Email letters, April 9, 2014

Pennington plans to put protection of citizens first

In response to Rusty Callow’s scare tactics and false accusations regarding my win at the Mesa County Assembly, I would appreciate setting the record straight with some actual facts, something Callow avoided entirely.

First, the reason I won the vote at the assembly was because the people in attendance wanted a true public servant instead of a politician to be their sheriff. It had very little to do with me. The people of Mesa County are looking for a man with courage, leadership and conviction to be their sheriff, not more mainstream politics. This is precisely why I won last Saturday.

Callow claims to take his oath of office seriously. That oath requires that he protect, defend and obey the U.S. and Colorado Constitutions. Not just “support” it, as he claims. It is impossible to keep such an oath to a document you have never read or studied. Furthermore, the only thing Richard Mack did, that Callow failed to mention, is that he sued the Clinton administration and won a landmark decision at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Has Callow ever read or even glanced at this ruling? It is the only time in history where a few American aheriffs sued the federal government and won. Yet, Callow has never taken the time to see what this case did for America and liberty. That is my message: Cops and sheriffs are the guards of liberty and should put those precious principles first as they keep the peace within our communities.

As a 30-year veteran of law enforcement, Callow should know better than to make false and frivolous accusations about someone he has never met or spoken to. His claim that Mack or I have declared some sort of war against the feds is a lie. In fact, such would be a crime, and if he has evidence of any such crime, he should turn it over to the proper authority. I have trained at the FBI National Academy in preparation to guard our nation’s embassies; Mack’s father retired from the FBI; his cousin was the director of the FBI; and he himself is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

I have been a dedicated and principled Marine, a consummate professional as an investigator, and a very successful businessman. I have poise and skills in management and leadership. I will put the protection of the citizens of Mesa County first and foremost, and I will keep my oath of allegiance to the Constitution.

So, the question is: Do you support the politician running for sheriff, or do you support the U.S. Marine?


Mesa County candidate for sheriff
Grand Junction

Trump comments on inanity of Affordable Care Act

I don’t have to take sides on the Obamacare issue or even have an opinion, because I am firmly entrenched in Rocky Mountain health plans (a blessing and a godsend to my wife and me) and have been for many years. But I did run across an interesting viewpoint attributed to Donald Trump on the Internet site of Perhaps your readers would find the following statement interesting, even though it’s a bit dated.

“Let me get this straight. We’re going to be ‘gifted’ with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at least 10 million more people without adding a single new doctor, but provided for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that didn’t read it, but exempted themselves from it, signed by a Dumbo president who smokes, with funding administered by a Treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we’ll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese and financed by a country that’s broke.”

I have become partially bald from scratching my head in shock and awe at the Machiavellian, convoluted thinking of our federal government. Having taught civics, American government, U.S. Constitution and American history and political science for 30 years, I should be accustomed to the obfuscation of FedThink, but such is not to be.

I love the daily newspaper and its coverage of the federal comics known more familiarly as politics, and I have learned to find laughter therein — for the alternative is to collapse in helpless tears. And we keep electing ‘em again and again. Oh, my.

Grand Junction

Neal looks forward to serving again on state education board

I feel the need to correct misstatements made about me by Barbara Smith in her letter Tuesday.

I did not intend to run again. However, when numerous people approached me with their concerns about the loss of the seat and the damage it would cause, I made the decision to run again.

Smith is apparently unaware that Colorado State Board of Education members do not get to vote on legislation. Therefore, none of us voted for or against “Mom’s Bill.”

Further, people can find the meeting record for Oct. 10, 2010, on the Colorado Department of Education website of the recorded vote to become a member of Common Core. I voted No, along with Bob Shaeffer and Peggy Littleton, while fellow board member Randy DeHoff joined the Dems to approve, another statistic Smith is fond of misreporting.

One board member who didn’t ask Smith to run, Board Chair Paul Lundeen, traveled to Grand Junction to campaign for me, and he has formally endorsed my campaign. I have nothing to apologize for, and I look forward to another term.


Grand Junction

Dedicated volunteers help preserve Palisade’s history
Our thanks go to Priscilla Mangnall for the “Way Back When” column. It is always enjoyable to get a glimpse into the history of the Grand Valley and its communities.

