E-mail letters, Sept. 7, 2010

Rowland’s support switch
means more votes for Maes

So, Janet Rowland has spoken. She has had to make tough decisions in her political role. However, she is going to vote for a third-party candidate Tim Tancredo for governor. Will wonders never cease?

One wonders what good old Tom has promised her in lieu of her endorsement of him. The fact that Dan Maes doesn’t owe anyone anything if he was to be elected says something about him. One wonders what he did to good old Janet that would make her switch her
affiliation with the Republican Party in this particular instance.

Well, whatever it is, good for Dan, because it will mean more votes for him. Seems most people in Mesa County have figured Janet out by now. Do the exact opposite of what she says. Go Dan!
Sandy Gagne
Grand Junction

Dr. Bair was a caring
and conscientious physician

I am responding to the allegations printed in The Daily Sentinel about Dr. Louis W. Bair.

I was a employed by him from the time that he came to the office until five years ago. During that time he was thoughtfull to his patients, fair to his employees and showed his knowledge and caring to so many people.

I assisted him in minor surgery, pap smears and patient physicals during that time. He was concerned for the patients’ privacy at all times. He showed this in many ways. I cannot see how he could have been inappropriate with an employee or patient without my knowledge.
I was employed at Dessert Sun, aka The Doctors’ Office, before and after he came to Grand Junction. During all that time, there were employees who did not agree with how the office was run. They were let go with good cause. I sincerely believe that this is a grudge allegation against Doctor Bair.

Doctor Bair was a excellent physician, employer and person. Grand Junction and the state of Colorado have lost a brilliant physician. I sincerely hope that the allegations are reviewed again and Bair has his license reinstated. There are so many patients that miss him, and belive the same as I do regarding these charges.
Sandra J. Patterson
Grand Junction

Ballot measures will be
disaster for Colorado

The language of proposed Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 was difficult for me to read and understand.  So I decided to get educated by attending discussions and by researching on-line. What I have found is that these three measures, if passed, will bring a permanent recession to Colorado.

73,000 primary jobs will be lost in the first year.  School classroom size will dramatically increase.  In short order, there will be no money to maintain college buildings, state parks, a good judicial system — the very things that make Colorado a great place to live.  All Coloradans will lose.

Proponents of the bill claim that the measures are needed to balance the budget and to reinstate the meaning of TABOR. Both claims are false. The Colorado Constitution already requires a balanced budget. We cannot spend more than revenues received, unlike the federal government. Likewise, TABOR is alive and well in this state. All tax increases at all levels of government require a vote of the people.

I urge the good people of Mesa County to be skeptical. Do your research and then vote “No” on Amendment 60, Amendment 61 and Proposition 101. 
John Williams
Grand Junction

McInnis and GOP leaders
responsible for current mess

The Republican Party cannot have it both ways: e-mails sent out to members to encourage them to support Republican candidates, yet blasting the Republican candidate Dan Maes on the front page of The Daily Sentinel.

The reason we are in this mess is thanks to Scott McInnis. We had a solid, capable, conservative, popular candidate in Josh Penry. But, no, Scott McInnis thought it was “his turn” and would steamroller his way into the race, forcing Josh out.

Then Dan Maes entered the race, and won the state assembly and the primary because the electorate, by and large, is tired of “career politicians.” Now the Republican establishment is doing everything it can to discredit Dan Maes.

Shame on you! Your adherence to the “good old boys” is the main reason new, capable talent is not being cultivated.
Phyllis Hunsinger
Grand Junction

Governor’s race has been
a cause for tears

The gubernatorial campaign has brought me to tears and it hasn’t gotten above the first level.

On the Democratic side, Gov. Bill Ritter conveniently prostated himself under the bus, which was possibly the best decision he made in the last three years. And now they have John Hickenlooper the blooper. A blooper is a weakly hit fly ball, easily accessible to the outfielders. Only an error by the outfielder will permit a base hit.

The Republicans fielded Scott McInnis and Dan Maes. McInnis’ plagiarism scuttled his scow and this was really unfair. Wasn’t Joe Biden guilty of flagrant plagiarism earlier?

