Email letters, April 1, 2014

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The version of CRS Tittle 3 I read is on revenue and taxation not public lands or property.  is these a link or more specific cite?

Julie Pace’s report offers a revealing juxtaposition of its front-page (“Health care sign-ups rise to 7.1 million”) and inside (“Health:  Surge may not change political reality”) headlines.

On the one hand, despite dire prognostications by the same pundits who confidently predicted that Mitt Romney would comfortably win the 2012 presidential election,
enrollments on the ObamaCare insurance exchanges reached the mark predicted by the Congressional Budget Office.

While disingenuous “conservative” efforts to debunk the numbers continue unabated, the best available current data indicates that – of the 7.1 million new enrollees – about 80% have paid their first month’s premium, two million were previously uninsured, and five million previously insured found affordable coverage on the market-based exchanges.

Taking together the two million previously uninsured enrollees, plus the 4.5 million who have enrolled under Medicaid expansion and the three million young adults who remain covered under their parents’ policies), ObamaCare has already reduced the number of previously uninsured Americans by 9.5 million.

Conversely, some 8 million Americans otherwise eligible for coverage languish in those “red states” that have not yet embraced Medicaid expansion.  Because the Supreme Court allowed these Republican-controlled states to opt-out of Medicaid expansion, their governors and legislatures have (as Sarah Palin unintentionally but accurately predicted) become de facto “death panels”—allowing 7,000 to 17,000 entirely avoidable (with health insurance coverage) needless deaths to occur thus far.

Meanwhile, the latest polling shows that a majority of Americans now fully support the Affordable Care Act (49% to 48%), a 9% improvement since the website debacle.

The utter bankruptcy of Republicans’ “scorched-earth” anti-American ideology is clearly exposed in three “lines” – those that formed-up to vote last November when Republicans attempted to suppress turnout, those that formed-up Monday to enroll in ObamaCare, and the unemployment lines that have resulted from Republicans’ failed economic policies.

Attention Doug Pryce, I’m pretty sure a separate fund of say over $648 million just to establish a screwed up website, could have been use to set up an insurance fund for people just like you suggest. I’m real sure the half trillion taken from medicare could have been used for a lot of what you suggest. Many people disagree with defunding other programs and taking away a “private product” they already had and were happy with for a government run debacle. I’m real sure the government takes over things and makes them more productive, more profitable, and much easier to use for everybody?? what are ya new? Not Mrs. Bright

Pot was approved in Colorado, I’m sure Bill Hugenburg’s delusions stem from the use of something stronger however when he makes comments on the ACA or as everybody else calls it “Obamacare”. 7 million and counting? uh huh, if it wasn’t for the numbers of likewise mis-informed voters? I though voters had to show their ID’s and citizenship? we wouldn’t be having the financial woes he chooses to ignore. Who’s premiums are you paying for? oh wait the government pays yours. Not Mrs Bright

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