Email letters, August 14, 2014

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Gary Carter:  Sounds like you just might be a relative of Jimmy Carter.  Compared to Obummer, he looks reasonable - not as any kind of a ‘Saint’ though.  I’m pretty sure you can’t be a Saint when you look at women not your wife, with lust in your heart, as Carter admitted to.  As for the Peace Prize - well - Obummer got one of those too, and we still can’t figure out why.  Jimmy Carter should thank his lucky stars Obummer came along - now, Carter is only the second-worst president of all time.

To ‘Buffalo’d Bill’ Hugenberg:  Mr. Hugenberg - again you spout a whole bunch of numbers, possibly correct, and talk of our ‘broken immigration system’.  You denigrate Marco Rubio over his stance, I suspect mostly because he is a Republican.  Tipton’s efforts, you say are ‘preposterous’, yet the system is still ‘broken’.  I’d like to know just what you consider ‘broken’.  Is it that Republicans won’t knuckle down to the Liar-in-Chief, and go along with the Senate’s idea of amnesty?  Could it be that the Reagan ‘de facto amnesty’ was a mistake?  The Simpson/Mazolli bill of ‘86, signed by Reagan, required that the border be secured as part of the deal with Democrats.  Guess what?  The Democrats stiffed Reagan on the ‘securing’ part.  Now, the same party (Senate Democrats) want yet another ‘amnesty’, this time without securing the border.  Though Republicans say that is the first thing that has to happen (sealing the border) the Democrats want no part of it.  What reason would you offer for not securing the border?  Could it be that the border not being secured in any way, shape or form is what is ‘broken’, and was before Reagan’s presidency?  Maybe you can tell us all, who are just dying to know:  If the government can say that “there are 12 million illegal’s in the U.S.”, how can that happen, unless something is ‘broken’?  It must be broken at the southern border - that’s where they are coming from.  As for DACA - how old must a child be, when the parents are sneaking them into the U.S., in the dark, at night - and telling them to be quiet lest they be caught?  Furthermore - just what is it that justifies the term “illegal” to you Mr. Hugenberg?  Note, I didn’t say “undocumented” - I said “illegal”.  What I mean by that term is this:  An Mexican national father, or mother, or both - bring their Mexican national children into the U.S. without a Visa, a work permit, or any sort of legal permission to be here.  Does that not make them unlawful?  If not - how so?  If they come with a work visa, a student visa, or some other lawful temporary method, and overstay - are they not now in violation of Americas laws?  Would that be ‘illegal’ in your mind?  Just what part of ‘illegal entry’ into the U.S. is it that you don’t understand?  If a child is brought here as an infant, then I can understand their lack of knowledge of the circumstances.  After about the age of six or so, I believe they know what they are doing is not on the up and up.  As for what you deem the ‘humanitarian crisis’ on the border - it is just another opportunity for people who are here illegally to get a pass.  We will see just what the percentage is of those who are sent back to where they belong, and just how many people from other countries get displaced while trying to come here legally, because of this influx if ‘illegal’s’.

Buffalo’d Bill Hussein swings for the fence again, speaking from facts and figures without ever having been to the border. The liberal party continues to demand! things without justification of a rational plan of action. We have a government that can’t locate 20 million illegal aliens, run by men just like Buff. They can’t see beyond the next election and rule with feelings rather than rationality as the outcome of their decisions. We are seeing the fruits of those decisions come to be with a failing economy, being downgraded twice, a rising debt, doubling in a short time, and a foreign policy that has left this country in a third world status with the rest of the world. Buff Hussein quotes figures and froohaha as though they were the gospel of Jobe. All the this that and the other that has happened that he quotes religiously mean nothing in the wake of what the outcome of this “pen and phone” decisions have created. Leading by Crisis? Family’s barely making it paycheck to paycheck after spending all their savings to just get by, people with degrees working at fast food outlets, businesses looking elsewhere or holding off on development all because of the lack of confidence business and people have in this Administration to do the right thing. So let’s import more people we can brainwash and give free #### to? That’s a foreign policy the other Hussein likes, apparently Buffalo’d Husseing Hugenburg is just giddy with the results, without thinking of the consequences? did you buy that bus ticket yet Buff? Mr. Bright

“Buffalo’d Bill Hussein”  I must have wandered into the GJ Sentinel Middle School Kids Voting section or something.  Best and the BRIGHTest out again!

