Email letters, April 29, 2014

Take small, innovative steps to reduce carbon emissions

Thanks to the Sentinel for its editorial last week, “Hedging our Bets on Carbon Emissions.” The editorial acknowledged that we don’t have all the answers, but wisely recommended that we respond to the uncertainty about climate change to stave off potentially dire consequences.

We need to embrace responsible development and innovative energy policies. Our businesses, communities and political leaders must work toward common-sense policies that will reduce carbon pollution and benefit Colorado’s economy.

Throughout the state, we are exploring new forms of energy and means of extraction. Denver International Airport recently reported on innovations that greatly diminish the amount of fuel airplanes exhaust while waiting for take-off, as well as changovers to bottle-friendly water fountains resulting in substantially reduced sales of plastic water bottles.

I can imagine people scorning these “small” steps, but the reality is that as these steps are multiplied and magnified manyfold, they will result in change.

Let’s do as the Sentinel suggests and take many of these steps individually, as businesses, as local governments and through the State, to direct major inroads into carbon pollution. We owe it to ourselves and to future generations.


Grand Junction

Montrose letter writer correct in questioning global warming

I’ve read the editorial, Hedging our Bets on Carbon Emissions,” several times. It was basically a rambling discussion searching for a reason to blindly accept the unproved claim that carbon dioxide is causing “global warming.” The climate scientists to whom you refer for authority cannot conduct a test in “Earth’s dynamic atmosphere” and never include the “sun-Earth system” in their discussion. 

The letter in the Sentinel on April 27 from George E. Cort of Montrose more than adequately challenges the reliability of those he correctly labels “man-made global warming alarmists.” He points out this is not “settled science” and questions if a scientist or other expert could actually claim science is settled.

I question how they claim it is “science.” I label it “politics, power and profit.” We have been drawn into an argument and need to end it. I see no logic in trying to disprove what has never been proven.

The “dynamic interactive relationship between the sun and Earth” is “settled science.” We need to understand how this system works. I’m not a scientist or an expert. What credentials are required to understand how the system works?

The sun is the primary energy source for what happens on Earth. Earth orbits the sun, rotates on its axis and varies axis tilt constantly. Therefore, the effect of the sun’s radiation at any location on Earth is constantly changing. Nothing is ever stable. 

Earth is in an area permitting surface water, and the atmosphere is mostly water vapor. Oceans and the atmosphere are variables in the system. Changes in exposure of these variables from the sun’s radiant energy produces both varying temperatures and pressures in the oceans and the atmosphere. The law of nature dictates the both temperature and pressure must try to stabilize. That is impossible and produces the climate and local weather on Earth.



President implored to end medical trials

Please, President Obama, end the medical trials on Caucasian women, the elderly and on youth in the Democratic states that elected you. We (Mitt Romney’s 47 percent victims) are suffering; our families are torn apart; there are suicides from too much pain. [ITAL] People are suffering! [ITAL] Please end the medical trials taking place in the USA.

Is there not anyone else that can [ITAL] see [ITAL] what is happening in our nation? For us to have a national health care, these trials had to take place but they should have ended in 2012. Because we reelected you, President Obama, these trials continued.

As one of the harmed patients in these trials, I am asking you to please stop the medical trials.



‘Re-elect No One’ bumper sticker actually gives sensible advice
At first I thought the “Re-elect No One” bumper sticker was nonsensical, because we have some good people in Congress. Then I decided I liked it.

“The War on Poverty” began 50 years ago. Yet today we have more people on food stamps and unemployment benefits than ever before. Think of that. Despite our government spending billions of dollars in hundreds of programs for 50 years, poverty has increased.

The Department of Energy was created in the 1970s partly to assure good supplies of affordable energy. In 1974, gas cost 53 cents per gallon. Today it costs approximately 700 percent more. Electricity is skyrocketing, too.  

The U.S. Post Office runs deficits in the billions even though it has a virtual monopoly on delivering letters and junk mail. Our health care system, which needed tweaks, is now being destroyed courtesy of Washington, D.C.

Government owns approximately one-third of our country’s land and removes most of it from productive use. These lands incur prohibitive management cost losses; still government keeps them.

