Email letters, August 11, 2014

Hilkey put political affiliations above community well being

I read with outrage the account of former Sheriff Stan Hilkey regarding Steve King’s high-paying do-nothing job at the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office. It was fascinating that Hilkey could be so cavalier regarding his association with a would-be criminal.

I was outraged as I know the real cost of Hilkey’s skewed priorities. The high price of Hilkey’s mismanagement of his public trust has a face. That face is mine. In September 2010, I was laid off from the sheriff’s office after the commissioners told the sheriff to cut his budget. Hilkey took the easy road and reduced his force. He upended the lives of good, highly trained, experienced deputies in the name of budget cuts, and then petitioned the commissioners for extra money to buy political favors from Steve King.

Sheriff Hilkey put political affiliation above the well being of his subordinates and service to his community. He made more effort to see King paid than he did to retain real cops. Adding to the insult, Hilkey chose to pay King a wage that few, if any, of the real cops in the agency could dream of.

People like King don’t exist in a vacuum. They must be aided by those who see some personal gain. The record is clear. King had a friend in Hilkey and that friendship cost the citizens of Mesa County. Now, the Republicans would have us ignore all that and hand the top cop job to Hilkey’s protégé, to the man Hilkey groomed for the job before political expedience gave the nod to King.

It is my hope the voters finally just say no. It is too much to believe the Republican choice will rise above the corrupt system that created him.


Grand Junction

Responsible drilling should safeguard humans

Responsible drilling refers to safeguarding humans from becoming guinea pigs, rather than waiting to see just how much benzene in the air it will take before cancer cases increase dramatically.

Come here and see the wells right alongside the Colorado River. Come here and see a well directly across the street from a housing development. Come here and notice the haze in the air that was not present even 10 years ago. See the plan for over 200 more drillings to come in this area. Come here, buy a home, and then just try to sell it. Come here to a 40 percent vacancy rate in this community. Come here where a beautiful golf course may have a well in the middle of it.

Yes, drilling can be done in many areas without concentrations of populations; drilling could be done in Anwar. But, for convenience and “bribe” dollars, drilling around communities is just fine as long as it is not in the backyards of the politicians.

So many senior citizens were lured here and have now lost their shirts. Welcome to being trapped, unable to move even if you wanted to. Western Colorado Congress has worked to increase setbacks, to insure that monitoring and safety requirements are followed, and that accidents such as spills are not under-reported nor minimized. Is that so bad?

Battlement Mesa

Sentinel needs to support new airport authority board

I’m writing in regard to The Daily Sentinel’s article on Friday about the selection of a new airport manager. My question to the Editor is, why you have not questioned the process that was used to hire the past manager? Were an interview and a background check done? If not, why have you not looked into this?

It appears you are favoring the past boards, but you question the way the new board does things, including the process that was used in the hiring of the new airport manager. It appears to me that you want to degrade the present airport authority board for whatever reason, and have not asked any hard questions of the past board or boards on how and why they hired the past airport manager and how they allowed the airport to get to the point it is in now. Also, it appears that
some of our elected officials now wish to question what the new board is doing, but stayed quiet while the past boards allowed the deeds of the past manager to take place for several years.

It is this writer’s opinion that the Editor of The Sentinel should start supporting the new airport authority board as they have been tasked with straightening the past deeds of the former boards and manager. The present board has also been open in everything they have done, and this cannot be said of past boards.

Grand Junction

Rowland and other GOP leaders against area’s best interests

Janet Rowland’s letter on Thursday (“County not responsible for fixing 38 Road woes,”) shows why the Mesa County GOP’s long political stranglehold on our area has been so devastating to our local economy. While the rest of the state is prospering, Mesa County gets left behind with some of the lowest wages and highest unemployment rates in the state. Rowland’s letter explains why this is the case.

