E-mail letters, October 25, 2010

Conservative runs as write-in
for Colorado governor

I am running for governor under the banner of the Colorado state motto:

Our state and nation have left the foundation they were built upon. People like myself, who at one time felt they were being represented by our elected officials, have now come to the conclusion that this is not so.

I am a Colorado native. I have owned and operated two successful small businesses and have worked with my husband to become debt free. I have been listening to farm-and-ranch people, oil-field workers, other small-business owners, our faithful seniors, parents of students. They are all concerned about jobs, taxes, education.

As governor, I would bring prayer, family values, integrity, common sense and conservative values to the office. I would work to eliminate wasteful spending, create an environment for businesses to thrive in and bring back individual responsibility.

My running mate, Stephanie Mercer, also a successful small-business owner, brings strengths to complement mine.

We ask you to consider our candidacy and vote for conservative values. We would be happy to represent the citizens of Colorado.

Write in “Cremeens/Mercer” on your ballot under Governor/ Lieutenant
Governor and fill in the oval. Our web site is:

Holly Cremeens
Grand Junction

Remember that Bush caused
most of our debt problems

Let’s interject some realism into the constant political propaganda.

To begin with, those opposed to President Obama’s election have been continuously responsible for the cancer growing in this country’s financial health since President Bush took office and spent profligately while cutting taxes, something unprecedented in modern US history during wartime.

President Obama then inherited the largest deficit in American history, something Bush was able to amass after his predecessor had finally accrued a surplus.

Adding to the unparalleled spending of the Bush administration was the legislative encouragement to U.S. corporations to increase offshore production, expatriating U.S. jobs and further lowering federal government tax income. Even though domestic and social programs and scientific/research agencies saw government spending cuts of tens of billions of dollars, while the overused and over-deployed military saw budgets slashed, the corporate-fueled Bush administration kept pushing into U.S. deficit oblivion.

Unfortunately, far too many Americans forget what got us into the disastrous economic situation we’re in, or simply don’t understand the implications of losing our middle class, or are too easily swayed by corporate-owned political campaigns and media propaganda to see that we need to continue to institute and apply legislative fixes like ARRA (which has only just begun) as well as furthering, and correcting faults in the health care reform
legislation and ending corporate influence in our government.

While it’s easy to believe what we see on TV or hear on the radio, it’s still our civic duty to try as we can to be an informed electorate by finding real facts. While our votes no longer count for much, given the corporate influence over government, it’s still our patriotic
responsibility to cast them.

Beware the continued propagation of U.S. corporatocracy. Be very careful with your vote.
Anthony Huff

Study highlights need
to guard against errors

The recent AP story, “Surgical mistakes persist despite safety protocols, finds study,” illustrates the fact that, despite much work over the last decade, our health care system still does not do enough to guard against serious, and occasionally deadly, errors. The authors of the study deserve our applause for having the courage to conduct such an analysis and bring it to the attention of the public. Transparency is essential for understanding the systems problems that bring about error, and making the changes that can keep those problems from occurring again.

That is why Colorado’s physicians, hospitals, and malpractice insurers are working with consumer advocates to come up with new approaches for making our health care system safer. Together, we are developing models that provide prompt investigation when something goes wrong, timely compensation to injured patients, swift accountability for providers, and system changes to minimize the potential for future harm.

Those who have not been engaged in our constructive solution-building are using this story as a call for more retribution and greater liability, instead of better patient safety. But liability hasn’t made our health care system safer. In fact, it hampers our efforts to improve safety. Indeed, instead of shedding light on adverse events, our current system of liability encourages a “deny and defend” posture among medical providers.

The Colorado Medical Society, the Colorado Hospital Association, and COPIC Insurance are dedicated to making Colorado the safest state in the country for medical care. However sobering its conclusions, it is the sunshine of studies like the one in your article that allow us to truly understand and fix the problems in our health care delivery system.
Mike Pramenko, President
Colorado Medical Society
Grand Junction

Salazar has been effective
for his constituents

The only ineffective voice is The Daily Sentinel and its lack of political knowledge in assessing true leadership.

