E-mail letters, Sept. 28, 2010

Sentinel shows liberal leanings

I was dismayed to see that the new owners of the paper are well set in the camp of never seeing a tax they don’t love nor a spending limitation that they do not hate. That The Daily Sentinle choses to put its opposition to any control over politicians spending on the front page clearly defines you as being liberal elitists wannabes.

Any time that an elected official is faced with a spending oversight they will cry and cry about all the woes and harms it will cause. Some of us notice that they never mention restraint in spending.

Of course, there have had to be cut backs with this economy. We had over spent, created far more entitlements, and bloated all departments and it is time that we get back to having what we need as opposed to what we want.

I suggest that you look around you and see that the Western Slope is a relatively conservative group of people of all political persuasions and eastern liberal elitists belong back East.

Grand Junction

DA’s comments could taint the jury pool

So, District Attorney Pete Hautzinger finds the actions of Colorado State Patrol troopers “troubling.”

I find it troubling that our district attorney would offer his opinion of an ongoing investigation on the front page of the newspaper. His opinion should not have been made public. By so doing he has effectively prejudiced the grand jury investigation into the shooting, against the CSP trooper.

Grand Junction

City Council should never allowed gravel mine

I would like the entire Grand Valley know what is happening in our backyard. CMC – Schooley/Weaver applied for a CUP to mine gravel in the foothills just west of the Mesa County landfill. There is a 16-acre parcel of land at the top of 29-3/4 Road that was sold in 2004 and when this sale was completed this small section of land was annexed into the city of Grand Junction in accordance with the Persigo agreement between the city of Grand Junction and Mesa County.

The original hearing for this CUP clearly showed there were many safety issues that were present so the application was denied and rightfully so. Then, to one’s amazement, it goes back to the City Council and they basically tell the Planning Commission to review it again and do what they should do. Well we need to read between the lines here. What I see is that they are telling them forget the facts and just approve the permit.

A hearing is again held by the Planning Commission to hear the safety issues involved and after two-plus hours of testimony from many residents who are directly impacted by this CUP application, the Planning Commission immediately approves the permit. Why did anyone sit in this meeting for the two-plus hours when the decision was made before it even started?

In addition, the residents of the area were restricted to only issues regarding safety and Schooly/Weaver was allowed to say whatever they wanted to say. Questions arose and just ended up being swept under the rug.

29-3/4 Road is a road that was closed by the county many years ago as it was deemed unsafe for the dump trucks to travel on and the access to the landfill was changed to 30 Road. What is the difference now? Absolutely nothing more than this small parcel was annexed by the city and with that, they also took half of the right-of-way of 29-3/4 Road. I hope that the city never asks the rest of us if we are in favor of annexation as if this is what it is all about. No thank you.

I wish I could vote on the Council members as I would certainly not vote for a one of them on the panel today.

Everyone in this community needs to band together and tell anyone who wants to destroy the beautiful bluffs around the valley, No! It doesn’t seem to matter what the majority wants and the people who reside in the area don’t matter either. It may just depend upon what side of town you live on. But for us on Orchard Mesa in this area have been treated like second-class citizens. If we were north of town or on the Redlands you can believe it would have never made it as far as it has today.

We have asked for a re-hearing on this issue and hopefully it will be third-time charm and all the issues involving safety will finally be heard and this CUP will be denied.

Grand Junction

Central High students show their patriotism through donations and participation.

Sept. 17 was the day Grand Junction welcomed Iraq war veteran Troy Yocum on his 7,000 mile “Hike for our heroes” trek through the United States. For those who are not aware of his cause, I invite you to learn more about it at http://www.drumhike.com.

I was one half of the committee that planned his welcoming ceremony at the Fairgrounds and would like to share with you one of my favorite stories of that week.

Being a former Navy man, I took on the task of informing veteran organizations of his arrival and asked them to either be a part of the ceremony or attend and show support. One of the many I contacted was Major Frank Lawler, instructor at Central High School’s JROTC Warrior Battalion and asked if he and his students would be interested in being Troy’s Color Guard. Military Color Guard is a highly polished group of four soldiers that march with rifles and flags. The Warrior Battalion has an extraordinary example.

