E-mail letters, Oct. 20, 2010

Chief Justice should not be appointed

The weakest link in society is the advantage personal interests want. Our freedom went out the window with hanging chads in Florida in 2000 and with Super-PACS money in 2010.

Both these issues were referred to the Supreme Court. The pervasiveness of corruption of George W. Bush’s administration is one result. The private funding of elections is unfolding. These two decisions are well exploited by many, but most notably Karl Rove.

Think of who could use this anonymity: not only special interests domestically, but those abroad. Not only Karl Rove and his ilk could “legally” churn we the American People, but also the likes of the
Russians, Chinese, or god forbid, Osama bin Ladin.

The Supreme Court can be ignorant of consequences. It seems to beg the question of how the Chief Justice is picked. The Chief Justice should be picked by a jury of peers rather than appointment.

Grand Junction

Thank to those who helped injured lady

While attending a football game in Montrose recently, my wife stepped on an unstable board in the visitor’s bleachers and fell. Unfortunately, she broke her arm and cut her head.

We just want to thank all the kind and caring people who stopped to help. Thanks to the rescue squad crew and the wonderful nurses and doctors at Montrose Memorial Hospital.

Grand Junction

Democratic campaigns sink to new low

I am absolutely amazed at the depths to which the Democratic Party will slither to retain power. The blatant lies being spread in scorched earth campaigns against Ken Buck, Scott Tipton and others, make me wonder how those responsible can even bear the sight of their own reflections. If voters are ignorant enough to base their decisions on vile tripe of this nature I will be forever convinced the lowest common denominator dictates our future, and mob rule will trump common sense.

If recent political ads have you wondering in disgust how Ken Buck and Scott Tipton can possibly support a “23 percent tax increase on everything we buy,” you need to take a moment to educate yourself on the finer points of the Fair Tax plan. You may find your disgust shift from one of disbelief that Buck and Tipton support such a plan, to a fury that power brokers in Washington will not allow such an economic boon to see the light of day.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. On November 2, 2010 we have the opportunity to put a stop to the insanity emanating from the halls of Congress. We must be educated on the truth, reject the lies, and use common sense in order to right this ship of state. Doing anything less is terribly irresponsible when exercising one of the most important civic duties we hold as American citizens.


8th grader has potential to be a fine journalist

I hope someone writes in about Mary King’s column on Amendment 61. It was concise, knowledgeable and informative. It is hard to believe the young lady is an 8th grader. She is evolving into one of the higher forms of life; she is a budding journalist.

Grand Junction

Newspapers should be subject to the free market

Denny Herzog’s recent columns proposing non-profit status for failing newspapers is a desperate plea for a troubled industry.

Let’s rewind the tape. For years consumers were limited to four sources of useful information: newspapers, magazines, radio and three TV channels. That was it; a cozy near-monopoly arrangement with a cash-cow income stream. Whatever was produced was consumed, no matter how bad the writing or how bias the report. If you lived in a market with a dominant newspaper and three look-alike TV channels, well that was just too bad.

Then along came cable TV and the internet and all the rules changed. Suddenly consumers were in control, able to consume the stories and viewpoints that they wanted to consume. Information became cheap, diverse and instantly available. Readers no longer had to put up with big-city dailies that regularly engaged in front-page advocacy journalism.

So, let’s talk about the real problem, which is a management model that was slow to recognize the impact of technology and publisher contempt for readers deemed too stupid to draw their own conclusions. When given a choice consumers voted with their wallets and the old management model lost. If you don’t believe it, pick up a copy of the once-mighty TIME Magazine, now reduced to an advertising-free pamphlet.

Which brings us to Denny’s proposal of a tax subsidy for a failed business model. Fiddling with the financing changes nothing and is the first step down the slippery slope of government-funded media. Even if there were profits to exempt from tax, I can’t think of any scheme that would insure non-bias fact-based reporting. With the same people in charge, the proposal nothing more than taxpayer-funded inertia. In other words, I can’t see how a print version of PBS adds value. Thanks, but no thanks.

I’ll take my chances with the free market.

Grand Junction

Democrats have forgotten the ‘how’ of getting things done

Remember those old reporting rules? Tell who, what, when, where, why and how.

From the pundits, politicians and talking heads in the media I get lots of stuff on the “w’s” but practically nothing on the little ole “h.” Of course the Republicans tell me “jest get a lot smaller gummint and cut them nasty ole taxes a lot.”

But when I looked it over, it seemed to me that the government of 300 million folks as rich and diversified as Our US of A, will NEVER be ‘small’ and still get a GOOD job done.  Super oversimplification, seems to me!  There’s something to be said for ‘smaller’, of course but I feel there is much more to be said for ‘better’.  Quality rather than quantity.  And about those ‘nasty ole taxes’, a computer in a local Congressional Members office showed me that Our Public Debt a couple of weeks ago, (thanks, seems to me, to both present and last administrations) stood at 13.4 TRILLION DOLLARS!  Divide that by the aforementioned 300 million folks and we might find that each man, woman and countable child in Our country now owes someone, mostly overseas, nearly $45,000!  S0-0-0 do we pay our debts AND cut taxes?  I know, I know, by some magic that, in my 87 years, i’ve never seen work, we cut taxes and the economy explodes and, presto, chango, the $45000 per each debt, gets paid! 

Of course the Democrats have their own solution —- increase taxes and enlarge gumment enough to handle it!  Does anybody believe that’ll work?

I’ve thought of a couple of things that I feel could work that I don’t have time/room for here, but they involve great effort by a considerable majority of concerned citizen/voters to get our government back to the intent of our Constitution.