This brings up the question of partisan accountability. The Republicans chastise or disenfranchise their miscreants, such as Joe Wilson of “You lie!” fame and Sarah Palin versus the Alaska Republicans.

Compare these to the Democrats’ circling the wagons for both Clintons, Al Gore, John Edwards, Gary Hart, Charlie Rangel, Acorn, Black Panthers, etc.

Although both parties claim righteousness in their Bible thumping, the Republicans espouse Genesis’ judgment “By the sweat of your face shall you get bread to eat.” Contrast this to free health care, citizenship, education, housing and other forms of welfare.

The Republican primary belched out Dan Maes, who is the perfect example of electile dysfunction. Campaign finance violations, a $17,000 fine for such, his credibility of past achievements and employment and Janet Rowland’s declaration of “fraud” won’t deter his staying in the “race to the end.” This will occur about 7:05 p.m. on Nov. 2.

And now we have Tom Tancredo, the conservative conspirator of the heretofore unheard of American Constitution Party. Tom’s deleterious entry of Perot-like righteousness brings us to the decision of choosing a base hit on error, a scoundrel and an interloper. Maybe we’d be better off by emptying the cockpit and switching to automatic pilot
Doug Nielsen
Grand Junction


Buescher sets the bar
for Colorado candidates

I have voted for Bernie Buescher each time he has been on a Colorado ballot, and he has always made me feel proud of my support. He genuinely likes and cares about people, and is dedicated to doing things right in a way that is fair and upholds the law.
He has challenged us to report any suspicions of ineligible folks voting, and is currently investigating suspicions of voter fraud. I think it is good to extend the opportunity to vote to new citizens of our state and others who may feel ready to join the electoral process, when they can demonstrate their eligibility.

You will not find a finer, more dedicated public servant in Colorado than Bernie Buescher. Having said that, I must also say that I have come to admire the dedication of Laura Bradford, who defeated Bernie last time he was on the ballot. But I certainly believe that Buescher sets the bar.
Susan Fuller
Grand Junction


Party leader must start
listening to the voters

The primaries are over and the people made choices in a lot of races, but it seems that if you were not one of the chosen ones your party will not come out and support you for the general election. Why is this? Is it possible that they are afraid of what common people can do for our country?

They might try giving states’ rights and the Constitution back to the people for a start. They want to keep the power in Washington and spend and give our tax dollars away without asking.

I am a proud member of a tea party group here in the city. The two main parties in power are trying to make us out as far-right activists, but all we want is smaller government and for them to stay out of our lives and businesses. I believe that they are trying to make us look bad because we are getting stronger in numbers and taking their power away from them.

There is one thing for sure: Whoever gets elected we plan holding them responsible
for their actions and the way they vote. They work for us, not the White House and Congress.
Just look at the money the parties are wasting trying to discredit the candidates who won the primaries. That proves that if your not one of the chosen, you’d better have thick skin or a clean closet.

If we are going to take our country back, one of the places we need to start is to get the leaders of the parties in cites, counties and states to listen to the voters, not their party agenda.
Dennis R. Patton
Grand Junction


Don’t publish so much
by liberal Associated Press

Judging by the number of articles The Daily Sentinel uses by the Associted Press, the paper is hard-pressed to have local writers write about local news. I am sure they could dig up some.

The AP leans quite hard to the left, and a lot of what it provides is not of interest to our right-of center area population. Yes there is a minority that thinks the AP and such is great. I don’t.
Larry Costa

There’s little mystery
why media is biased

If Denny Herzog’s days in journalism school had included about 25 college credit hours in economics, he would understand capitalism, which allows Glenn Beck to receive as much as $15 million a year for the sale of his messages to his public consumers.

If Herzog could have received that amount of annual income, would he have spent his days at a newspaper?
Voter registration surveys show large percentage of both media people and college professors have registered as Democrats — no mystery why we see school teachers and media people spouting predominately the Democratic drivel during their working years.

And no mystery why school teachers fail to teach objectively the conservative side of political issues. Teachers and media people failed to learn about the conservative side of issues while in college.
Ken Robar
Grand Junction



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