E-mail letters, Oct. 2, 2010

Salazar and Bennet backed budget-busting measures

I love the ad Congressman John Salazar is running in which he points out he voted against TARP and somehow tries to convey that Scott Tipton supported that legislation. Speaker Pelosi did give the congressman a bye on this legislation — she didn’t need his vote.

When his vote was needed for the stimulus bill and health care reform, he supported her. He doesn’t want to defend those bills and others he supported that show you his true colors.

Sen. Michael Bennet’s ad where he paints his opponent as a radical takes a page right out of the Democrat National Committee playbook. When you can’t run on your record, your support of wasteful stimulus spending, the planned government takeover of health care and job-killing regulation, what you are left with is feeble attempts at smears.

There will be huge tax increases going into effect Jan. 1 that impact all who pay taxes. What are Bennet’s and Salazar’s position on extending all the Bush tax cuts? Do they want to increase taxes on people making more than $250,000? Many, including many Democrats, question the wisdom of increasing taxes on the people who create jobs.

The record is there for all to see. It is undeniable that Rep. Salazar and Sen. Bennet supported the unprecedented growth in government spending. A result of that spending growth and the concentration of power in the federal government is the erosion of our personal freedoms. It is nothing less than our American way of life that is at risk.
Dave Kearsley

Doctor’s complaints on 62
amount to scare tactics

In response to Dr. Paul B. Jones about the Personhood Amendment, I would like to encourage him and the rest of the community to take a look at the amendment itself. Go to http://www.personhoodcolorado.com and click on Amendment 62.

The doctor says that the amendment may even be unconstitutional, since it does not provide for preserving the mother’s life.’

Well, what Dr. Jones said plays right into one of the scare tactics that the opponents of this amendment have invented. The amendment is very simple and rather short. Please read it for yourself.

Remember, slavery was not only legal in this country, but those slaves also did not have personhood status. Rather, they were considered property. We know better now, don’t we?
Cassandra Kyle
Grand Junction


Large wild horse herds
endanger all resources

As local conservation districts from northwestern Colorado, we want to call attention to a serious natural resource problem here in our state and others in the West. The Bureau of Land Management is not in compliance with its management plan for wild horses. As a result, wildlife habitat, rangeland conditions, water quality, and the overall health of the horses are being jeopardized. 

Wild horse advocate groups have filed once again to stop BLM’s gathers scheduled
for this October. This is a two-fold problem. First, each time they file and are successful in stopping the gathers, they cause more degradation of the range.  Second, each time these groups are successful they file under the Equal Access to Justice Act and receive payment of their outrageously high legal fees. When they were successful in stopping the gather of this same herd in 2009, they were awarded $40,000 from the government in “attorney’s fees and costs.” Yes, your tax dollars.

Communities including conservation, sportsmen, agriculture, environmentalists,
wildlife enthusiasts, and others are working together to inform people on the devastating effects of not managing wild horse herds properly. The numbers of horses here in Colorado are currently more than double what the BLM’s range management plan calls for and will double their population again within the next four years.

The results of large numbers of horses will have devastating consequences to our Western economies when it comes to the natural resources, endangered species and the multiple uses for which our public lands were intended. 

Wild horses play an important role in our heritage and we want to ensure they are properly cared for and managed. But the current situation and the overabundance of horses will only lead to severe natural resource depletion and ultimately, unhealthy and unsustainable wild horse herds, which is a lose-lose situation.
Gary Moyer
White River Conservation District
Wade Cox
Douglas Creek Conservation District

Steve King appears
short on economic knowledge

Rep. Steve King suggested that instead of credit for small business, lowering taxes for small business would better “incentivize” small business.  Do you suppose he really thinks that a small reduction in taxes will equate with credit being available?

King than suggests that Bill Grant and King’s opponent should review Colorado Economics 101. It appears to me, however that King’s economic knowledge is simply nil, zero, nada.
Jose U. Lucero
Grand Junction


Conservatives should support
Dan Maes over Tom Tancredo

Tom Tancredo was just in town stumping for votes. I am impressed that he has added other words to his vocabulary besides immigration. That is the only subject he has any interest or knowledge of.

Tomcrado still spends all of his money and time attacking Maes because he has no platform.

All over our nation, Republicans who have lost in their primaries are still running as third-party candidates or write in campaigns. All they are accomplishing is splitting the conservative vote. Tancredo didn’t even lose, he just joined another party and nominated himself.

He has an attack ad with a poor old woman whom Maes supposedly conned money from. Before you feel sorry for her you should realize that the old woman is Freda Poundstone, one of the GOP elite power brokers. Those aren’t wrinkles on her face they are battle scars. Hers and her elite friends’ only problem with Maes is that he unexpectedly won the primary over McInnis, their chosen one. Also, when they yanked on his leash, he didn’t heel like they are used to.

Now they are backing Tancredo, who left their party and joined another. I wonder why they would back him.

If you are one of the 195,000 voters who chose Maes in the primary, don’t quit him now. If you didn’t vote for him maybe this is a good reason why you should. If we are going to fix this country this “Old Guard” politics as usual has to go. It’s like fixing a bad septic system. Some times there is so much you know what in the old backed up system, that you are better off abandoning it and building a new one.
Michael Bohnenkamp




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