Email letters, April 7, 2014

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Pastor Hale is free to believe anything he chooses and he can preach any place he chooses in public EXCEPT in functions that are in government facilities meant to serve all citizens regardless of personal beliefs. The good pastor is way off base claiming to be under attack. The attack he speaks of occurs only when he is trying to impose his beliefs on others. His Christian religion IS NOT an accepted universal belief system.

Richard Bright’s latest on-line offering – “Liberal’s feel it’s fine to spend money they do not have” – proves once again that local “bubbleheads” must resort to creating their own set of facts to appear coherent.

Fortunately, Bright agrees with Hillary Clinton that the fall elections will matter – but for the wrong reasons.

To paraphrase Bright, “every shred of common sense seems to have oozed out of the Teapublican Party into an austerity/oligarchic agenda to obstruct President Obama at every opportunity”.

Apparently, Bright dimly clings to the stale “FoxNoise” meme that the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) was “ramrodded through Congress” – when it was passed after months of Senate hearings in which Republican amendments were added to the bill and enacted via “reconciliation”, the same legislative procedure used to pass the Bush Tax Cuts (which deprived the federal government of the revenues needed to move our Country forward).

Of course, since 2011, nothing has been “ramrodded through Congress” – because the Teapublican-controlled House won’t even vote on most measures passed in the Senate.

Remarkably, Bright conveniently forgets that it was the “Tea Partiers” in the House – not Democrats – who “single-handedly got the credit rating of a whole nation downgraded” in 2011 by threatening to default on the National Debt (which Republicans had created), and it was those same “Tea Partiers” – not Democrats – who shut down the government in 2013, costing the economy some $28 billion.

Likewise, Bright forgets that the ACA embraced the “conservative” – not the “liberal”—approach to confronting our “broken health care system”.  If some Congressmen were (and Bright remains) willfully ignorant of the recommendations of the Heritage Institute (endorsed by our own Club 20 and Colorado’s Republican Governor Bill Owens’ Blue Ribbon Commission), and/or the fact that the concept was successfully implemented by Republican Governor Mitt Romney in Massachusetts, that fact speaks for itself.

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