E-mail letters, Oct. 16, 2010

Dan Maes will deliver
for people of Colorado

Who is Dan Maes? After viewing the gubernatorial debate Oct. 13 it is clear who Dan Maes should be — the next governor of Colorado. Maes understands the priorities and the solutions to put Colorado back on its feet.
Maes talks straight, identifies the role of government in Colorado and the methods to achieve these goals. This state will be well-served by his leadership.  Understanding the needs of Colorado is much broader than the needs of Denver. Dan Maes has identified what it will take to turn this state around in a positive manner quickly, professionally, and with little to no negative impact on all residents of Colorado.

Other candidates appear to have the “California” framework for disaster laid out for the future of Colorado. Following this lead, Colorado will also be bankrupt in the near future.

Dan Maes will bring Colorado back to Colorado rebuilding the engine that drove our state for years in the right direction.

If you are not sure that the mayor of Denver will lead the state and represent all Colorado residents, please consider Dan Maes as a leader capable of moving Colorado in the right direction. Your vote can make a difference

Randy Litwiller

Rove is the wrong man
to tell Coloradans how to vote

Thank God we have Karl Rove and the billionaire backers behind his American Crossroads organization to tell us how to vote in our Senate campaign. Who better than the man who brought us the lies about weapons of mass destruction and the biggest crash since the Great Depression to tell us the truth about Michael Bennet?

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if Rove and his fellows in the American Chamber of ommerce were required to tell us who their contributors are? Ken Buck might also have to actually tell us what he will do in Washington in concrete terms, instead of meaningless platitudes.

But, if Bennet is elected, there is always the possibility that we might get real banking reform that would force bankers to actually present valid mortgage documents before they foreclose on houses. That prospect will surely attract more money from Wall Street to our Senate race.
Duane Butcher
Grand Junction

Democrats are best hope
for the LGBT community

Members of the lesbian, gay, bi- and transgendered community are still in the same battle other groups have already persevered through. We are unable to marry, several companies refuse to give medical benefits for partners, and we cannot serve openly in the military.

As a community, we were promised a lot during the 2008 presidential campaign. We have tasted success and been so close it was painful when defeated. Without candidates who are open-minded and support LGBT Rights, we’ll have an additional two to four years of oppression!

Congressman John Salazar, Sen. Michael Bennet, Colorado State Senate District 7 candidate Claudette Konola and 2nd District Congressman Jared Polis are the ticket. Salazar, Bennet, and Polis have a proven record of voting for LGBT rights. Konola has been very upfront with her support of the LGBT community and received the endorsement of One Colorado.
I cannot stress enough the pain and disappointment we will share if these candidates get unseated (not elected for Konola). Tipton, endorsed by Mitt Romney (who flip-flopped so often on LGBT issues, no one knows where he stands), and Buck, publicly opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. This is just the start of their closed-mindedness when it comes to LGBT issues.
At the end of the day, we need to remember it is the Congress and Senate that make laws in the United States. We need open, fair-minded candidates if the LGBT movement toward equality has a chance. I encourage you to get out, inform your friends, family and others in the LGBT community. Let’s send the message to Washington that we want LGBT rights, and the Colorado Democrats are the ones to help us achieve this!

Jeremy Watson
Grand Junction

Biased group produced
a phony drilling survey

I read the article entitled, “Official explains slip up in drilling, health survey,” and I’m just left wondering what is really going on here?
Why would an environmental group like the Western Conservation Foundation pay for a push-poll on a health report that hasn’t even been finalized yet if they weren’t going to use the unscientific results for political purposes? Why call a press conference if the “data” generated from this ridiculous survey was only supposed to be used for internal purposes?
Furthermore, their claims that they aren’t anti-oil-and-gas-development ring hollow when their paid media consultant, Allyn Harvey, is a big-time environmentalist who spends much of his time working on wilderness campaigns to lock people out of public lands.
From a biased source comes biased information and we should take the results of the Western Conservation Foundation’s phony survey with grain of salt.
Charles Green
Grand Junction

Clear the Bench group
is clearly partisan

I agree with The Daily Sentinel about the “Clear the Bench” flyer I received. It was just a veiled attempt at politicizing the Supreme Court of Colorado.

I always look at the more reasonably framed arguments and on the cover it looked like a rational idea. As soon as I looked inside I stopped because in the opening it turned into the usual party bashing that has become so popular.

When will the far right and the far left grow up and talk things out like adults instead of like a bunch of fifth graders who just resort to name calling?
Peter Sichelski

Local marching bands
did well in competition

All four local high school marching mands: Palisade, Central, Grand Junction and Fruita, competed in Colorado West Marching Band Invitational on Oct. 2 and
the Colorado Bandmasters Association (CBA) State Qualifier on Thursday, Oct. 14. They all gave phenomenal performances.

