Email letters, April 8, 2014

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Rusty Callow should have signed his letter with friends of Steve King.

Where does he get the assumption that John Pennington is not going to enforce drug or traffic laws? Has he spoken personally to Pennington?

I would hazard a guess that he has not. No this is just one more scare tactic by the camp of Steve King supporters. Our County will become a lawless hellhole without King as Sheriff.

I do not worry on that at all. My worry would be the Federal Law enforcement officers taking advantage of King’s bills allowing them unlimited arrest powers in Mesa County.

I am amazed that a law enforcement officer like Callow is so afraid of the Constitution. What can he and the others be afraid of? That the law of the land would be enforced correctly? That someone who actually read and understood the Oath of Office would uphold it?

The office of Sheriff is the Citizen’s last line of defense against an invasive Federal Government. We know where both of our candidates stand. John Pennington would stand for us against the over reaching powers King’s laws have acceded to the Feds.

King would just let them take control.

Glenn Menard’s latest on-line offering – “Despite presidential rhetoric, middle class steadily shrinks” – proves once again that local “bubbleheads” must resort to contriving their own set of facts to appear even approximately coherent.

While Menard appropriately cites recent polls confirming the on-going decline of the “Middle Class”, his implied causation (i.e. blame) argument relies on ignorance, a failed memory, and/or the dishonest “FoxNoise”/Limbaugh revisionist history of President Obama’s efforts to counteract that dangerous trend.

Thus, the “last six years” should properly be divided into two segments.  In 2009-2010, President Obama’s stimulus policies saved the economy from total collapse, revived the U.S. auto industry, prevented the implosion of the world-wide financial sector, and got the Affordable Care Act passed – which is already protecting millions of Americans from financial devastation as they struggle to reach or remain in the Middle Class.

On the other hand, since 2011, the “Teapublican”-controlled House has obstructed every further Democratic effort to revitalize our economy – and thus the “Middle Class” – in a cynical effort to gain partisan political advantage from a sluggish recovery.

Thus, while Speaker Boehner found time for 52 votes to repeal “ObamaCare”, to “shut down” the federal government (costing the economy some $28 billion), and to threaten default on our National Debt (which Republicans created), he is still refusing to allow the House to even vote on – inter alia—the American Jobs Act of 2011 (or 2013), on the Senate’s bipartisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, or on extending the very unemployment benefits to which Menard refers. 

In other words, what Menard opines are President Obama’s failed “policies” reflect the absence of serious policy – “gridlock” that is the direct result of Republicans’ stubborn partisan obstructionism and refusal to recognize that their own failed policy prescriptions have been proven to be both practically and intellectually bankrupt.

Nevertheless, Menard’s conclusion is correct:  “the challenge is in getting people to quit listening to [Republican] rhetoric [including Menard’s canards] and look at the facts before they vote”!

Mr. Callow, did you take the oath of office when you were sworn in? Did you uphold the Constitution (have you read it?) of the U.S. and the State of Colorado from all enemies, both foreign and domestic? Just asking. If so, you must also have some of the same “Constitutional beliefs” as Mr. Pennington, or you lied under oath. Which is it? It seems you support throwing the Constitution under the bus.

When you can’t deny the flaws and voting record of your candidate I guess like the Rhinos and Progressives the only thing you have left is to attack with the absurd. Do you really believe Mr. Pennington will turn this county into a sewer like Detroit? That does seem to be what you are implying.

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