E-mail letters, Oct. 15, 2010

In spite of occasional disagreements with his votes, I’ve always respected
Congressman John Salazar as an honorable man? No more.

His political ad (“approved by John Salazar”) condemning Tipton for wanting a “23 percent national sales tax” (also known as the FairTax) is a half-truth through and through, designed to deceive. It indicates that this tax would be on top of a product’s existing price, when, in fact, it replaces the existing embedded federal taxes. The product’s price remains essentially the same. But with the tax treated as a sales tax, it eliminates the need for the IRS, filing tax forms, lobbyists in Washington (most of whom deal in tax issues), etc. It also eliminates much of the power the government presently wields over us — hence the desperate half-truth ads.

At a time when it’s more important than ever that we have men and women of honor governing this country, this ad by itself is reason enough to vote against John Salazar.


Amendment 63 takes burden of uninsured away from taxpayer

Columnist Rick Wagner’s paean to freedom today in the cause of health insurance and health care is truly heart warming. Americans have the most health care freedoms of any people in the highly developed world.

We are free to have only as much health care as we can pay for at the moment we need it. We are free to go financially bankrupt if we need care and can’t pay for it without liquidating all our assets. We are free to lose our job and health insurance. And best of all, we are free to throw out all concern for personal responsibility and get some degree of health care by using expensive emergency room treatment and transfer the cost to all others who do pay their bills.

Freedom is wonderful when you are voluntarily free to choose to gamble and lose and let others pay for your own irresponsibility.
Amendment 63 guarantees that you will continue to choose to go without insurance when you feel you don’t need it. It, however, also guarantees that when you do need insurance, meaning you either already have a serious medical problem or are likely to have one in the future because of aging, you will only be able to get insurance based on the likely expenses you will incur for the insurance company. That means sky-high premiums.

Will you be able to pay for them then? How do you know when or if you need expensive medical care? Save up for that rainy day? Will you have enough in the kitty for the day of need which could be as soon as later today?

The need for mandated health insurance is so that everyone has the freedom to be able to buy insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions and with the freedom to not have coverage cancelled when you most need it.

Freedom is not free, as people like Wagner so often crow.
Grand Junction

Salazar’s campaign dishonest about Tipton’s tax proposal

I received a very professional looking piece of campaign literature from Colorado Rep. John Salazar in which he claims that his opponent Scott Tipton wishes to saddle Americans with a 23 percent tax on everything we buy.

This distortion of the truth is beyond the pale. When answering the question at a recent town hall meeting, Scott said that he was in favor of either the Fair Tax or a Flat Tax. If we use the Fair Tax the federal income tax must be repealed first. It’s true that if we did this pay roll taxes, Social Security taxes, embedded taxes and many more would disappear. A person would get an entire paycheck without anything taken out of it. Isn’t that amazing? I think this kind of distortion should reward Rep. Salazar with a new moniker: Pinocchio.
Grand Junction

Billboard’s location and style make its message hard to get

While the anti-Obama billboard on the I-70 Business Loop referenced in a recent Daily Sentinel editorial is certainly offensive, all of us   can take some comfort from the fact that because of its location and   artwork style, few will see it or understand its message.

Firstly, the billboard’s location on the far northeast side of the loop makes it almost impossible to read and comprehend while driving eastbound at 40-50mph.

Secondly, the artwork itself violates virtually every design rule for effective billboard advertising. Rather than simplicity, the artist opted for a complicated scene with far too many images, then compounded the error by choosing a typeface for the copy which tends to blend into the background rather than boldly stand out. The only way one can really see and understand the billboards message is to stand directly in front of it, something few will take the time to do.

Whoever commissioned the billboard artwork and chose the location for displaying it certainly didn’t get their money’s worth.

Grand Junction

Salazar’s campaign seems desperate

The Democratic National Committee has sent out a mailing stating that electing Scott Tipton for Congressional District 3 Representative will cause a 23 percent increase in the cost of everything we buy.

This is the most blatant example of a sleazy political lie that has happened since the last time John Salazar ran against Scott Tipton. We can only hope that this time the voters in Congressional District 3 are much wiser than they were years ago. To resort to such extravagant mistruths simply smacks of desperation.

Grand Junction

Deception is the goal in Salazar’s ads

This morning I heard a radio ad attributed to http://www.majorityaction.net claiming Scott Tipton advocated a new 23 percent sales tax on everything. I believe this refers to the Fair Tax proposals being discussed as an alternative to the federal income tax. The Fair Tax is a replacement tax that is claimed to be revenue neutral. The majorityaction.net presentation implies it is an additional tax which if it were, would double the federal tax burden on the American people.
This ad is an example of pure deception.  It does not illuminate an issue and reveal its relevance to our future.  It attempts to deceive and confuse us.  As such it is the enemy of our democratic system which requires clarity of expression and understanding of major issues.
If you peruse the http://www.majorityaciton.net website, you notice that its stated objective is to elect a Democratic majority in congress.  The website is devoid of any reference to issues that are important to our future and devoid of any claim to be focused on improving the country.  It promotes the Democratic Party as an end unto itself as opposed to a means to improving the country.
Elections are our democratic means to resolve differences of opinion in what kind of government we want.  Deception and diversion are destructive of this objective.  Clarity of expression and our willingness to listen to ideas are requisite to informed decisions.  Hopefully, we will recognize and condemn deception and recognize and applaud clarity.
Grand Junction

Daugherty was an excellent ambassador for the Sentinel

I want to tell the staff of The Daily Sentinel just what a gift it was to have Gretel Daugherty accompany us on the recent Honor Flight. I have pictures of her — she is tireless in her efforts to capture the moment.

She was up and trying to get the story, on the plane, in the bus, at the dinner and always with such compassion. I saw her working the entire flight (both coming and going) she was the first out of the buses as we tried to unload some 100-plus passengers, she was running ahead of the troops, trying to get the pictures and she was always the last to load. She had to be exhausted.

There was more than one occasion where she herself had tears and yet she was always so respectful of the storyteller — trying to capture the emotions so that all that those of us who could not be there, could see and feel the emotions that were so rampant on this trip.

The Sentinel was certainly well represented as you could not have picked a better ambassador for your paper.

She is a wonderful individual, as well as an amazing reporter. Thank you.



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