John Salazar has probably one of the most diverse and broadly-ranged group of constituents in Colorado. To navigate the many divergent views among his constituents, and to initiate or vote on legislation, has required him to accurately assess the tenor, need and . He is a stalwart for a district that can be assured of a practical, prudent, and powerful voice for rural Colorado. Check just some of the following measures he has

—Support of veterans. He’s had success in bringing Tele-Health clinics to Craig and Glenwood Springs, demonstrated leadership in funding for the Fitzsimmons Veterans Hospital and creation of a new Veterans National Cemetery. He’s obtained funding for
homeless veterans in Grand Junction and demonstrated and unwavering support for
the newest generation of veterans returning from wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

—Transportation issues. He’s provided support and funding for mass transit such as
RFTA, GVT, SST, Pueblo Transit as well as funding for mountain airports to increase
safety, expansion and efficiency (Grand Junction, Hayden, Garfield County, Telluride to name a few). He’s obtained-rural highway improvement funding for such highways as Colorado 13 and U.S. Highway 50 (all important economic drivers for the region).
He also obtained funding for the Pueblo Transportation Technology Center.

—Protection for wilderness areas. He’s worked on the San Juan Wilderness Act, Thompson Divide, Hermosa Creek and Dominguez-Escalante NCA.

—Housing issues. He fFought for supplemental funding for Pueblo, Garfield and
Mesa County housing authorities to keep low income people in their homes

—Water Protection. He worked on the Arkansas Valley Conduit, Animas-La Plata, bark
beetle mitigation and watershed protection

—Farm Land Preservation. He fought to prevent the Piñon Canyon Army maneuver site expansion and supports eliminating the Estate Tax.

—Small-business-owner protections. He helped increased funding for rural businesses
and tax relief for small businesses.

These are but a few examples of what Congressman Salazar has championed and the list goes on — hardly ineffective. And if, for a moment, you feel that any earmark Salazar has garnered for his district is “misplaced,” then your knowledge of a congressman’s ability to help his home district is woefully inadequate
Nancy Anson

Buck’s comments reflect
a 1950s attitude toward gays

Thanks to Donna Hochmuth for her letter challenging U.S. Senatorial candidate Ken Buck for drawing a comparison between homosexuality and alcoholism. Kudos to Donna also for her many years of work and dedication to Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of Western Colorado (PFLAG), and her support of Grand Junction’s LGBT community.
It is hard to believe in this day and age, in light of our increased awareness and knowledge about human sexuality, that some people still believe homosexuality is a choice. Do those same people think their own sexual orientation was a choice? And if it were possible to choose one’s sexual orientation, why on Earth would anyone purposely choose a life so fraught with injustice and discrimination? 
How many more years must we continue to have these same recycled conversations, how many more years will it take to finally dispel the age-old myths and misinformation borne of ignorance from another time? More importantly, how many more generations of gay teenagers must suffer discrimination, ridicule and bullying, their lives so gravely impacted that out of despair some turn to suicide?

In my opinion, proclaiming that homosexuality is a choice when it is not, gives tacit approval — however unintentional — of the abuses inflicted upon our gay sons and daughters by others who lack judgment and self-control, and who have a skewed sense of right and wrong. 
This is 2010, not 1950. We have it in us to let reason and compassion prevail. We can and must do better. 
For LGBT youth reading this, take heart.  If you haven’t already checked out the “It Gets Better Project,” I urge you to please spend some time on their website:  http://www.itgetsbetterproject.com.
Brenda Deines
Grand Junction

Shooting shows need
for law enforcement pros

As the parents of a police officer, we recently attended an upsetting but very reassuring press conference at the new Sheriff’s Department Annex in Rifle.

No parent of an officer wants to receive “that phone call.” Well, the family of one Rifle officer received just such a phone call on Oct. 22. On one hand, it was terribly upsetting to listen to the details; on the other hand, it was reassuring, as a parent, to listen to Chief Meisner recount how proper training and equipment saved his officer’s life.

Yes, his officer! Do you not think he knows he is responsible for sending men and women into harm’s way everyday? If any readers think we live in an area of little crime or no extremely dangerous criminals, they must be under the influence of too much “green medicine.”

As Chief Meisner said, “This is not Mayberry anymore … I-70 is a sewer, and sometimes it overflows.”

Chief Meisner was also very supportive of the quick response time and investigative support of Sheriff Vallario’s team of deputies. Not to put too fine a point on it, but where are these support services based? In the sheriff’s new annex in Rifle!

Some people (Mr. Dalessandri and Mr. Winters) would have you believe the annex is unnecessary and would consciously close it in total disregard for the safety of the
residents of western Garfield County.

One last thought: Phillip Amonette (the perpetrator who was shot) is a regular “letter to the editor” writer in Garfield County, who has nothing but negative and hateful things to say about all law enforcement (there is another one of similar opinion in Silt).

As a resident and voter, please make yourself aware of the facts — not hearsay, innuendo, and fabrications of the truth. Please support law enforcement professionals, not politically motivated business owners and administrative “wanna-bes” who are
desperate for a job.
Tom and Jane Ashworth


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