E-mail letters, Sept. 24, 2010

Support Tom Tancredo
in governor’s race

Colorado needs a strong step-up-to the plate governor! I stand firmly on the Republican platform of heightened national security measures, smaller government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes to promote jobs and a stronger economy, protecting our Constitution, and enforcing our Bill of Rights (No. 10 – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”)
We are now seeing states that no longer just accept what is being pushed down from Washington, D.C.  There are state governors who realize they can make a difference in their state for the betterment of the people. Nationally unemployment is approaching 10 percent, but take a look at Texas.

Gov. Rick Perry has the state on an upward roll, increasing jobs in June by 14,000, while employment fell in 27 other states.

Perry is not alone in this battle. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey bit the bullet and made difficult budget cuts to prevent the state from going broke like some other states (where is Colorado?). Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona took the high road and did not back down from the pressures of Washington bureaucrats because protecting the people of Arizona came first.
The governor’s race in Colorado is the most important race in the state. We know what we have suffered from over the past 4 years. The economy is in a devastating situation, we still have not developed a workable guest-worker program to assist our agricultural and construction communities, nor have we supported our small businesses by reducing their taxes and removing the governmental red tape. The Democratic candidate will continue to support the Democratic platform and take marching orders from the president. Colorado’s situation will not improve under his leadership.
This is the hard part of this letter for me to write. As previously stated, I do stand firmly on the Republican platform. However, I cannot vote for a Republican because he says he is a Republican. Colorado needs a governor who is trustworthy and of high moral fiber.  The Republican candidate does not meet those standards. To blow it off by stating, “I misspoke” does not cover it. You either know who you worked for and in what capacity or you don’t!
Tom Tancredo is a man who will stand true to his word. He has the experience to lead Colorado to a secure economic future, protect our Constitution, increase jobs, and much more. I’m voting for Tom Tancredo for Colorado’s next governor.  I hope Republicans, independents and Democrats that are tired of this downhill spiral we are on will also vote for Tom Tancredo for governor.
Sandra Caskey
Grand Junction

Union voting rule mischaracterized

A recent letter in The Daily Sentinel set forth a grievous mischaracterization of the National Mediation Board’s new rule for union elections in the aviation and rail industries (“Senate should reject the latest union plan,” September 23).

Let’s get the facts straight: The Board’s new rule simply allows the majority of votes from voting employees to determine elections. The original process assumed voter intent by counting non-voters as “no” votes. That’s analogous to counting all non-voters as votes for the incumbent in a presidential election.

So there’s no question that the rule change made major strides toward ensuring fair and democratic elections for aviation and rail workers, regardless of their stance on unions. Senate Republicans wasted no time trying to undo that progress for working people, and we should all be relieved that they didn’t succeed. 

Kimberly Freeman Brown, Executive Director
American Rights at Work
Washington, DC

Vote “No” on personhood amendment

It seems as though the personhood pmendment is back for an encore despite the fact that the voters of Colorado soundly defeated this amendment two years ago. This amendment is virtually the same. Only 2 words were changed most likely to obfuscate the issue. Also you know what they say about people who keep repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome.

The amendment is designed to stop abortions. It goes far beyond that and may even be unconstitutional since it does not provide for preserving the mother’s life.

In additional, since it defines a human being as existing from the moment of conception, there are a number of currently popular contraceptive methods being used that could be outlawed even though there is no proof that these methods interrupt a pregnancy.

Other consequences include the possibility that a pregnant woman who causes a traffic accident that results in the loss of her fetus could be charged with manslaughter or even worse, murder. Anyone observing a pregnant woman smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages would have to report her for child abuse as well as any pregnant woman who fails to get prenatal care. The Department of Human services will go nuts just trying to keep up with all of the reports.

I urge you to do just what you did last time this amendment was presented and vote no on amendment 62 the “Personhood Amendment”.

Paul B. Jones MD
Grand Junction



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