Email letters, April 4, 2012

Obama shows lack of constitutional knowledge

In his speech on April 3 to the Associated Press Luncheon, our esteemed president showed his lack of knowledge again.

He refereed to unelected judges overturning acts of Congress. I am surprised, considering his supposed background, that he does not understand why our founding fathers gave us the three branches of government, formed the way they are, to oversee each other.

Just another reason that I believe we need a change in November.


Wind power is not a viable energy source without subsidies

On the front page of The Daily Sentinel April 3 is an amazing story about how misdirected our energy policy is. First, the article says without tax credits wind energy projects are being held back. Second, the lack of this tax credit, at the expense of all tax payers, is affecting this company’s wind energy business. This company, just happens to be headquartered in France. And third, our country’s problems are compounded by the sympathy shown for this company from our own Senator Bennet.

This tells me that wind power is not a viable energy source without government subsidizes and artificial support. Why do I want to support a company with headquarters in France, with my tax dollars, to create an energy source that cannot stand on its own? What kind of representation are we getting if our own senator supports this?

In case after case, wind energy does not decrease carbon dioxide emissions. As a rule for every megawatt of wind power, an equivalent size backup system (coal or gas) of electrical generation must be available to account for the extreme variability in wind power generation. Wind farms occupy an enormous amount of land for the power they generate. A wind farm will use 45 times the land that a nuclear plant does for the same capacity.

The list goes on and on. No wonder the only way wind power makes sense is if you and I support the industry through tax donations (industrial welfare). 

Speaking for myself, I have better things to direct my tax dollars toward than a French compnay building inefficient wind turbines. Sen. Bennet may speak French, but I don’t.


Whatever the president wants is constitutional

The president said Obamacare is constitutional, even though several Democratic senators had to be bribed to pass the legislation and no Republican supported it. The court is irrelevant.

Yet in California, on at least two occasions, the wishes of the people has been ruled unconstitutional. The court was relevant. It is the old leftist adage, whatever progressives want is constitutional and whatever progressives oppose is unconstitutional.

Grand Junction

Insurance companies dictate health care

I read in the April 4 edition of The Daily Sentinel that one of the serious health conditions in Mesa County is obesity. I have a relative who suffers from this condition and recently when her doctor suggested weight loss surgery, she contacted the health insurance company. She was told that the surgery was cosmetic and not covered by health insurance.

People who are obese and have this problem are not seeking surgery for cosmetic reasons, they are seeking surgery to live. How long are we going to allow the insurance companies to dictate health care in this country?

Grand Junction

Honest investigation is warranted in Treyvon Martin case

The point of Rick Wagner’s March 29 seems unclear. He appears acting as those he criticizes. He agrees with George Will that “we live with those unwilling to let a tragedy pass by without nailing a political agenda to it,” when Wagner’s next sentence attaches his agenda.

It begins with someone’s going to connect guns, race and self defense and that is just the start. Wagner’s right, as that’s exactly what he does, connect guns, race and self defense. As he said, it’s only the start and an opportunity to take a cheap shot at President Obama for expressing empathy at the killing of a 17-year-old, high-school student, someone’s son. Then the president seems to suggest their only link is ethnicity? Did Wagner just reaffirm neither is white? We knew that, but weren’t they both human beings? Why shouldn’t Obama make that statement, because Wagner doesn’t understand? To take that statement literally and not see it as a father’s horrified view of a young man’s unnecessary death, is beyond my comprehension.

A statement that comes to my mind infinitely more bizarre and obliquely inflammatory than “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon,” was the one made by a president who said he didn’t know where Osama Bin Laden was and didn’t care- Bin Laden, the guy Obama found.

Is Wagner suggesting HB 1048 was brought about by the Florida shooting? Now there’s a connection I don’t see. Is he saying Obama is inciting disruptions by his statement? Give me a break.

I have no problem with self-defense rights, but that young man had rights, too and his family certainly deserves an honest and thorough investigation. I would want that much, wouldn’t you?

Grand Junction


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