Our deficit is $17 ] trillion]. And still members of Congress keep spending. And still we keep voting them back in.

We now expect so little from our leaders that we don’t even throw them out when they lie to us, when they’re involved in sexual or financial scandals, or when programs don’t accomplish goals. Surely we can do better.
We will do better only if we make our leaders accountable by refusing to reinstall them. With apologies to the few good politicians, “Re-elect No One!”





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Angie Many was right the first time – the “Re-elect No One” bumper sticker remains nonsensical and epitomizes an abandonment of civic responsibility. 

The “War on Poverty” was declared by Democratic President Lyndon Johnson in 1964, but was effectively ended by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1981.  However, several of its major components continue to the present day.

The Food Stamp Act of 1964 made that pilot project permanent. The Social Security Amendments of 1965 created Medicare and Medicaid, and expanded Social Security benefits for retirees, widows, and the disabled. 

A 2013 study by Columbia University economists found that the poverty rate in America fell from 26% to 16% between 1967 and 2012, but would have risen to 29% without government programs.

Yet, Republicans want to drastically cut Food Stamps, “privatize Social Security”, and “end Medicare as we know it” by “voucher -izing” it.

Prior to the arrival of “TeaPublicans” in Congress in 2010, both Food Stamps and Unemployment Benefits had broad bipartisan support as effective countercyclical fiscal policies that prevented recessions from becoming depressions. 

Republican President George Bush expanded the Food Stamp program, but Republicans now refuse to extend unemployment benefits – even though their own failed “tax cuts fix everything” economic policies have created more unemployment and thus more poverty.

The DOE was created by Democratic President Carter in 1977 – to assure supplies of affordable energy (particularly, nuclear and renewable), but Reagan tried to eliminate it – as symbolized by his removal of solar panels from the White House roof.

Gasoline prices hit their highest point in 2008 under Republican President George Bush. 

The Post Office runs deficits only because it is required (by Republicans) to pre-fund its pension plan.

The Affordable Care Act has saved – not destroyed – our health care system.

Republicans created our $17 trillion National Debt, but oppose every initiative to raise revenues and/or “grow our way” out of it – preferring to obstruct accelerated recovery to gain partisan political advantage by blaming Democrats for their own handiwork.

Thus, Many should conclude that “Re-Elect No Republicans” makes more sense.

Ms.Many, the Liberals in Congress put the USPS funds into the general fund years ago and have been robbing it like a private piggy bank forever. But they have been robbing the general fund for SS and others for 47 years and never paid anything much back. As for re-electing “no-one” he is in office. The only time he wants us to notice is when he’s pontificating, as nothing of substance ever comes from lies.
Mr. Bright

Contrary to Ms. Bright’s response:

1) the USPS is the only federal agency that is required by law to pre-pay its anticipated pension expenses—a condition imposed by Republicans seeking to privatize it.

2) in 2009, President Obama imposed new and proper federal budgetary accounting standards that fully recognized previous borrowing from the Social Security trust fund—which both Democrats and Republicans had used to conceal the true size of the National Debt.

So, Ms. Bright should practice what she preaches—nothing comes from lies!!

buffaloed Bill, does the brown purge you swim in leach into your brain or did you come by these “opinions” from a bad upbringing?
So liberals don’t take money from the general fund?eh? The federal employee fund is grossly underfunded because Congress keeps robbing from it, I use to be a Postal Worker, check your facts.
And if Obama is so righteous then why hasn’t he handed down a balanced budget as promised? and promised again? oh yeah and promised again? I’m at starbucks, when are you going to visit?
Mr. Bright

Apparently Virginia no longer works for the USPS because she isn’t “Bright” enough.

1)Congress isn’t “robbing” from the USPS pension trust fund, it borrows from it—replacing it with IOUs (U.S. Treasury securities) backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S.

2)similar borrowing from SS continues, but is now accounted for as an addition to deficits and thus the National Debt.  President Obama fixed this accounting “slight of hand”.

