Email Letters: April 18, 2017

Sentinel should have reported on the April 15 tax march

The 260+ people who peacefully marched in downtown Grand Junction in the tax march on April 15 were certainly disappointed to find that The Daily Sentinel chose to totally ignore it – no pictures, no article, nothing!

What’s up with that? Do you only report if things turn violent? Hundreds of thousands all over the country marched to encourage Trump to release his tax forms so we citizens might be informed of his numerous financial dealings with Russia, although the serial liar we have as a president probably falsifies his 1099s like he does everything else.

Grand Junction

Manners are an asset when it comes to meeting strangers on the street

I really enjoy seeing new faces seeking out new opportunity in this community and do believe that where a seed is sown it will grow.

Unfortunately, manners are also very much a needed asset when it comes to meeting strangers on the street. If, by chance, school students are given a chance to go out on a school outing to visit another location, we expect them to be mindful of public manners. Be it said that those manners taught by the very teachers we have hired are integrated into the learning of these children since kindergarten. Now let it be known when these very students do not have these skills, they do not move for opposite traffic on sidewalks. We wonder, if these very future progeny do not have the necessary manners now, when will they? Thus it makes us wonder what is being taught in college to the next generation of teachers.


Grand Junction

Leave the dandelions in your lawns for healthy bees

Spring is here and this is a plea from beekeepers like us to leave your dandelions in your lawns. They are critical first feed for bees, and as most of you know, bees are in trouble nationwide and on the planet. Spraying chemicals such as Round-Up can be lethal for bees. Healthy bees will improve your flowers and vegetables and are critical for our food supply.

The idea that a lawn is ugly with little yellow dots has to change. Dandelions are actually pretty and good to eat too! Can we work on an attitude change? Or go a step further and plant things that bees like, which can be easily found in a Google search.

Become aware of our little friends, the bees, who are so important to a healthy balance in our food system. Remember, they never want to sting anyone; if they sting, they die. Lastly, raw honey can be an amazing cure for allergies and even good on cuts. Thank you for listening.


Grand Junction

Kim Jong-un believes all humanity is out to get him

All the flexing and threats of Kim Jong-un – like everyone wants to attack him and take his wealth and whatever he thinks people want. No one has bothered him or wants anything that he has. He has caused himself to be insecure and believes all humanity is out to get him. He is bringing it all on himself.


Grand Junction

John Harpole keeping his finger on the pulse of the energy industry in our region

A big thank you to John Harpole for keeping his finger on the pulse of the energy industry in our region. Harpole, the president of Mercator Energy, was the guest speaker at the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce Energy Briefing last month.

Harpole has nearly three decades of experience in the industry and monitors daily the consumption of oil and gas resources around the globe. As an expert on market conditions, it was reassuring to hear his positive outlook for the Piceance Basin region. After several slow and relatively painful years for the industry, it’s refreshing to hear we could soon be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Harpole has confidence in the Piceance when it comes to dry gas reserves and the prospect of long-term natural gas buyers for our region. And we could be at the cusp of resuming operations in the Piceance. Harpole believes the price per unit for gas could hit $3.50 within the year, which would make drilling Mancos Shale in the Piceance profitable again. His positive outlook didn’t end there. Harpole is confident that the Jordan Cove project will be green lighted thanks to the Trump administration and we could be shipping liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Coos Bay, Oregon by 2024.

This is all very positive news to our economic resurgence across the Western Slope. Here’s to hoping that Harpole’s outlook becomes a reality in the very near future.

Piceance Energy Action Council Chairman
Grand Junction


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Bobbie Cleave, I hope that the DS will print your article about dandelions and bees in tomorrow’s edition so that more people will read it. Great advice, thank you.

Ms Martin
  The Sentinel did not print anything about your silly little protest because most of the readers have no interest in it.  I also find your slurs against OUR president childish.

Mr. Blosser,

So you don’t think the American people have the right to know if their president is beholden to an unfriendly foreign power? How curiously incurious.

  I don’t think that you would make public your tax returns if they were being audited.  Don’t you have any confidence in the IRS to find out what is going on?  NOT!!!

Were I running for President, of course I would, Mr. Blosser. There is no law or obstacle from the IRS about doing so. Unless, of course, I was receiving large amounts of income from an unfriendly foreign nation. Then I might be reluctant to do so. But then, were that the case, I would realize that running for president wouldn’t be a wise thing to do in my situation.

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