E-mail letters, Oct. 13, 2010

Konola’s peacock references
are insulting, inappropriate

Last month at the Club 20 debate between Rep. Steve King and Claudette Konola for the Senate District 7 seat, Konola made a sarcastic remark comparing King to a peacock.

Most recently, her campaign commercial shows at the end, a picture of a peacock with a “no” slash through it. It was insulting when she made the comment, and now to add insult to injury, she has chosen to include it in her campaign advertisement.

This is a sexist and juvenile comment that should be further questioned by The Daily
Sentinel and the constituents of Senate District 7. Women have not fought for decades for equality to have a comment like this go unchallenged.

If the roles had been reversed, if Steve King had said something similar about his opponent, people would have asked for his resignation. If a comment like that, directed toward a woman is wrong, then this equally inappropriate statement is clearly wrong.

Konola should know that this behavior does not demonstrate the professionalism we expect from a candidate running to represent our district in the state Legislature.
Mary Ann Konola
Angie Moss
Robbie Koos
Grand Junction

Columnist ignores facts
in attack on Democrats

Columnist Jay Ambrose is wrong again. His column continues to promote nothing factual, just fear-mongering propaganda. His recent article eliminates real information that changes the equations entirely.

For instance, what does he suggest we do without food stamps while our middle class slowly erodes and the working poor continue to increase in number?

Simply because a Democrat is in the White House, people like Ambrose seem to conveniently forget that it’s Republican-sponsored policy like tax breaks for multinational corporations to send American jobs overseas and higher taxes for the majority of “average Americans” than someone who makes five times their income pays.

If I make $50,000 a year, why should I pay a higher percentage than someone who makes $300,000 a year. That’s what the Bush tax cuts can mean, but Ambrose and the spin doctors like him won’t tell you that.

Then Ambrose tells us that compact flourescent light bulbs (CFLs) will actually commit us to use more energy and they are dangerously full of mercury. But a coal-fired electricity plant will emit more mercury into our air just making the power that would run a comparable incandescent bulb, and CFLs contain all their mercury inside. If they break, just clean them up carefully. The amount is miniscule, just don’t ingest it and you’ll be fine.

I prefer to have the control over my own bulbs versus living next to a plant that pumps mercury into the air I breathe, whether I break my bulbs or not.

LED bulbs don’t have the mercury problem, use even less energy than the CFLs, and are readily available at local companies like Ecofly Solar in Grand Junction. They cost more up front, but last longer than all others and pay for themselves long before they die, not to mention they now come in all sizes and colors (like an incandescent) and are dimmable.

It would be nice if Ambrose would include the facts from all sides of an argument in his column, but then I guess that wouldn’t allow him to toe the misinformation party line.
Anthony Huff

Government is needed to
control the super wealthy

Right-wingers rail against government as the cause of America as they knew it being lost. In reality, super-wealthy private financial interests have hijacked our democracy.

Wall Streeters develop financial bailout actions; private contractors determine weapons and security programs; congressmen pass favorable anti-labor and anti-environmental legislation for their past and future private employers; ex-petroleum executives conjure up our national energy policies; media conglomerates opine to the FCC to control the Internet and local media; huge agribusinesses develop federal crop subsidies, global trade policies and nutrition and food-safety regulations; pharmaceutical heads design our Medicare drug programs; and health insurance companies define our health care system.
Government is the only referee that keeps common citizens from being crushed by super-rich individuals, think-tanks, lobbyists, and corporations that register in Caribbean countries to avoid U.S. taxes and then send jobs to China and India.

The Supreme Court now allows these powerful interests to spend as much as they want disseminating propaganda that maintains their control. Working-class tea partiers and libertarians think they are populists, but they don’t seem to understand that their anti-government rants just makes them shills furthering the policies of the mega-rich and their own long-term demise.
Joel Prudhomme
Grand Junction

Marine was honored
by trip and reception

I would like to thank everyone for the support and letters we received during our recent honor trip to Washington D.C. We had a fantastic trip.

We received many letters during our “last mail call” while there, and it warmed our hearts that so many people took the time to write and send letters to honor the veterans who have served our country.

We were astounded to come home and find the airport packed with people waiting to welcome us home and honor us.

Thanks again. We will always remember our wonderful trip.
Leroy B. Latham
Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps
De Beque




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