Email letters, April 18, 2014

After Legislature pits peaches, don’t boast about wine, skiing

Thank goodness the proactive Colorado Legislature has shot down the imminent terrorist threat of the 10-year-old state peach boy. As they say, we must not promote any single kind of Colorado produce.

Now, be sure to take down any boasts about wines or craft beers, which inherently belittle our fine milk and world-class dairies. Confiscate that “Ski Colorado” poster, which insults our four-star shuffleboard courts.


Grand Junction

Nevadan’s grazing fees could have gone toward buying votes

I watched last week’s standoff between rancher Cliven Bundy and the BLM with horror. How dare Bundy get up on his hind legs and stand up to government bureaucrats who were only trying to collect grazing fees that Bundy had accrued?

$1 million … think of the good ways our rulers could have used that money. How many votes could have been bought, and how many political favors could have been doled out?

Goodness, what if more citizens realize that the government is our servant instead of the people being servants of the government? The total system could collapse, and the country might return to a constitutional government. The horror, the horror.


Grand Junction

Grant uses Orwellian language in column on women’s choice

I love reading Bill Grant’s column’s because he is one of the best examples of Orwellian logic available. In Orwell’s 1984, we learn the crafty art of double-speak, as well as how to subtly change the meaning of a debate by changing the meaning of terms.

Grant is correct to mention the four-decade struggle between the pro-life movement and the pro-abortion movement. What Grant and all the major news outlets have done is to change the terms. What used to be called pro-life is now called the anti-choice movement. What used to be called the pro-abortion is now called pro-choice movement. I happen to believe that “choice” is a fine word, much nicer than “abortion. I believe putting “anti” before choice smears those who are for life.

This week a Utah woman was arrested for murdering six newborn babies. The question I have for the Bill Grants of this world is: Do you know the difference between that woman’s choice and the choice of a woman to have a partial birth abortion? The answer in clear language is: minutes.

I am for life. The movement that represents my view has always been called the pro-life movement. I do not care what Grant calls the movement that represents his view — pro choice, pro abortion, abortion rights, etc.— but please get our name right.


GOP originally put forth plan similar to Affordable Care Act

I am amazed at the ongoing negative response to “Obamacare” from right-wing conservatives. In actuality, President Obama’s healthcare plan was originally the Republicans’ idea back in the 1990s; thus, their inability to come up with something different or better than “Obamacare.” It was all their idea in the first place. In fact, the plan was so good that Mitt Romney adopted it for the state of Massachusetts when he was governor, and it has been a huge success there.

The national mandate, which is so abhorrent to conservatives, was originally proposed by them as a free-market ploy to guarantee coverage for all Americans in lieu of another entitlement program like Medicare … God forbid.  One would think that this history of health care for all would have been a bipartisan effort, wouldn’t one?

However, when Obama favored it, the Republicans had no choice but to reject it. After all, their purpose in all of this gridlock and partisan politics is to see Obama fail.

 It’s interesting to read Paul Krugman’s article, “Health Care Nightmares.” Contrary to the title, he talks about the successes of “Obamacare” and the lies that accompany the horror stories about Obama’s health care plan  What is abhorrent is that some states have refused to expand Medicaid, and, as a result, people are dying.

When will the hypocrisy and the blatant disregard for bettering the lives of average Americans stop?

For the truth, check, “Health Insurance Mandate began as a Republican Idea” and, Paul Krugman.  Interesting reading for those who care.
City Council must take on ACLU, support its citizens

I read in today’s Sentinel that the ACLU is not giving up on imposing its special interest relative to panhandlers on the city of Grand Junction. Grand Junction is a home rule city, as chartered in the state of Colorado. The City Council sets policies, and the city administration enforces those policies.

I am tired of minorities telling me in my city what we can and cannot do. The city constantly receives letters stating and demanding that the city do something about unwanted panhandlers. It’s time all citizens stand up and inform these outsiders to “bug off.”

Grand Junction probably leads the state in taking care of truly needy folks.  Catholic Outreach has daily food, and it offers housing and much more to aid those in distress. We have the homeless shelter, and we take care of teens, etc. We are a caring community.

If it takes court action, bring it on. City Council, stand up for our citizens.

Grand Junction

Bundy should not be summarily castigated

Before castigating rancher Cliven Bundy, letter writer Kayla Dodson would do well to learn more than is published and aired in the popular media.

In addition to reducing their grazing allotments, BLM is requiring the ranchers in that area to surrender to the government their claim to livestock water on the grazing land. This sounds like the same type of water grab that they did to the ski areas.

I saw on the Internet Thursday morning that the BLM shot two of Bundy’s bulls and used his stock tanks for target practice. I have yet to see this reported in any popular media.




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Bill Pitts says: I am tired of minorities telling me in my city what we can and cannot do.”


Bill, whether you are tired of it or not, in this city and everywhere else in the U.S., minorities have rights. So do majorities. Rights are basic, normative rules about what people can and cannot do, and how other people must be treated. Rights are fundamental to American society. Like it or not, our rights are enshrined in the Constitution and apply equally to all Americans, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. They cannot be voted on or, or removed on a whim from any group or subset of Americans, ever, by anyone. That’s why they are called “rights.”

I see that Mr Borgen cannot resist bloviating. All that hot air, as if it is significant or relevant, in a feeble effort to castigate any and all who do not subscribe to the democrap, liberal agenda. ” Or just the unfortunate unwanted pre-birth fetuses which become the sole problem of the mother after birth?” Maybe therein lies the problem. Just maybe both parties should “become the sole problem.” I say let us all continue to be blooming idiots! I mean if we cannot legislate morality, free speech, prayer in school, abortion, health care, immigration, etc etc etc. What the hell. If the ACLU can protect “free speech” and therefor panhandling on/in the street why can they not protect my open carry of firearms right? How then can you tell me how many rounds I can have in my weapon. Where and when I may carry it. If atheists and abortion rights MUST be respected then my gun?ammo/carry rights also deserve to be respected.

Breaking new for all of the anti-Cliven Bundy crowd. Democrat Harry Reid has been grabbing land in NV for years. His Chinese wind power operation has netted him millions. No matter the democrap source Bundy does NOT owe millions to the US dictatorship. His families 140 year lease is NOT with the dictatorship.

Borgen—-“Face it, pro-lifers are more interested in penalizing those so brazen as to participate in sex without the specific intention to procreate.” “Welch claims to be for life. Whose, and under what conditions?” Sheesh I swear. All that hot air is killing me. Mr Borgen all that bloviating just an attempt that anyone that is not on your sinking ship, with you, should be. I for one am not going without a fight. Where will you be upon that day. Whimpering in a corner?

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