Email letters, April 11 2012

Our limited water shouldn’t be used for oil shale development and fracking

In an environment where the Eastern Slope believes the Flaming Gorge diversion is a done water deal, taking more of the high-altitude pristine waters from the Western Slope (there are already 24 major diversions at high altitude);

In an environment where we are experiencing the highest average temperatures and reduced snowpack in decades (maybe there is something to global weather modification);

In an environment where cities on the Western Slope are selling, for money, their water shares to drilling companies to use for fracking thereby making that water forever unavailable for human, animal and plant consumption (called extinct water);

In an environment where one small river, the Colorado River, is suppose to feed nine states and two countries and has not reached the ocean since 1998; 

The question begs to be asked:

Why would the population of the Western Slope and any intelligent logical leader from any county on the Western Slope think that using our scarce and diminishing supply of clean drinking and agricultural water, would be best used to develop oil shale and continue to use it for fracking at a rate of 1 to 10 million gallons per frack?

Has personal money been invested by Craig Meis, Mike McKee, John Martin and others in positions of influence, that they would be willing to leverage the water future of the Western Slope for personal gain and have behind-closed-door meetings to make decisions without public input or knowledge? Why is the Daily Sentinel not doing investigative reporting to inform the people, on this disastrous decision-making process?

I guess, if you have a job, you could buy bottled water. What is one more expense to live? Who needs drinking water from their tap?


Let’s outlaw panhandling

I have a question regarding the homeless, why don’t we outlaw panhandling? They did in Boulder and it works great.

You can’t go anywhere with out someone asking for a hand out. And there are places I won’t even walk my dog anymore because I don’t feel safe. How sad is that.

Plus, they have water-front property and don’t have to pay a dime for it. Driving to Connected Lakes is lined with the homeless living there. Equality for everyone? How about we all stop paying taxes.

Grand Junction

LWV distorts truth on contraceptives and health insurance providers

The letter from the League of Women Voters has blatantly distorted the truth in its claim that women are being denied contraceptions by employers who have a religious or moral objection to it. The real issue is the First Amendment rights of religious-run hospitals, schools and churches whose moral teachings are against contraception, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization. This not only includes these religious organizations, but also private or self-insured plans who directly would pay for these services in spite of their moral objections.

In no way are these organizations denying women access to them. These organizations are objecting to having to be mandated to pay for them when they morally object to them. Birth control is available anywhere now in almost every pharmacy in America. If you want it, pay for it yourself, but don’t force me to pay for it.

A final note: since when is pregnancy considered a disease that has to be prevented and therefore considered “preventive health services”?

Grand Junction

Green energy doesn’t pay for itself

It’s been said that green technology is in our future. I can’t argue with that, but think perhaps it’s wishful thinking at this time. The way electric and hybrid cars are being hyped these days, you’d believe it was true though. On the surface, it sounds great, but, upon closer look, maybe not. Check out the up-front costs and decide for yourself.

Compare the dealership price of say a Chevy Volt to its standard gas-powered equal. Study that number, and then study the miles per hour extra you’ll get when you buy that car. Convert those additional miles and the gas required to drive them into gas dollars saved in one year. How many years do you suppose it’ll take you to recoup the extra money it’ll cost you up front?

I’ll wager that vehicle won’t last that many years, proving once again that only those who don’t care what cars or gas cost are the only ones who can afford them.

I think it’s a hefty price to pay for showing your neighbors that you’re more socially responsible than they are.

Grand Junction

Public shouldn’t have to pay for contraception

If women want contraception for medical or health reasons, it should be, is and will continue to be covered. Examples of medical/health reasons are: Certain life-threatening cancers, relief for painful period symptoms, endometriosis, PMS relief, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome relief.

If a woman wants contraceptive pills for non-medical and health reasons such as the willful thrill of sex without the responsibility, it should not be covered. Instead, go to Wal-Mart and get your own pills (for a little as $10) per month. I should not be forced to pay for her sexual pastime or her reproductive choices.

The same logic holds for diet pills and plans for morbidly obese persons. It is covered because of medical and health reasons. If you want me to pay for your diet pills without a health reason but mainly because you want the thrill of eating without the resulting consequences the fat crimping your life style, I say, pay for your own diet pills and plans.

Furthermore, from the standpoint of forcing employers, churches and individuals to provide non-medical and health related contraception against their conscience, is not only wrong morally but also constitutionally wrong.

A recent new poll by the New York Times and CBS News reveal that the majority of Americans oppose President Obama’s contraception pill mandate.

Grand Junction


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