Both Grand Junction and Fruita will be attending the 5A Colorado Bandmasters Association State Marching Championship Quarterfinals on Oct. 22, in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy Stadium.

Check out all the upcoming events:  http://www.coloradobandmasters.org/
Carolyn Wall
Grand Junction

Consumer-driven health
care plan would be better

On Oct. 6, Dr. Michael Pramenko, president of Colorado Medical Society and member of Club 20 Healthcare Committee, wrote a clear column for universal health care coverage.

Enrolling all citizens in a public option or requiring individual mandates to buy insurance approved by the federal government will simplify business for insurance companies and the federal health care administrators managing and controlling the industry. If you disagree with this “one-size-fits-all” health plan, then support Amendment 63. But if you wish to choose a plan which fits your individual needs, you might question Dr. Pramenko.

Consider this: Mandates have not solved Massachuset’s health care problems, since many remain uninsured and cost have grown exponentially. Mandates do not insure all motorists so others pay for the 15 percent uninsured. Mandates will grow federal jobs to enforce these new and complex rules for your health care.

Mandatory health care will destroy health savings accounts that let one purchase catastrophic coverage and personally manage one’s health care decisions.

A consumer-driven health care plan (like the Swiss Model) proposed by Regina Herzlinger,  of Harvard Business School, can control cost with individual choice and responsibility for health care decisions. The Patient Affordable Health Care Act may not, however, with the currently unwritten and complex regulations.

The constitutional questions of HR 3590 will be decided by the Supreme Court. Colorado, along with other states like Missouri, should have their opinions heard and have the choice to “opt out” of these mandates. I plan to vote for Amendment 63.
Larry Tice, MD
Grand Junction

Responsible reformers waste
taxpayers’ money on trails

Our state leaders and the local administrators in our three neighboring counties (Delta, Montrose and Grand Junction) have been filling their campaign spiels, the newspapers and airwaves with dire promises.

They have promised that if we don’t vote “no” on the “Ugly Three,” they will lay off many teachers from our schools — the children will suffer. They will lay off many lawmen and chaos will run rampant in our streets. All heck will break loose and there will be nothing but mayhem. We will all suffer!
They chide us, and tell us that we have to keep letting them spend and control our money, because only they know “responsible reform.” Responsible reform? What responsible reform? When have any of these so-called leaders shown any responsible reform?
I read every single day, in any local paper, how these “responsible reformers” have granted multi-thousands — millions even — of our tax dollars to build another stupid trail in the forest, or in the desert, or in town, or they build a climbing wall, or they build a dang golf course out in the middle of the stupid, stinking desert where there’s no water, only alkaline. Is that responsible enough for you?

How many families are suffering financially because these “responsible reformers” kicked the gas and oil companies out of this area? How many families are suffering financially because these “responsible reformers” taxed the life out of the Bowie Mine, in the North Fork area?
Where are the grants from the “responsible reformers” in these kinds of situations, for these hard working people?  Why aren’t our tax dollars being spent in ways to help out the people who actually provide the tax dollars?  Which provide the grants?

What have any of these “responsible reformers” actually done for you? Other than spend your hard-earned tax dollars on another trail, that you will probably will never walk on?  Please vote “Yes” on the Ugly Three: Amendments 60 and 61, and Proposition 101. 
Lloyal Anderson

Writer reminded people
of what is important

Thank you to Matthew David Stawvast. We are so tried of the political banter and name calling. It is good to be reminded of something that is truly important, the Boy Scouts of America program and all it does for our youth.

Thank you for reminding us to support them and their projects with our dollars and our time. It will help America raise a new generation of leaders like Matthew.
Kathleen McCall
Grand Junction

VA hospital the only
local one to employ CRNAs

In a letter to the editor published Oct. 3, I commented that St. Mary’s Hospital did not employ CRNAs and the remaining hospitals in Grand Junction employed a small number of supervised CRNAs.

I wish to clarify that the only hospital that employs CRNAs in the city of Grand Junction is Veterans Affairs Hospital. Both St Mary’s Hospital and Community Hospital have physician-anesthesiologist only practioners.

I apologize for the miscommunication.

Angela Pennell,MD
Pediatric Anesthesiologist
St. Mary’s Hospital
Grand Junction

Personhood measure enshrines
what most Americans believe

I urge all Coloradoans to vote “Yes” on Amendment 62, the Personhood Amendment to the Colorado Constitution.

This amendment simply ensures that all human persons are afforded equal protection under the law from the beginning of biological development, rather than from birth, as the law is currently stated.

It simply requires the elector to agree with what the vast majority of Americans already agree upon: That human persons deserve legal protection from the beginning of their natural, biological lives.
Gwen Colfer
Grand Junction



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