E-mail letters, Oct. 19, 2010

Government works best
when it gets out of the way

It is great when the government asks for the best to solve a problem and gets out of the way to let people involved solve it. The rescue of the Chilean miners is a perfect example of what can happen when there is no government intervention.
Look at the B.P. oil mess in the Gulf of Mexico. Within days after the rig went up in flames, there were other countries that had means of containing and fixing it to minimize the oil slick getting to shore, but our government did not ask or want any help.

It is my belief that the people in charge can’t handle a problem like that. Do they deserve to be in office, regardless of party affiliation? No.

Dennis R. Patton
Grand Junction

Tancredo has finagled
rules to fit his whim

I’ve always been a registered Republican, and this election year I will support those with Republican ideals.

I hope for a new governor who will follow the rules — not reframes rules to fit his whim.

The method in which Tom Tancredo enabled himself to make the ballot (even though the court turned a blind eye) broke state party rules. He was a registered Republican when the five American Constitution Party leaders voted him to be their candidate. They violated their own rule, which required a six-month tenure in their party to run.

I guess five people can bypass the whole primary system. Why even have a primary? It’s a sham!

Tancredo told tea pPartiers months earlier to work within the Republican Party to effect change. That’s exactly what they did. Then he leaves the party to run. Where is the honesty?

I want a governor who will enforce the law, not change it to fit one’s whim.

Tancredo does not fit my vision for the next leader of Colorado. His federal voting record shows he looked to the biggest central power in Washington, D.C. to solve problems in the past. He voted for the Patriot Act that slammed constitutional civil liberties. He voted for the TARP bail out.

Tancredo shows it is expediency that counts. What can we believe about what he says? As
Congressman, Tom promised he would run for only four terms. He must have forgotten before he ran and won the fifth time.

Tancredo would be a governor who finagles the rules to suit his wishes. The track record shows that is the case. He is the other side of the Washington political machine. We don’t need them.

I support the Republican candidate Don Maes, not a professional politician.
Robert Hemmerich

Emergency work needed
to protect abandoned homes

Most abandoned, repossessed homes in the United States have had their utilities, gas, electricity and water disconnected. This leaves them in peril of major water damage due to freezing of pipes still filled with water. This includes homes that have hot water heat.

Homes must have their utilities reconnected and heat applied to prevent damage to these systems, or must have all pipes with water drained and blown out. This includes draining hot water tanks, boilers, pipes to heat registers, and all pipes in floors and walls.

Homes with evaporative (swamp coolers) must have pipes to them drained. Those homes that have had the water shut off but have been allowed to “ride out” low temperatures, will need to have extensive plumbing reconstruction completed before water can be turned back on. If not, when water pressure is reestablished, major flooding will occur.

Homes that have not had their water shut off but have no heat will sustain major water flooding when freezing occurs.

The homes that are in imminent danger number in the hundreds of thousands, maybe in the millions.

The banks and lending intuitions are the first line of defense. They must be made aware of the problem and what needs to be done to prevent a major national tragedy. At some point, the government must get involved. Homes that will suffer water damage, will at the very least require major reconstruction, many will need to be demolished.
The clock is running. Some homes may already have sustained damage. As winter temperatures drop, the problem will become a national disaster.
Al Ladage
Grand Junction

Offensive billboard left
bad impression for visitors

Regarding the recent flap over the “offensive” billboard, it isn’t so much an issue of freedom of speech as it is just plain bad taste. And, unfortunately, freedom from bad taste is not guaranteed by our Constitution.

Presentation is everything, so why do we want to welcome visitors, and potential cash- friendly tourists, with a billboard that shows utter disrespect for our president and a reactionary point of view?

It’s bad enough that Van Gundy’s scrap metal business has been replaced by a huge
photo billboard of a meth addict’s rotten teeth. Let’s give some thought to the impression we are giving to our out-of-town visitors.
Greg Gnesios
Grand Junction

Sentinel endorsements are
out of touch with citizens

As a Grand Junction native, it is difficult for me to remember a time when The Daily Sentinel was so far out of touch with the citizens of Mesa County, and indeed, the nation.

In a year when the economy continues to teeter on the brink of disaster, one in which a tidal wave of change seems poised to roll over the country due to disfavor with the failed policies that have been enacted by the Democratic party on a state and national level, save for its endorsement of Scott Tipton, the Sentinel has amazingly said “more, please.”

More of the same failed policies from the same kinds of Democratic Party politicians. Very strange indeed.
Vaughn Park
Grand Junction

Walker Stapleton is best
candidate for state treasurer

While I am not surprised by The Daily Sentinel’s endorsement of the incumbent state treasurer, I am saddened that the Sentinel could not see the difference between her and Walker Stapleton.

Walker has a deep educational and practical background in business and finance, whereas his opponent is a lifelong bureaucrat.

Colorado needs more people from the private sector willing to put their talent working with businesses to work for Colorado. Our state needs a businessman now more than ever in the office of the treasurer.

The best choice for people of Colorado is Walker Stapleton, not his incumbent opponent.
Rose Pugliese

Voters have chance
to do right on abortion

Before us we have a unique opportunity to do something very important for our country and for our society. We can each begin to swing the pendulum back to a deepening respect for human life by casting our vote in favor of Amendment 62 (the “personhood” amendment).

Each and every “Yes” vote on Amendment 62, whether the amendment passes or not, will demonstrate to Colorado and the rest of the nation that another citizen cares enough to stand up for what they know to be right.

Abortion is wrong because it stops the life of a developing human being. There are situations where it may be medically necessary (i.e. to save the life of the mother), but the decision to proceed should always be taken with a clear understanding of just what is
occurring and with a deep respect for that in-utero life.

The reality is that with every abortion performed there is always at least one fatality.
Citizens of Colorado have now a chance to stand up and stop this loss of innocent life by casting a “Yes” vote on Amendment 62.

Give these, our youngest brothers and sisters, the legal right to be recognized as a person,
as a living human being. Please don’t miss this opportunity to do what youknow deep in your heart to be right.
John Andrews
Grand Junction


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