E-mail letters, October 6, 2010

Democrats’ ads won’t
fool educated voters

We have similar political ads from Congressman John Salazar, our accidental senator Michael Bennet and the Democratic Party being aired on local TV.

Either both of these men are incredibly ignorant, in which case we don’t want them representing us in Congress, or both of them and their party are being intentionally deceptive in their ads, counting on their presumption of ignorance of the voters, believing they won’t know the difference.

All three are accusing the opponents, Scott Tipton and Ken Buck, of supporting a 23 percent additional national sales tax that would be placed on top of all the other taxes that we pay. That 23 percent figure, however, comes from the Fair Tax, which would replace all other federal taxes with a single simplified national sales tax of 23 percent. No other taxes would be included, meaning the average price of all goods and services would be about 23 percent lower than today.

Significant study at several recognized institutions by world-class economists   arrived at the Fair Tax as the best way to keep the federal government funded at like levels without the need for the IRS and all the other agencies which collect federal taxes.

Another patently misleading ad from the Bennet camp and the Democratic Party would have one believe that Ken Buck wants to rewrite the Constitution by having the state legislatures select the U.S. senators from each state. What they don’t mention is—and maybe they haven’t read the Constitution very well or at all—the original language of Section 3 read, “The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof.”

This was not changed until the 17th Amendment was ratified in 1913, 124 years after the Constitution was written. It is hardly rewriting the Constitution by repealing an amendment. Many support this, since the state legislatures were intended to be represented by the Senators and the people would be represented by the House. The interests of the states have been largely overlooked ever since this changed.

The Democrats keep failing to realize that this is not a democracy, but a constitutional republic.

Stop lying Dems. You really make yourselves look stupid to the educated in this country. But then again, that is not your constituency, is it?
Don Pettygrove
Grand Junction

‘Dope houses’ make mockery
of Coloradans’ compassion

When I voted for the medical marijuana amendment, I was being shown folks with cancer, HIV, glaucoma and severe neurological disorders, claiming that marijuana helped them. It was represented to me that marijuana would be prescribed by doctors in a clinical setting and the “medicine” would be legally grown in America and provided to treat similar genuine medical needs.
Now I see a bunch of dopers prescribing dope, smuggled in from who knows where, offered to anyone with a story about some old injury, handed out from garrulously colored “dope houses,”  all making a mockery of the compassionate voters of Colorado.
Good for the city councils in western Colorado for trying to get control over this abuse of the good will of sympathetic voters.
Jon Evans

Medical marijuana is
is a natural remedy

Drugs and medical marijuana are both prescribed by doctors. The difference is, drugs are prepared by humans, prone to human error, you really can’t tell if they help or not, and there are cases where some do more harm than good.

MM, on the other hand is natural, not subject to human mistakes, and the effects are immediately felt.

MM stops nausea and vomiting, stimulates hunger in chemotherapy and AIDS patients, lowers intraocular eye pressure (treating glaucoma), relieves pain and suffering, and there’s some evidence that it helps autistic children.

Richard L Stover
Grand Junction

Article on cancer candidate
featured wrong opponent

How can Charles Ashby write a news article when he doesn’t know the facts about who
is running? Mark Rodgers dropped out of the state legislative race in February and Wes Perrin is running against Don Corman. Ashby should hang up his pen if this is the type of reporting he does.

If Ashby was just reporting on Wes Perrin’s cancer, he should have stuck to the facts and not brought in information about other candidates running, especially if he doesn’t have the correct facts.

This is the type of reporting that we don’t need. I am surprised that the editorial staff did not pick up this misreporting.
Paul Gottlieb


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