Instead of supporting sensible local ideas that help boost the local economy, like the Fruit and Wine Byway, Rowland offers a hostile, stingy “us-against-them” attitude that paints the Mesa County agricultural community as the enemy. This regressive mentality has cost our area dearly in lost golden opportunities to boost the local economy, like changing the Colorado National Monument into a national park, and local government’s refusal to allow our area to capitalize on Colorado’s new, burgeoning legal marijuana industry.

We need to start electing leaders who embrace creative new ideas and take advantage of the new opportunities dropped at our feet, instead of continually electing the same old batch of Republican leaders with tired old ideologies rooted in the past that work against our area’s collective best interests.

Grand Junction

Vehicle registration, rather than new tax, should pay for road repairs

Once again I see Club 20 and individual people whining about, “where oh where are we going to get the money to fix the decaying roads in this valley?” I agree with them one hundred percent; the roads in this valley are getting worse by the year. Many of the streets are like washboards. My question is: where is the money that the state keeps collecting and that they have been collecting for years that was supposed to be for road and bridge repair? Gov. Ritter snuck those taxes through by increasing vehicle registration three fold.

Many seniors and folks with older cars were hurt when the registration was fee was tripled, but we thought that at least the roads would get fixed. That has not happened. If anything, the roads are worse now. However, the state keeps collecting those additional fees. Where is that money going? It sure isn’t coming to the Grand Valley for road repair.

So, I say no new taxes for road repair. Use what you already have been getting these past years.


Meet and greet impossible due to lack of airport manager candidates

Sunday’s editorial bemoans the lack of a meet and greet for finalist airport manager candidates. Well, there weren’t any. The damage done to this airport by the scandals of past management and board members is well known around the country and precludes most from applying.

As founder of the airport Users and Tenants Association, I had the opportunity to interview one “finalist” candidate. He was well qualified and from the Midwest. But in our 30-minute talk he had not a single question about GJT or its problems, despite my prompting. His entire focus was on his current airport and all he was doing for it. It appeared his interest in GJT was for use in negotiating a pay raise back home. Not surprisingly, he withdrew his application a week later.

What the Sentinel fails to understand is that the damage done here is nationally known. The current board has to deal with that reality. GJT is not a magnet for qualified airport managers. While other positions in this and nearby communities may use teas, coffees, meet and greet or similar sessions for “finalists,” such is not possible when there are no finalists. The idea that members of the community should vet candidates for this critical selection makes as much sense as airline passengers voting on who should fly the plane.

We are extremely fortunate to have an existing airport employee with all needed skill levels step up and take on this mess. Ben Johnson knows the airport, the people, the problems and the history. He is not a “yes man” nor would the current board or tenants tolerate such. The Sentinel should be ashamed for even suggesting it.

Grand Junction

Bright’s recent letter disseminated falsehoods about diseases carried by immigrants

While its editors chose not to publish my response (“Republicans Don’t Like to be Fact-Checked – Why Not?) to Don Boyles’ insipid letter (“Reader disagrees with recently published ‘leftist” letters”), the Sentinel now has another opportunity to act responsibly.

Thus, the intellectual dishonesty of nativist anti-immigrant zealot Richard Bright (whose on-line comments are replete with racist slurs against President Obama) is illustrated by his partially plagiarized and perniciously fear-mongering on-line letter – “Illegal immigrants carriers of communicable diseases.”

In fact, Bright is not quoting the “CDC report” at all, but rather the notoriously right-wing Breitbart on-line newsletter – “Feds Bend CDC Rules for Sick Illegal Immigrants.”

However, even Breitbart has more intellectual integrity than Bright, because Breitbart reports only that “some” – not “many” – unaccompanied children arriving at our southern border carry communicable diseases.

Meanwhile, the Texas Department of Public Health reported that the actual incidence of such diseases is insignificant, while a University of Texas at El Paso study confirmed that the immunization rate for familiar childhood diseases in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras is higher than in Texas.

Consequently, the Texas Observer reported that the “Disease Threat From Immigrant Children [is] Wildly Overstated” and that “The Central American kids arriving in Texas are likely to be better-vaccinated than children in Texas”.