Monday’s column was especially interesting because it focused on Palisade, the community we have called home for many years. We know the Palisade Historical Society works hard to preserve our local history, including the information that was in the article. Many dedicated volunteers have accomplished much in the four short years it has been in existence. They have created The History Center on Main Street, historical presentations, several publications and guided walking tours. It is our honor to be a business member of the Palisade Historical Society.

Until recently, The Palisade Tribune was our weekly source for local Palisade history in its very popular long-running “Pages from the Past” and historical “Photo of the Week” which was provided by the Palisade Historical Society beginning a couple of years ago. The Palisade Tribune was founded in 1903, the year before the town was incorporated, and it is a wealth of information regarding our history as a fruit growing area and town.

Three weeks ago The Daily Sentinel discontinued our weekly paper. It is our hope The Daily Sentinel will consider having the past editions of The Palisade Tribune donated to the Palisade Historical Society so that we can continue to keep our history alive with the invaluable information included in its pages.

We are proud of our history and the tenacity of early settlers to dig canals and bring water to the orchards in the Palisade area, and we are thankful for all the dedicated volunteers who are making sure this history will be remembered by future generations.



McInnis, a caring, experienced candidate, unfairly discredited
Here we go again. I (and maybe more of you) am sick and tired of hearing our nominees slandered. [ITAL] Enough! [ITAL] On Tuesday I had the misfortune of reading a letter to the editor regarding Scott McInnis.

Again, plagiarism was brought up. The plagiarism claim against McInnis was a lie. The retraction of this erroneous claim was buried by the editor of The Denver Post on a back page. The damage was already done. Anybody researching this issue would learn the truth. Yet, it is brought up again by ignorant people or by the opposition to intentionally discredit McInnis.

How sad a statement regarding chronic waste disease was brought up when the main issue in this election is to restore the economy in Mesa County. Chronic waste disease is a horror to those affected by it. To allude to McInnis’ statement from years ago is quite a reach.

McInnis is well qualified for this job, maybe overqualified. We are blessed to have him working for us. His experience at the federal level is something this county needs, in the light of the federal interference every state, county and city in this country faces.

Let’s all stand up and support positive, caring and experienced candidates like Scott McInnis. Do not be swayed by knives that are not sharp enough to even be in the drawer.

Grand Junction

Kathleen Parker slings words around

What are “free market principles”?

Kathleen Parker just throws words around such as “free-market principles” and “government expansionist.” Unless it’s understood what the dynamic is between a government and free-market, the rest of the column is a waste of words.

Free-market principles run counter to what the government does. The government complements free-market principles. It’s the government’s job to fill in these gaps, as far as what is neglected or marginalized by free-markets.

The government doesn’t run to exclusion or in opposition to big business;  it should balance special interests with the people’s interest.

In other words, Parker does not understand that free-market principles are by nature exclusionary and self-serving. She’s confusing and accusing the government with free-markets.

Parker doesn’t know that a free-market needs a proactive government and that the government is the people ... not the Koch brothers. Parker and the Koch brothers should set free enterprise free. And stopbeing “hypercritical” and un-American.

Parker, the Koch brothers, Rush Limbaugh, et al. owe themselves an apology.

Grand Junction

Neither Bible nor Constitution say it is right to be forced to pay for goods given to others for free

Pick-and-choose Christians, who only read the “Jesus loves you” half of the Bible, actually believe members of the godless Democrat Party when they holler “racist” or say Bible believing Christians will throw Grandma and the kids into the street to die if they get elected.

They also believe Obamacare is something other than corrupt, but it’s not and I’ll prove it. Grab the Bible and Constitution and read both of them. Now, tell me where it’s godly or constitutional for parts of America to be taxed and forced to pay for goods that others take for free. Hmm.