Major Lawler called me the Monday before the event — five days before Troy’s arrival — to tell me the students were very excited to help and to count them in. Tuesday I get a call from Cadet Major Spelts, to ask some questions and get more details. She informed me that the Warrior Battalion took in upon them selves to start raising money for the veterans Troy was hiking for. At that time, they raised $125 from the students of Central High School. By Wednesday, they had raised over $300. On Friday’s event, the JROTC Color Guard presented Troy with $560. In 5 days, the students of Central High School raised that money on their own. Phenomenal!

The next time I hear someone say that the youth of today is detached from what’s important, I will tell them this story. I hope you will do the same. If you know a Central High School student, please thank them for their patriotism and unselfish generosity.

Grand Junction

Politicians should take immigration issue seriously

We have a serious problem on the U.S. and Mexican border. People are dying. U.S. citizens are afraid for the welfare of their families.

Mexican drug dealers — bringing drugs into our country — are so confident our politicians haven’t got the stomach to protect U.S. citizens and their property, they are planting marijuana on public lands inside the U.S. borders. 

We have illegals crossing by the thousands. Yes, some are just coming to make a better life for themselves and their families. However, there are hundreds of gang members, drug smugglers, murderers, terrorists, etc., amongst them. By virtue of their total lack of concern, our elected officials are aiding and abetting these individuals.

If anyone was confused about the fact this administration and members of Congress are indifferent to this serious situation, they needed only to have witnessed the circus they put on in Congress this past week. Rep. Zoe Lofren, D-CA, invited comedian Stephen Colbert to testify under oath as an expert witness on immigration. Mr. Colbert’s knowledge of immigration problems were pretty much non-existent and he took the opportunity — at a $125,000 cost to taxpayers — to make a mockery of said problem.

What do I take from this abomination on the part of Congress? They don’t care about the loss of life on our borders, they don’t care that tons of drugs are being brought into this country, they don’t care that mothers are afraid every time their children leave for school in the morning, they don’t care that we have people sneaking into our country to wish us harm.

Some members of Congress even want to award some of these people with amnesty, regardless of what their intentions are. Why? For the almighty vote. They care nothing about you, I or our children, it’s all about them and their political ambitions. It’s despicable. Their display last week should reconfirm to anyone who is paying attention what is happening in this country.

I have never been ashamed of my country. However, at this point in time I fear for my country.


Tipton is on the right side of the issues

Much is being made in the media today of Scott Tipton’s answers to a survey by the Southern Colorado Patriots Club of Westcliffe, and his supposed flip-flop.

I find no truth in the allegation. I took the survey before reading Scott’s score. We disagreed on six items. You would probably disagree on a different set. So what?  The questions on this and the I”caucus” surveys are only fully meaningful to the author.  That is why Scott and I agree on our dislike for yes/no surveys. Visit Scott’s website, http://www.votetipton.com for more insightful discussions.

The issue, therefore, is why Mr. Salazar and his media henchmen focus on this instead of Mr. Salazar’s record as a congressman? I suppose, if you have been an integral player in the destruction of our beloved Republic, you might want to avoid that discussion.

Take just one overriding issue of the day: health care. He voted for H.R. 3590 and H.R. 4872, which in at least nine occasions violate the Constitution. He would not even come to the district to campaign for it, nor hold meetings with his constituents. He sent his surrogates instead, who, on at least two occasions at which I was present, were totally incompetent to answer technical questions or represent honestly Mr. Salazar’s views. This has been his pattern since being elected.

I have been present at two “job interviews” with Mr. Tipton and we have had multiple personal conversations. While we do not agree perfectly, he has been forthright and concise with his answers and views. In 99 percent agreement on the issues, problems and solutions confronting the United States today, I cannot imagine a more qualified and thoughtful citizen to represent our district in the affairs of state. Vote Tipton.


Poll results reveal poorly informed electorate

I find it curious that the Associated Press GFK poll “Dems and GOP disliked by most” on the front page of the Sept. 25 edition of The Daily Sentinel shows that 64 percent of those polled disapprove of the way Republicans are handling the economy, compared to 59 percent attributed to the Democrats.

The curiosity is that the GOP has had zero control over the process since the 2008 election, and has therefore had precious little to do with the current handling of the economy. Once again, this is a symptom of a poorly informed electorate.



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