What do you think the chances are?
Grand Junction

King is wrong about Konola and facts about Colorado

Amid hateful — now disappeared — billboards, billboards bashing every Dem for the past administration’s give-aways to corporations, a letter written by Steve King, begging for money, contains the same old jargon designed by the political groups who want control of our country under the guise of “the people” when actually they want an oligarchy, the Roves and other secret money groups.

King needs a better editor. He mentions ACORN, taken down by two actors and clever editing of the dialogue to mislead everyone. ACORN actually was a positive for America but just as the Swift Boat lies, too many believed the sham. He says Konola just wants business to borrow. What she wants are the funds banks have been given, to be made available for loans. King wants business to MAKE money, a fact that is difficult without capitol to invest, unless he means counterfeiting.

Doesn’t he read? Colorado is ranked 4th in the Forbes Magazine in business friendly states.
With his extreme support for anything oil and gas, and apparent lack of knowledge about water issues, he would give away this resource whereas Konola, having done extensive study on water knows better.

Contrary to King, she knows how agriculture, oil and gas and the state’s tourism business need to live with each other in cooperation and transparency. She would guard against giving our water away. Konola worked for Community Reinvestment Fund CRF, who actually helped create 42,000 jobs. King lies, and misses the fact that at CRF’s inception, minimal numbers of jobs were created until 2000 when the new Market Tax Credits was born. Then CRF skyrocketed. Konola was the expert who wrote grants for and approved loan policies. She flew across the U.S. teaching how to use those tax credits through seminars, even at the Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas. Konola, unlike King, will work hard and intelligently for us.

Get real. Don’t vote against yourselves, fooled by those who holler “We want America back.” We have America; don’t sell her values and freedoms just because two years is not long enough to fix eight years of bungling.


Buck’s comments on homosexuality completely out of touch

I cannot believe the total stupidity of Ken Buck. On national TV he equated homosexuality with alcoholism. Does he actually think there is a choice there?  I had two gay brothers and watched both of them fight mightily over the years to attempt to be straight. Who in God’s name would choose to be ostracized, beat upon and continually denigrated by choice? One of my brothers was killed in San Diego many years ago and the police, back then at least, cared not one whit and followed no leads.  My other gay brother died from Parkinson’s. Both were outstanding individuals and, I might add, both my brothers served in the Marines in defense of our (and their) country
Buck is a Neanderthal, and I would be glad to explain the matter to him in person.

Grand Junction

Democratic Party has become dangerous

Do you value the core principles that built America into the most productive and prosperous society in the history of mankind? Principles such as a strong work ethic, personal responsibility, a lightly regulated free-market economy, rule of law and a small limited government — to name a few.

Today’s big brother, nannystate is so far from these core principles that it’s hard to even recognize the country that once was.

So, what happened? Over many decades Fabian socialists, progressives and liberals have slowly, step by step, taken over positions of power, mainly through the Democrat Party. The emblem of the Fabians is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What could be more telling?

These people will never come out and openly admit their real intentions because they know Americans would never accept them. But their actions say it all — a non-stop barrage of big government programs, takeovers, controls, regulations, corruption and increasing taxes and wealth confiscation/redistribution. 

It’s also part of the Cloward and Piven strategy to overwhelm the system, cause its collapse and put in its place an imagined socialist utopia that’s in total conflict with human nature. 

This is not the Democrat Party of old, rather it has been completely taken over at its highest levels by radical socialists who are aggressively implementing their anti-American agenda.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi and our own Udall and Bennet clearly fit this mold, all a deadly cancer on America. It’s time to exit this deadwood.

Please, fellow Americans, wake up, vote wisely.


Personhood Amendment is a backward-thinking proposal

League of Women Voters takes a position on measures when we have studied the issue and our membership has reached agreement on the policies and positions to support. We do not endorse any candidate for office. League of Women Voters of the United States has a well studied and long standing position of pro-choice.

Colorado is one of the few states that will carry a personhood or anti-choice measure on the ballot. Perhaps this is because most states do not wish to fix something that is not broken. This amendment would infringe on the constitutional right of an individual to make reproductive choices.

It would violate the privacy of medical decision-making between a woman and her doctor. The amendment could clog our courts with lawsuits about property rights, inheritance issues and many more actions.

Currently, women are trusted as moral creatures who can make difficult decisions, especially within the context of their own life circumstances with their personal physician. It really is none of our business why a woman would choose contraceptives, or seek advice on abortion or in-vitro fertilization. This is why civic leaders work to surround a mother with the best possible conditions to positively influence her decision whether to bring a child into the world. We have great counseling services and clinical supports in place. This apparently is working because abortions have steadily declined since the Roe v. Wade decision made abortion legal. It took a medical procedure out of the back alleys and into the light of modern care, saving the lives of young women who would risk their lives rather than live with an unwanted pregnancy.

The ugly and provocative propaganda from the personhood proponents forget these dark ages. It is important to remember that both sides of this amendment have the same values and ultimate goal. Vote no on amendment 62.

League of Women Voters, Mesa County
Grand Junction

Konola published her professional experience

On Oct. 18, candidate for Colorado State Senate District 7 seat, Claudette Konola published her professional resume on her daily informational blog at KonolaforColorado.com . This was in direct response to her opponent’s allegation she only pushed papers and not responsible for complex investor banking, tantamount to calling her a liar.

I challenge Steve King to release his resume for open comparison and scrutiny for the people of District 7 to make an informed decision based on experience in job and business formation.
Claudette Konola’s experience talks.



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