3)the USPS is the only federal agency that Congress requires to pre-fund its pension plan.  All other departments’ pensions are funded from the General Fund.  Republicans extorted that concession in exchange for a previous bailout—because they want to privatize the USPS and thereby eliminate the Postal Workers’ Union (which traditionally supports Democrats).

4)last year, the Postmaster General testified before Congress that—but for that unique $8 billion annual pension obligation—the USPS could turn a profit (if allowed to cut Saturday deliveries and trim its workforce accordingly). Congressional Republicans preferred deficits to profits.

5) Candidate Obama promised—in 2008—to achieve a balanced budget during his first term.  Then came the financial crisis, the Bush near-Depression, and the bailouts,and President Obama inherited the largest annual deficit in our history—from Republicans.

6) President Obama promised to cut annual deficits in half—then did so.  But his latest budget relies on deficit spending to fund needed infrastructure re-investment and thus create jobs.  Republicans oppose both.

7) In 2012, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both campaigned on the promise of “closing tax loopholes” instead of raising tax rates on the wealthy, but Republicans (not “liberals”) now oppose any measure that would raise the revenues needed to achieve a balanced budget.

8) Because of Republicans’ commitment to defending corporate welfare, they refuse to support any reforms to the tax code that could recoup any of the $1 trillion in revenues being lost via “tax expenditures”.

I wouldn’t want to waste Virginia’s time over coffee - because she obviously needs it to do more fact-checking and reconnect with reality.

Dear Buffaloed Bill, KMA, you are a hoot, sure took you long enough to do web searches on that one, then we know the internet never lies, you do however. $648 million, $700 million, $7billion, Over $17 trillion, do you do nothing but sit at the computer all day and look for liberal opportunities to run your big mouth about liberal lies and obfuscate the truth? And the Mrs, didn’t write this but then you knew that you just look for ways to get into fights with people because you are such a sad sack you have no life. The reality is this county is worse off than it was 5 years ago, directly related to the looser you put in office. That would be the people that didn’t vet his qualifications to lead. But then he has none. Thanks for playing Buffalo, Not Mrs Bright, See ya at Starbucks there buddy.

Once again, Virginia, your fact-free response is underwhelming.

I’m just trying to change the world one ignoramus at a time.

$15 billion is the amount of National Debt President Obama inherited from Bush.

While—by every factually objective economic indicator—the Country is indeed better off than it was five years ago, the benefits have not been equitably distributed.

That’s because misguided folks like you don’t yet realize that the they’ve been played for rubes and fools—and taken for a ride—by a Republican Party that is only interested in retaining/gaining power, not governing to solve the problems you rightly perceive but reflexively blame on President Obama.

Dear Buffaloed Bill, constant insults directed at my wife when you know full when this isn’t her will get you punitive actions, please curb your ignorance. You insult me just as you always have, that’s what you do, you are a liberal POS. Being a lawyer such as you are and creating all those jobs, such as you have makes you a pariah of the community apparently. You call me a Republican, you don’t know, though I feel a meeting is in the future, maybe at Starbucks, for coffee and a joint? Should you feel the need to change the world one ignoramus at a time, Charity starts at home. Start with yourself, you are what’s wrong with society in general. You try and push your views and demands on other people then if that doesn’t work you try and legislate their rights away. Go, run, be free Buffalo, be the man you want to be, you won’t change me and I’m not trying to change you. Your party of morons has had 5 years to screw things up so that the economy is in a dismal spin, don’t quote facts you don’t know about here. The facts are the money you and this administration have pissed away would have brought a lot of good to a lot of people, vets, indigent souls, and all the rest you are trying to save. I prefer to teach people to fish rather than take my money in taxes and give them fish to rot their souls like your apparently has.
Not Mrs Bright, just Bills friend


If your wife can’t stand the heat generated by her fact-free on-line comments, tell her to get out of the kitchen.

Now that you have failed to provide any facts to support your bubble-headed opinions, you resort to threats of “punitive action”.  Just what do you have in mind?

Remember, this thread began with my comment that Ms. Adamson’s letter seemed to suggest an improvement in the tenor of the debate over ObamaCare.  Obviously, you remain determined to prove me wrong. 

Good luck with that.  And Happy Easter!

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