David Zulian’s response to my on-line letter (“Immigration system is not the only broken thing in our country”) raises several issues worthy of further consideration.  Thus:

First, because sound public policy decisions should be based on objective facts rather than on subjective prejudices, the numbers I “spout” are both “correct” and relevant – in contrast to the fact-free gibberish offered by local nativists (like Zulian and Virginia/Mr. “Not So” Bright below).

Second, in April 2012, in an apparent effort to curry favor with Latino voters in advance of the Presidential Election, Republican Senator Marco Rubio offered an alternative to the DREAM Act that did not include a “pathway to citizenship”.  After President Obama endorsed his proposal as a reasonable compromise, Republican Senator Ted Cruz and like-minded “Tea Partiers” railed against it – prompting Rubio to repudiate his own bill.  If those facts denigrate Rubio, he has no one to blame but his fellow Republicans.

Third, on June 27, 2013, by a vote of 68-32 (including 8 Republicans), the Senate passed S.744—the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act”—but the “Tea Party”-controlled House has yet to even consider it.  S.744 would enact “comprehensive” reform by addressing all the major concerns of both parties – but “Tea Partiers” won’t allow a vote in the House because they know it would pass.

Fourth, as Republican Senator John McCain insists, those (like Zulian) who think S.744 grants “amnesty” don’t understand the meaning of the word.  Rather, the present system is “broken” because it already amounts to “de facto amnesty” due to the absence of the rigorous enforcement that nobody by “Tea Party” nativists want, while S.744 imposes a $1000 fine and requires “illegals” to self-identify themselves to immigration officials in exchange for temporary legal status. 

Fifth, Simpson/Mazolli failed because the Reagan administration declined to enforce it against scofflaw U.S. employers (presumably, Republicans), whose demand for cheap labor continued unabated.  When border security was increased by President Clinton, determined immigrants found more remote and/or inventive ways to enter illegally.

Sixth, no one has yet clearly defined what it means to “secure” and/or “seal” our southern border – or calculated the cost-effectiveness of doing so—when (like the 9/11 terrorists) 40% to 50% of “illegal immigrants” actually enter legally and overstay their visas and/or arrive by boat, plane, or car hundreds of miles away from the “southern border”.

In any event, S.744 would provide some $43 billion to “secure” 700 additional miles of border with 20’ fencing and double the size of the Border Patrol to 40,000.

Peter considering the low cast cheap shots directly fired at me personally and my wife by Bill Hussein I don’t think your jackass remarks are pertinent. Buff rambles like the lawyer he is, irreverently and tries to be “personal” in his attacks. I only return fire when fired upon. However for the record I have no respect for a man that supports taking healthcare away from hundreds of thousands of private citizens in Colorado that were perfectly happy with their policy to force them to pay more so those that didn’t have it can have it paid for by so many others? I worked at a job I didn’t particularly care for just so I could provide medical benefits for myself and my family.
Mr. Bright

