Email letters, April 24, 2014

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Great job, Mr. Pruett!  I have noted many similarities to Oz, myself, and “the many wonderful things he does” include many more weeks of unemployment benefits - more people drawing food stamps - more felons getting out of jail early - more illegal’s remaining ‘in country’ with his blessings.  What a deal!

For Robert Laitres:  You “never met anyone who is pro-abortion” - “So there is no such thing”, and “That includes the ladies who have undergone the procedure”.  Tell us sir, just how do you explain Roe vs. Wade?  Have you ‘met’ all the females (adults and mere girls) who have had the “procedure”?  If, as you say, there is no such thing as “pro-abortion” - why the need for abortion doctors like Gosnell?  Why the need for Planned Parenthood, and the abortions that are attributed to that group?  Are you, at some point in time, when someone corners you into telling how you really feel, that the term is “anti-life”, or “anti-pregnancy” - something that you can live with, that doesn’t sound so “murderous”?  Yes, I said it.  Any way you cut it - anything you call it - any word or words you use to make it more palatable, it is the ending of a life, period.  If there are no pro-abortion women - how do you explain those who have had more than one - more than two - more than three, or God forbid, more than four “procedures”?  Since you have evidently spoken with, and can verify there are no ‘pro-abortion’ females, (because you haven’t met one) how long did it take you to talk with the would-be mothers of more than 56 million aborted lives?  Oh - you didn’t talk with all of them?  Then how can you say that there are no pro-abortion people, even women having had ‘procedures’?  You even use the term ‘procedures’ for ‘abortions’.  True - they are indeed “procedures” - much like pulling a tooth, or taking out a bad appendix or gall bladder.  The difference, Mr Laitres - just in case you haven’t noticed - only one of the above ‘procedures’ always results in death.  Do you even know which one?

Hans Croeber’s letter about the National Debt identifies the problem and suggests the solution.

First, it is important to recall that our current National Debt is primarily the product of failed Republican economic and foreign policies.

Reagan and Bush I tripled the National Debt, Bush II doubled it again—bequeathing President Obama a 15$ trillion debt, two unfunded wars, and a near Depression.

Croeber is correct that our economy—and in fact the world economy—depends on the “full faith and credit” of the U.S., but it was “Teapublicans” in Congress who threatened to “bring on” the very “economic collapse” that Croeber fears.

Today, there are some 600,000 structurally deficient bridges in the U.S.—which would cost $1 trillion over ten years to repair.

President Obama’s American Jobs Act of 2011 (and 2013) and his 2014 budget would have devoted up to $100 billion a year to create infrastructure jobs to revive the economy.
House Republicans refuse to even vote on the American Jobs Act.

Meanwhile, Republicans also refuse to reform the “tax expenditures” (corporate welfare) which forego some $1 trillion per year in revenues that could be used to repair our roads and bridges and pay down the National Debt—because “tax cuts” is their magic remedy (despite 30+ years of proven failure).

Thus, “our only hope” is to vote ideological Republicans out of office and replace them with common sense politicians willing to do what it takes to revive the American Dream.

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