Email letters, August 11, 2014

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Chris Durham is the face of the scandal that permeates the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.

The favored few get the goods, the rank file get a boot to the face.

Now we have the Ultimate Insider to replace 3 times felony indicted Steve King. Matt Lewis thought King was the man for the job, and King is a potential felon who bilked the taxpayers for thousands. What does this say about the judgement of Matt Lewis?

Dear Buff I’m not a racist I just don’t like liberals, you included. Your fact-check and spell check are rife with erroneous and extemporaneous bullshit in and ongoing effort to impose your idiocy on others. YOU Sir a and fing idiot. Go live on the border and see for yourself, nobody can tell you anything. As for the Sentinel and disseminating falsehoods why do you feel the need to run your fat mouth daily railing against Republicans, Tea Party members, and anything else YOU seem to disagree with, but it’s fine for you to vent because of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I quoted information and told you the sources where they came from, you even dispute that. I can only hope you keep reading Breitbart and other sources with different opinions than your own, you might actually learn something other than stupid straw hats don’t go with Hawaiian shirts and Lawyers are part of the problem in this country. So go live some real life, see the effects caused by the things you so adamantly bitch about and try and change them from Mexico, or Cuba, or where ever you came from. Mr. Bright

and Bill I quoted the f’ing WSJ which I’m sure is way above your reading level. Mr.Bright

Mr. Durham,  Several weeks ago, before King left the Sheriff race, I stated on my Facebook that I believed the entire Sheriff’s office timecards require a full audit.  I also stated that Stan Hilkey was either complicit or incompetent tolerating King’s special status. I also stated that Tim Foster, at CMU, also requires an indepth investigation for the hiring of King.  Now Matt Lewis and Pat Arotin, who are also part of this tax payer boondoggle if what you state is correct, are running for Sheriff.  I asked for a time card audit and I asked that Matt and Pat both publicly ask for that audit.

If we cannot trust the Mesa County Sheriff Office from within, then a new paradigm from a new outside vision is required.  As an RN, one of the most trusted careers in America, and with years of experience in administration, supervision, budgets, balancing program needs and implementation with staffing issues, and working with the public, I bring to the table what Mesa County needs for the Sheriff’s position.  When elected, I will analyze how this office has been administered, no matter who it leads too.
Benita Phillips RN,BSN Mesa County Sheriff Write-In Candidate
Write my name in….this is a true grassroots movement.

Indeed Hugenburg you should know about inventing “facts.” Your main source being MSNBC. Tell us all again about those amazing “facts” on husseincare.
Hey sentinel why not give Hugenburg a daily editorial on the main pages. You give him enough space here.

When Googling Bill (Hussein) you find out some places report him to be an editorial source for the Sentinel. That’s like saying the Sentinel embraces the ramblings of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid in their entirety. Without Buffy on the pages of the Sentinel it might be considered rational and impartial in it’s text, but instead we have to be vigilant to the liberal vigilante ramblings of a another lawyer madman full of hate and discontent for a country that “let’s” him exist even though he disagrees with everything it stands for. Mr. Bright

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