I don’t put much stock in a first-term Senator who is elevated to ‘presidential material’ in the media, before he even learns the workings of the Senate.  As for blaming the Republicans - thank God they are against ‘paths to citizenship’ other than what was, and is available to those wanting to come here.  Line-jumpers screw it up for those who follow the rules.  Senate S.744 isn’t a panacea to all our woes. To say that Reagan’s ‘amnesty’ worked would be an out and out lie. Even Hugenberg agrees that enforcement has not been accomplished, nor will it.  He doesn’t offer a solution, only blame.  If the grower’s want cheap help, that can be accomplished - we have work visas - enforcement is what is lacking.  If you want to come to America, and become a citizen of America, do it the legal way.
Mr. Hugenberg’s fourth point:  I actually do agree with Mr. Hugenberg on what constitutes the ‘broken’ system, not what ‘amnesty’ is.  When you don’t ‘secure’ our border, fail to deport those who have sneaked in, or overstayed a visa, whether you do it to placate the growers, or because you just don’t have an interest, it is ‘de facto amnesty’.  That term can be applied whether you don’t enforce, or if you grant legal status - even limited - to those who came here illegally.  Either way - those who try to come here and become true citizens of America, get shorted by the illegal’s.
As to the fifth point - Simpson/Mazolli failed - in the manner that the border wasn’t secured, which was part of the bill.  Mr. Hugenberg can blame it on Reagan, as do I.  Reagan should have vetoed it.  Regardless who one blames, the bill resulted in the 12 million illegal’s admitted to by our government now, whether it was by non-enforcement, or whether those 12 million see their chance at another ‘amnesty’.  S.744, along with DACA, and the DREAM act, is but another ‘amnesty’ for those here illegally.
I will offer a definition of “Securing our Nation” from the hordes of illegal’s coming.  That would be to require ‘legal permission’ to be here, in the form of a visa of some sort, (papers) carried on your person, surrendered at the request of ANY officer of the law.  Border Patrol ON the border, not forty miles away, with authority to deport any person without said visa on their person.  Authorization to ask, by ANY law enforcement agency for said papers based on reasonable suspicion of lack of same.  I don’t want to hear: “We can’t just round up and deport 12 million illegal’s”.  You can’t do it in a day, or a week, or a month - maybe even in a year - but it can be done, and that is part of the ‘broken system’.  We need to have the WILL to do it.  Administration(s) have not made the effort - and that is how we arrived at this point.  Cost effectiveness should not enter the picture.  Administrations have let this go for far too long, using every trick in the book to not face it - now it is incumbent upon America to fix it.

EVERY reporter that has actually been to the southern border and every one that I know that has actually lived along our southern border says one thing, “let the border patrol do their job and the problem will be cut in half tomorrow and stopped in the near future.” Even the Old INS agents that I know and the new ICE officers I have talked to say, let us do the job the way we know is effective. My relatives living along that border have caught and detained over 1,000 illegal aliens and coyote’s in the last 4 years and see sign that many more came thru they couldn’t catch. We just need to enforce the laws currently on the books and stop trying to be legislative whores to Washington for their amusement. Illegal is Illegal, have they forgotten that? If these people had used the system in place, no problem but they haven’t and I don’t feel sympathy for them. Mr. Bright

My on-going exchange with David Zulian concerning illegal immigration reveals the illogical inanity of local nativists’ opposition to comprehensive immigration reform (see the peanut-gallery comments of Virginia/Mr. “Not So” Bright below).

First, Republican objections to any “pathway to citizenship” for undocumented workers already in the U.S. is all about electoral politics.  Illegal immigrants themselves care less about voting than about the constant threat of family-destroying deportation.

Second, while “line jumpers screw it up for those who follow the rules”, S.744 sends self-identifying undocumented immigrants who pay a $1000 fine to “the back of the line” – subject to deportation should they violate the conditions for temporary legal status.

Third, while nobody claims that S.744 is “a panacea to all our woes”, it is the only policy proposal “on the table” – but House “Tea Partiers” won’t even allow a vote on it.  Thus, Republicans are solely “to blame” for Congress’s inaction on immigration reform.

Fourth, S.744 includes expanded “nonimmigrant visa” programs that will enable Grand Valley growers to reliably obtain workers – while protecting them against exploitation.

Fifth, enforcement at the border will remain porous – and dubiously cost-effective – until prohibitions against hiring illegal workers are vigorously enforced against scofflaw U.S. non-agricultural employers (presumably, Republicans), who remain the magnet for illegal immigration and apparently prefer the present “broken” system just the way it is.

Sixth, Zulian’s attempted definition of
“securing our borders” is problematic at best.  Because most U.S. citizens do not carry proof of citizenship, “Papers Please” laws would routinely violate the Constitutional rights of brown-skinned U.S. citizens (only?) just to identify and deport those who committed the misdemeanor offense of “illegal entry” perhaps years ago.

Seventh, positioning Border Patrol assets both at the border and “forty miles away” is “defense in depth”, increases the probability that those detained within that swath are indeed illegal entrants, and affords greater protections for vulnerable local residents.

Buffalo’d Hussein is back! did you finally make that trip to the Mexican border? You make comments and spout data that affects people’s lives in two nations and you don’t know jack #### about what you speak of. Or do you have illegals working for you?
Mr. Bright

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