Email letters, April 9, 2014

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Surely Bambino’s letter is sarcasm and a joke, right? This is a Christian? Is there any local church that will claim him as one of their good Christian flock?

Mary L. Brunk may wish to prop up McInnis, and she may even cast a vote for him.  Her choice.  She may also want to find out just what the final outcome was, regarding the funds McInnis accepted as pay for his writing.  As for the statement he made regarding Chronic Wasting Disease - he was a full grown man at the time that statement was made, and should have known better.  Mary L. Brunk evidently knows someone with Chronic waste disease, to know what a horror it is.  Think I should tell her that CWD affects deer, elk, and other hooved animals?  The closest thing to it would be Crutchfield Jakob disease in humans, and very rare.  Whether McInnis’ statement was made years ago, or yesterday, it was, to be nice - ‘uninformed’, much like us folks who are not sharp enough to be in the drawer, eh Mary?  Care to join me outside the drawer, Mary and Scott?

Mr. Borgen:  I have known Mike Bambino for many years, and I stand as testament to his good will toward others.  That he, along with others gets tired of pulling the wagon, while other, able-bodied folks ride, doesn’t make him a bad guy.  If it did, he has plenty of company, even as a Christian.

Mr. Pennington, “protect, defend, and obey the US and Colorado constitutions” does not include interpret. That is left to the US and Colorado judicial systems.

Touchee T. Streff - “And we keep electing ‘em again and again. Oh, my.”
David Zulian - Mr Borgen appears to be a self appointed elitist. Be vewy vewy careful as he may soon be lecturing you about “wasted space.” Not to mention your flag waving.
Kyle Hunke - your nail striking would be spot on provide that our governments abided by the same measurement that you so gleefully support——“protect, defend, and obey the US and Colorado constitutions” does not include interpret. That is left to the US and Colorado judicial systems.

Mr. Sanders, What makes you a constitutional expert? Credentials please!

Research. Education. Life experiences. Trust me. What difference does it make now anyway. What are your creds?

Oops. I neglected to mention I am a NATIVE AMERICAN. I’ve only traveled abroad upon an USA issued passport and have been a PROUD AMERICAN MY ENTIRE life. I did not just come around to being proud of my AMERICA for the first time in my life.

Mr. Sanders, I am not interpreting the Constitution. I rely on the educated experts in the courts to do that. Again, I ask what are your legal/constitutional education credentials? If you have none, then your opinion is just that: an opinion, no substance.

Precisely. You are just continuing to bloviate. I am sorry that your IQ and/or education level does not permit you to see any “substance.” As I recall this section of this publication is under “OPINIONS.” I TOOK NOTE THAT YOU NEGLECTED YOUR OWN “CREDS.” WHO IN HELL ARE YOU TO QUESTION MY CREDENTIALS? Your chicken manure totally lacks substance. Coupled with your “sit on your ass and wait for the good ‘ol boys” to spoon feed you is nauseating. “Don’t go there buddy.” America has been waiting for +years for answers on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA and so much more. Best of luck sitting on your ass. My submission is that kenyan, harvard law educated and constitutional law professors are at a serious disadvantage with me. As are you. Amen

Mr. (I use the term loosely) Sanders, your hateful insults do not further your argument and any further response to your childish comments are a waste of time. Good day.

Precisely. It started when your childish comments attacked my “constitutional” knowledge. I started, just as you did, voicing an opinion. It differed from yours. You immediately began your subtle, childish insults and bothered not to respond to my questions. And, sir, you are indeed correct that you are not worth my time. The truth hurts but it will set you free. Quite frankly my dear I don’t give a damned about what you think of me. I exercised the same right in which you were exercising. You, however, would not let it go. Maybe in the future you might consider sitting down and shutting up before you go on the attack against someone that you do not know.

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