Indeed, irresponsibly alarmist propaganda like that being maliciously spouted by Bright prompted Media Matters to report that “Right-Wing Media Exploit Ebola Outbreak In West Africa To Spread Immigration Fears” – specifically identifying Breitbart (and now “Not So Bright”) as the primary perpetrator of such nonsense.

Unfortunately, too many local “bubble heads” like Bright invent their own “facts” and resent “fact-checking,” apparently convinced that real “facts” have a liberal (“leftie”) bias, while berating the Sentinel for chronicling them. Nevertheless, the Daily Sentinel should not become a party to irresponsibly disseminating such falsehoods.

Grand Junction

Reader remembers airport authority’s recent history

Given the Airport Authority’s recent history, I was certain the only finalist’s name would be Tex Rippetts.

Grand Junction


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Chris Durham is the face of the scandal that permeates the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.

The favored few get the goods, the rank file get a boot to the face.

Now we have the Ultimate Insider to replace 3 times felony indicted Steve King. Matt Lewis thought King was the man for the job, and King is a potential felon who bilked the taxpayers for thousands. What does this say about the judgement of Matt Lewis?

Dear Buff I’m not a racist I just don’t like liberals, you included. Your fact-check and spell check are rife with erroneous and extemporaneous bullshit in and ongoing effort to impose your idiocy on others. YOU Sir a and fing idiot. Go live on the border and see for yourself, nobody can tell you anything. As for the Sentinel and disseminating falsehoods why do you feel the need to run your fat mouth daily railing against Republicans, Tea Party members, and anything else YOU seem to disagree with, but it’s fine for you to vent because of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I quoted information and told you the sources where they came from, you even dispute that. I can only hope you keep reading Breitbart and other sources with different opinions than your own, you might actually learn something other than stupid straw hats don’t go with Hawaiian shirts and Lawyers are part of the problem in this country. So go live some real life, see the effects caused by the things you so adamantly bitch about and try and change them from Mexico, or Cuba, or where ever you came from. Mr. Bright

and Bill I quoted the f’ing WSJ which I’m sure is way above your reading level. Mr.Bright

Mr. Durham,  Several weeks ago, before King left the Sheriff race, I stated on my Facebook that I believed the entire Sheriff’s office timecards require a full audit.  I also stated that Stan Hilkey was either complicit or incompetent tolerating King’s special status. I also stated that Tim Foster, at CMU, also requires an indepth investigation for the hiring of King.  Now Matt Lewis and Pat Arotin, who are also part of this tax payer boondoggle if what you state is correct, are running for Sheriff.  I asked for a time card audit and I asked that Matt and Pat both publicly ask for that audit.

If we cannot trust the Mesa County Sheriff Office from within, then a new paradigm from a new outside vision is required.  As an RN, one of the most trusted careers in America, and with years of experience in administration, supervision, budgets, balancing program needs and implementation with staffing issues, and working with the public, I bring to the table what Mesa County needs for the Sheriff’s position.  When elected, I will analyze how this office has been administered, no matter who it leads too.
Benita Phillips RN,BSN Mesa County Sheriff Write-In Candidate
Write my name in….this is a true grassroots movement.

Indeed Hugenburg you should know about inventing “facts.” Your main source being MSNBC. Tell us all again about those amazing “facts” on husseincare.
Hey sentinel why not give Hugenburg a daily editorial on the main pages. You give him enough space here.

When Googling Bill (Hussein) you find out some places report him to be an editorial source for the Sentinel. That’s like saying the Sentinel embraces the ramblings of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid in their entirety. Without Buffy on the pages of the Sentinel it might be considered rational and impartial in it’s text, but instead we have to be vigilant to the liberal vigilante ramblings of a another lawyer madman full of hate and discontent for a country that “let’s” him exist even though he disagrees with everything it stands for. Mr. Bright

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