E-mail letters, Oct. 18, 2010

Why don’t Bennet, Salazar
run on their records?

With all of the political ads that are being run, I have yet seen one from Michael Bennet or John Salazar defending their votes on Obamacare, the bail outs, the stimulus I or II, or one of any number of other bills that they voted for.

One would think that they would have come back to Colorado and trumpeted what great things they were doing in representing the state in voting for bills they never read and spending money we don’t have.

I would also assume that they would have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid coming into the state to campaign with them to tell the people of Colorado how important John Salazar and Michael Bennet were to passing these wonderful bills.

Instead, all I have seen are ads that at best are wild distortions, to downright lies about their opponents in hopes that we will forget their arrogance and downright deceit in passing these spending bills.

Let us not forget the “Louisiana Purchase,” the “Cornhusker Kickback” and the other sleazy, behind-closed-doors deals that were made to push these bills through.

Sen. Bennet and Rep. Salazar were a big part of pushing these bills through. A tsunami is coming.
Michael Higgins
Grand Junction

Houpt has demonstrated
she represents the people

I am a Republican living in Battlement Mesa. I am supporting Trési Houpt for Garfield County Commissioner and urge all of my neighbors and fellow residents to do the same.

I don’t know Commissioner Houpt personally, but I have followed her work on the Board of County Commissioners and have been consistently impressed with her as a representative of the people. Trési puts the communities of Garfield County ahead of everything else — that’s a rare trait in government these days.

As a Battlement Mesa resident, I have been particularly interested in her work as the local government representative on the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. She has shown the kind of independence we need to make sure that energy development is done right. She even stood up to Gov. Bill Ritter, who appointed her in the first place. Trési has demonstrated courage and conviction with her willingness to fight for rules that protect our property rights, our health and the environment.

Trési has a solid record of putting the people she represents first. I believe that she is in government to serve. We are lucky that she has been our county commissioner for the last eight years, and we will be fortunate if she’s reelected.

John Keller
Battlement Mesa

Vote Republican to return
nation to what founders wanted

Mail-in ballots have gone out.  People are preparing to vote all over our nation.  I view this election as one of the most critical, perhaps the most important in the history of our country.

The super-majority the Democrats won in the last election allowed the passage of legislation damaging to our country for many generations. We, as a nation, are nearly bankrupt. Spending must stop for all but the most essential programs. Unfortunately, that won’t be nearly enough. Extreme and unpopular measures must be undertaken in the future if our country is to survive.
We must return to the federal government pictured by the writers of the Constitution, that being a government limited to the specific duties outlined in the Constitution.  Rights taken away over the years should be returned. Many odious regulations must be repealed. Agencies not essential to minimum federal functions must be abolished.

If these goals are to be met, the federal government must be filled with fresh faces. Arrogant politicians must be shifted into other occupations.

If you agree with these statements, call, mail, or e-mail friends and pass the message on. Hopefully, you will vote and support the only conservative choice we have, that being Republican candidates. When they are elected, we have the chore of making sure they follow a true conservative agenda
Dick Prosence

New junkyard provides
eyesore along river trail

Have you driven along Redlands Parkway from Patterson Road heading west recently?
If so, you may have seen the brand new junk yard that has been building up over the past two months.
This totally inappropriate eyesore is certainly one way to deter cyclists, walkers, hikers and strollers from using the beautiful Colorado Riverfront Trail at the Blue Heron Gazebo. The junked cars and oil field trash diminish the beauty of the Colorado Riverfront Trail, not to mention the first views of the Colorado National Monument when heading west along 24 Road.

Is there a statute or law the City Council can enforce to mandate that these junked and wrecked cars be hidden from view along Redlands Parkway and the Colorado Riverfront Trail?

The riverfront trail in the Roaring Fork Valley has miles of stunning riverfront scenery with no junkyards or dumped cars. Is it too much to think Grand Junction could actually try to clean up this area so that our cycling and walking trails might attract tourists and visitors from out of town?
The city of Grand Junction has a sizeable budget to attract tourists, but once the out-of-towners arrive, what can they expect to see? A wastelands of junked cars right next to the Colorado River.
Carolyn Emanuel
Grand Junction

Bennet and Salazar ads
bring shame on both

Shame on Sen. Michael Bennet and Congressman John Salazar if they don’t demand that the distorted lying radio and TV ads about the supporters of the Fair Tax be pulled. Winning at any cost is not winning. It’s selling your soul to the devil.

In 2006, the Democratic groups used this tactic against me. When I was giving Bernie Buescher a run for his money, these groups stepped in and spent thousands of dollars on very similar ads to keep me out of office.

Voters of Colorado, don’t be duped by this dishonest tactic that is now being used against candidates Ken Buck for U.S. Senate and Scott Tipton for U.S. Congress. These two honorable men deserve better and so does Colorado.

Don’t let the George Soros types buy this election with false advertizing. If Bennet and Salazar   let these lies stand, they both are supporters of the lies.

The fair tax is the removal of all taxes on the poor, (yes, they are taxed today) and does not increase taxes on the rest of us. Buy the “The Fair Tax Book,” read it and then demand that the politicians that represent you read it.

Taxation today is not about raising dollars for good government. It’s about control and power. The fair tax would put some of the control and power back in the hands of we the people.
Bob Caskey
Grand Junction

Fair Tax would replace
all other federal taxes

A few days ago, I received an anti-Scott Tipton flyer from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Washington D.C. The flyer claimed that Scott wanted to “ add to our crushing tax burden by adding a new 23 percent national sales tax to the cost of nearly everything we buy.”

Twenty three percent is the tax rate proposed for the Fair Tax. The Democratic
flyer did not tell you that, if adopted, the Fair Tax sales tax would be the only federal
tax that we will pay!

The following federal taxes will go away: income tax, Social Security tax, Medicare tax, Medicaid tax, investment earnings taxes, capital gains tax, tax on interest, business income tax, corporate income tax, and death tax.

Education will be considered an investment and will not be taxed. Investment in America will become profitable again and money (jobs) will come rushing back from abroad.

The Fair Tax has been designed to raise the same amount of total federal revenue as the current federal tax system and will save the U.S. economy $200 billion to $500 billion each year in tax code compliance costs.

There will be no Fair Tax on family purchases below the poverty level (as there is now with Social Security and Medicare withholding).

Purchase of all used items (dishes, houses, cars) will not bear the Fair Tax. There will be no Fair Tax on exports and goods manufactured in the U.S. will be competitive again around the world.

What we should be afraid of is the rumored VAT Tax which WOULD be added to the “existing crushing tax burden.”

Way to go Scott Tipton. Shame on the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee!
Jack Mayhew


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