If you read 2nd Thessalonians God demands you “don’t eat what you don’t earn!” He also demands we care for the poor, but does God say to pack the lazy? Nope, Proverbs demands people work. Lazy doesn’t mean you’re poor! I have 20 years of battling godless ways for teens at Youth Alternatives so I know first-hand where the war on Jesus is coming from…

The Democrat Party. I didn’t know it in the beginning but I know it now and I give undeniable proof at even Christian Clergy can’t deny. And one last warning from the scary half of the Bible for pick-and chooseChristianss: God says “Do NOT yoke yourself with the godless!”

Maybe you should look deeper than CBS, ABC and NBC before you vote the next time (maybe I suggest you put your faith back into Jesus and his followers rather than embracing the world and its godless ways.

Youth Alternatives
Grand Junction



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Mary L. Brunk may wish to prop up McInnis, and she may even cast a vote for him.  Her choice.  She may also want to find out just what the final outcome was, regarding the funds McInnis accepted as pay for his writing.  As for the statement he made regarding Chronic Wasting Disease - he was a full grown man at the time that statement was made, and should have known better.  Mary L. Brunk evidently knows someone with Chronic waste disease, to know what a horror it is.  Think I should tell her that CWD affects deer, elk, and other hooved animals?  The closest thing to it would be Crutchfield Jakob disease in humans, and very rare.  Whether McInnis’ statement was made years ago, or yesterday, it was, to be nice - ‘uninformed’, much like us folks who are not sharp enough to be in the drawer, eh Mary?  Care to join me outside the drawer, Mary and Scott?

Mr. Borgen:  I have known Mike Bambino for many years, and I stand as testament to his good will toward others.  That he, along with others gets tired of pulling the wagon, while other, able-bodied folks ride, doesn’t make him a bad guy.  If it did, he has plenty of company, even as a Christian.

Mr. Pennington, “protect, defend, and obey the US and Colorado constitutions” does not include interpret. That is left to the US and Colorado judicial systems.

Touchee T. Streff - “And we keep electing ‘em again and again. Oh, my.”
David Zulian - Mr Borgen appears to be a self appointed elitist. Be vewy vewy careful as he may soon be lecturing you about “wasted space.” Not to mention your flag waving.
Kyle Hunke - your nail striking would be spot on provide that our governments abided by the same measurement that you so gleefully support——“protect, defend, and obey the US and Colorado constitutions” does not include interpret. That is left to the US and Colorado judicial systems.

Mr. Sanders, What makes you a constitutional expert? Credentials please!

Research. Education. Life experiences. Trust me. What difference does it make now anyway. What are your creds?

Oops. I neglected to mention I am a NATIVE AMERICAN. I’ve only traveled abroad upon an USA issued passport and have been a PROUD AMERICAN MY ENTIRE life. I did not just come around to being proud of my AMERICA for the first time in my life.

Mr. Sanders, I am not interpreting the Constitution. I rely on the educated experts in the courts to do that. Again, I ask what are your legal/constitutional education credentials? If you have none, then your opinion is just that: an opinion, no substance.

Precisely. You are just continuing to bloviate. I am sorry that your IQ and/or education level does not permit you to see any “substance.” As I recall this section of this publication is under “OPINIONS.” I TOOK NOTE THAT YOU NEGLECTED YOUR OWN “CREDS.” WHO IN HELL ARE YOU TO QUESTION MY CREDENTIALS? Your chicken manure totally lacks substance. Coupled with your “sit on your ass and wait for the good ‘ol boys” to spoon feed you is nauseating. “Don’t go there buddy.” America has been waiting for +years for answers on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA and so much more. Best of luck sitting on your ass. My submission is that kenyan, harvard law educated and constitutional law professors are at a serious disadvantage with me. As are you. Amen

Mr. (I use the term loosely) Sanders, your hateful insults do not further your argument and any further response to your childish comments are a waste of time. Good day.

Precisely. It started when your childish comments attacked my “constitutional” knowledge. I started, just as you did, voicing an opinion. It differed from yours. You immediately began your subtle, childish insults and bothered not to respond to my questions. And, sir, you are indeed correct that you are not worth my time. The truth hurts but it will set you free. Quite frankly my dear I don’t give a damned about what you think of me. I exercised the same right in which you were exercising. You, however, would not let it go. Maybe in the future you might consider sitting down and shutting up before you go on the attack against someone that you do not know.

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