Email letters, Aug. 15, 2012

Call makes bad call in blaming economy for Wright’s monetary woes

Well, there you have it. According to GOP Chairman Ryan Call, House candidate Jared Wright is simply another victim of the “Obama economy.” Call seems to imply that the economy under any Republican administration, “investments” such as jewelry, vintage automobiles, tanning salon memberships, excessive credit card use, etc., would be a wise and prudent path to prosperity. No wonder he is the GOP chairman … he understands the big picture.

I can imagine Wright at home, signing into work, setting the alarm on his Luminox watch for a 45-minute reminder, pouring himself another cup of coffee and lamenting the terrible things this current administration has done to himself and his family. That’s the kind of wisdom we can all take to the bank, er, bankruptcy court.


Grand Junction

Would Romney begin new wars?

When Mitt Romney spoke at the high school in Basalt recently, did anyone ask him if he still planned to start two new wars if he were elected?


Democrats make outrageous claims against Romney

President Obama came on the national stage and was swept into office on a wind of “hope and change,” promising a new style of leadership in Washington, the most transparent administration in our history and a new civility to the political process. This promise has not been upheld.

Just last week, Harry Reid, the Democrat’s leader of the Senate, made a baseless claim that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has not paid taxes in 10 years. Sen. Reid admitted he had no evidence whatsoever but since he said it, it was now out there for Gov. Romney to disprove. What an outrage! Can you say, “McCarthy?” Have you no shame, Senator, have you no shame? The president was silent.

The president this week told an audience in the Midwest they didn’t have drought relief because the House and Rep. Paul Ryan were holding it up. Actually, the House passed a drought relief bill two weeks earlier, but the Democrat- controlled Senate adjourned without considering it.

While we’re on the Senate, they haven’t passed a budget in any year since Barack Obama became president. The Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a budget, but the president’s budget was so radical that the Senate Democrat majority leader would not even schedule a vote on it, because Democrats in the Senate would not pass the president’s and he didn’t want to allow the Republican alternative to be considered.

Vice President Joe Biden yesterday goes to Virginia and tells a mostly black audience that the Romney plan, “would put y’all back in chains.” What? Does Biden really believe Romney/Ryan would reinstitute slavery? Perhaps Biden should revisit a history lesson. The Republicans ended slavery and passed the first equal rights legislation. New civility indeed!

Transparency?  It’s as bad but will require another letter. I sincerely hope for change.

Grand Junction

Proposed crane hunt withdrawn

Please note that Councils’ recommendation to establish a new sandhill crane hunt area in northwest Colorado, identified in the May 17 proposed rule, has been withdrawn.



Bennet urged to find ways to grow economy

Sen. Michael Bennet’s latest anti-job, anti-energy initiative places roughly 200,000 acres worth of American natural resources permanently off limits from development. Strangely, he is bringing this up during a recession, in the midst of a national discussion over how to become more energy independent, and amid rising fuel prices.

The senator’s proposed legislation concerning the Thompson Divide is yet one more example of the backward thinking that has kept the recession going, unemployment high, and growth at a virtual standstill for years. Removing forever the possibility for energy companies to acquire leases in the Thompson Divide area, and bullying the rightful owners of existing leases into “voluntarily donating” or otherwise abandoning them, is a cop out to an environmentalist movement that cares little for the social and economic costs of its ideological crusades.

Contrary to his statement that this bill is to be a “starting point for discussions on how to address concerns about possible oil and gas development in the Thompson Divide area,” the reality is that this legislation shows that Sen. Bennet has no interest in discussing development; he has but a single goal in this issue, one he shares with his former state energy liaison and grants director, and current executive director of the environmentalist lobby group, Thompson Divide Coalition, Zane Kessler.

That goal is to prevent economic development from ever occurring on more than 200,000 acres in the heart of western Colorado’s energy country.

As the senator representing a state with an unemployment rate of over 8 percent, perhaps Sen. Bennet would better spend his time trying to find ways to actually grow the economy rather than cozying up with his buddies and inner circle in the environmentalist movement to find new and creative ways to constrain it.


Grand Junction

Military’s promotion of openly gay woman is unacceptable

According to a front-page story on Monday, a woman has become the first openly gay U.S. general. Pure politics without merit beyond that. The reprobate claims individuals who knew she was homosexual promoted her.

She claims she got “married,” but 31 states DO NOT recognize the fraud/dilution of “marriage” now recognized in fewer than a half dozen states. To promote a reprobate that could have lawfully been discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” can only be a political promotion. It elevates the immorality to a status of apparent acceptability.

I served when the policy and the law mandated “exclusion,” when we were trained to oppose ALL enemy, foreign or domestic, by considering such history as the military review by General George Washington (I wish we had more generals like him today) of Lieutenant Enslin of Colo.



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