E-mail letters, Oct. 14, 2010

Amendment 62 offers
chance to choose life

Over 40 years ago, the state of Colorado legalized abortion, followed in 1973 by the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision where the majority struggled with the question, “When does the baby become a person?”

In spite of biblical counsel that plainly says life is valued as life from the beginning of biological development, they removed the rights of the child within the womb to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The child became the property of the mother, a non-person, to be disposed of as she saw fit. In their uncertainty and confusion, the Supreme Court justices might have given the babies the benefit of the doubt, but they didn’t.

We did not have the brilliant images of in the womb photography in those days, the, “collection of cells,” was just a zygote, hidden from view and without impact. Now, we see differently. The child is recognizable in very early stages of development. We feel the impact of their presence.
Since 1973, the lives of over 52 million of these little ones have been terminated. Each one had a mother and father who were greatly impacted by the loss of the child they would never know. Post-Abortion Syndrome, the vague sadness and depression that would plague so many, became a new affliction. Abortion hurts the parents, especially women, as well as the children. I know this from personal experience as well as from ministering to many others who have found forgiveness and healing over the years.

It was a bad, short-sighted law and opinion from the beginning. Now, through Amendment 62, we have the opportunity to restore value and dignity to all human life, no matter how small. A “Yes” vote on the Personhood Amendment, Amendment 62 will begin the process. Let’s choose life and begin the healing.
Pastor Jim Hale

Controversial billboard
not racist of homophobic

The billboard on I70-B is neither racist nor homophobic. If you look at, it you will see that it very cleverly shows, in a cartoonish way, the major problems President Barack Obama is facing. The only one missing is the homeless, unemployed veteran.

As for being disrespectful, I think everyone respects the office of the president. However, people have to earn respect, they don’t get it just because of a position they fill.

I don’t think it was meant to be bigoted, homophobic or disrespectful. People who feel that way need to get a life.

Why is it that anything said about Obama that is not filled with praises needs to be called racist. The people who are racist are the ones who keep using that as an excuse for not liking things people say and feel about Obama.

Thank you, Unnamed, for bringing a bit of humor into our lives during this very political unstable time.

David Shrum
Grand Junction

Ballot measures offer
a frightening future

I don’t get scared easily. Yet, having read the particulars about Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 in the “2010 State Ballot Information Booklet,” the Colorado General Assembly’s objective and nonpartisan publication, I’m scared stiff.

This Blue Book states that reductions in property taxes will deprive our state’s public schools of $337 million in 2011 and $1.5 billion by 2020. This shortfall, the booklet states, will be “replaced by state aid.”

The replacement would come from decreased spending and services in other areas: cuts in Colorado’s road and bridge budgets, cuts in safe water spending, cuts for sewage treatment, cuts for unemployment benefits, cuts in budgets for parks and streets, cuts in health care, cuts in the programs that help low income, elderly and disabled people, cuts in the state and local budgets for police and fire services, cuts in budgets for maintaining public water and sewer systems, cuts in parks and recreation facilities budgets, cuts in state and local aid to hospitals, libraries and courts, and so on.

Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 are saying that we can get tax relief now but later lose our American quality of life that we treasure. If 60, 61 and 101 were to be voted into law on Nov. 2, this same quality of life will soon disappear in Colorado because we were fooled into saving some tax dollars. There will be shortages of state dollars for all the services and public needs listed above.

Pave a street? No money for it. Replace underground water pipes? No. Repair an unsafe bridge? Not possible, financially. Purchase new hospital equipment? Can’t be done. Maintain our current police protection? Too expensive for local government. Buy a new fire truck? Can’t do it. Maintain the parks? Not enough money available. Maintain a fair court system? No dice. Keep on providing programs that help low-income elderly and disabled people? Forget it. Hire excellent teachers in this state? Continue local and state financing of community colleges and libraries? Hardly likely. Build new schools or renovate them? Forget it.

We will be living in the “Third World” state of Colorado. This is a big deal and I’m scared stiff. Vote down 60, 61 and 101. No! No! and No!
Robert Loewe

Steve King best suited
to serve in state Senate

I have watched several debates between Rep. Steve King and Claudette Konola recently and am convinced that Steve King is the candidate best suited for the Colorado Senate.

King believes strongly in the principles of limited government, free-market capitalism to create badly needed jobs and the lowering of taxes, all of which benefit the people of Colorado and help create the quality of life we want. All of these ideas have been proven to work and work well.

Konola, on the other had, believes in an ever-expanding government, jobs being created by government redistribution of our income to selected businesses, and the raising of our taxes forever. All of these ideas have been proven to not work and make our lives worse, not better.

King believes, in most cases, the private sector can do better than the government at problem solving. Konola believes that more government is the solution for our problems.

We need people in our state government who will fight for what the citizens of Colorado want, and not what the government wants. Remember, the state government should work for us, not against us, as has been happening these past four years. Join me in voting for Steve King for the Senate. He is the better candidate for the job.
Sue Benjamin
Grand Junction


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