Islands so they pay no federal income tax at all. No wonder we have to print money to cover our deficits… And so much for Wagner’s perception of punishing tax policies.

Most manufacturers haven’t fled the United States because of burdensome regulations, either. They left because of cheap, semi-slave foreign labor. This seems more fitting of the Jennings Bryan quote Wagner offered of pressing “down on the brow of labor this crown of thorns. You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.”

Wagner wants us to shower corporations with more tax breaks and holidays to have them repatriate their money to our shores. I have a better idea. If they can’t even cough up taxes comparable to the share of the neighborhood convenience store clerk de-patriate them. Since corporations are deemed persons now, they wouldn’t be able to use our highways, banking system, airports etc. without going through our immigration system or sneaking in through the Arizona desert. I bet our money printing presses would stop and the federal deficit would disappear in a hurry.

Joel Prudhomme
Grand Junction

Oil well densities should not be increased

I would like to protest Antero’s request to increase the well density from 160 wells per acre to 10 per acre on Silt Mesa. So close to homes and schools?? It is just incomprehensible to me. 

I live in a subdivision with 87 homes. We now have a gas rig on the hill right behind my house. It was a complete surprise to everyone – no notice of any kind from Antero or the Town of Silt.

Last Saturday, the compressors were heard throughout the neighborhood. Then the fumes came, along with the black smoke. Our neighbors were as alarmed as we were and afraid to take their child outside to play. Where we once had the best views in the neighborhood, we now have a gas rig.

How is this going to affect our health…. along with the value of our home? Who in their right mind would buy a house so close to a well? Ironically, the Town of Silt has an ordinance where no wood-burning fireplaces are allowed due to air pollution.

Garfield County has a detrimental history of gas drilling. Contaminated wells, people forced from their homes due to health reasons, the cavalier attitude from the gas companies. Why are we letting this happen in such a densely populated area? How are we to feel safe for our future after seeing the existing sterile conditions where drilling has already taken place?

Is this what the COGCC and Garfield County Commissioners are willing to let happen to this beautiful valley? Isn’t the purpose of the government to protect the safety and well-being of its citizens?

Janean Ensign Nutter

Thank you to Applebee’s

We had the privilege of taking my father, a World War II Veteran out to eat on Veteran’s day. We saw the ad inviting him to a dinner at Applebee’s.

From the moment we arrived we were greeted by the nicest people, making every attempt to make the evening a great one for our Veteran and many other Veterans’s who came out to enjoy the free evening meal. We especially enjoyed the young women who came and performed the Star Spangled Banner. It brought everyone to their feet and a tear to our eyes.

I have the unique privilege of working with Veteran’s daily and I so appreciated the fine hospitality I saw my father and many other Veteran’s receive this Veteran’s day at Applebee’s. Thank you for stepping forward with so many other fine establishments to provide a wonderful experience.

Glenda Bennett
Grand Junction

Help win money for Glade Park School

The Glade Park School is a finalist in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project this month! Pepsi is giving away 1.2 million every month this year to different community projects.

The contest is based on votes. The top two in each category win. Our project, to build an elementary school, is in the running for $250K. We have the land, but need the school building. The school district has agreed to support our school, if, we provide the funds for the building. Help us keep our rural school by voting for us. This contribution from Pepsi will help support Colorado education.

We need your help getting the word out and by voting everyday in November. Go to: http://www.refresheverything.com/gladeparkschool or simply text (free) 104069 to Pepsi 73774.

Help us win $250,000 for the Glade Park School!

Karen Foster
Glade Park

Environmentalism has cost us much

Yes, we have saved millions of trees, would have saved the dinosaurs if we could, have the cleanest water in the world, stopped or delayed 50 percent of all energy explorations, import most of our oil, and are regulated to death to the satisfaction of many.  Now we can enjoy being without jobs and broke.
R.M. Sherman
Grand Junction

Commissioner should set a better example

I don’t know about the other citizens of Mesa County, but I would prefer that my county commissioner use better judgment than was recently displayed by Commissioner Craig Meis in the matter of his 14-year-old son’s citation for unlawfully operating a watercraft on Highline Lake.

Like most politicians, Meis obviously feels that the law applies only to others, not he and his son. Great modeling for the kid, Craig; it is little wonder that so many of our young display no civility whatever, having learned manners, or the lack thereof in this case, from their parents. The Meis boy broke the law and Officer Craig Johnson is to be commended for not caving into the high and mighty Commissioner Meis whose importance, in his view at any rate, is way out of proportion to his actual worth—no surprise there. Now he is going to lie about what really happened.

Honor would dictate that he apologize to Officer Johnson. Given the circumstances surrounding his idiotic actions in this matter I doubt he knows the meaning of the word. Of course he could resign in disgrace, but I doubt he has the depth for that either, so we will remember this in 2013 when he makes a bid for reelection, telling us, once again, what a great commissioner he has been.

Jerry A. Hunsinger
Grand Junction

Academic research may be key to oil shale usage

Thank you for your recent articles and commentaries on oil shale. I continue to believe that development of a viable oil shale industry is critical to my grandchildrens’ future.

The existing Department of Interior approach has been ineffective. An academically based research and test facility would produce the desired effects of efficiency, environmental acceptability and profitability. I am a
long time advocate of such a center based at a Colorado, Utah, Nevada, or Montana minerals school. Support by such groups as RAND or NETL would encourage objective, peer reviewed data and conclusions.

I received a copy of the Spring 2010 edition of “Life in Estonia” magazine. Estonia has been a producer of energy from oil shale for decades. The key points noted in the article which supports my request for a US
research center are 1) a long relationship between industry and academia, 2) development of specialized co-products from shale oil which significantly increase profitability, and 3) a keen sensitivity to “green” considerations.

Robert Loucks
Grand Junction


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