Email letters, August 15, 2014

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buffalo’d bill Hussein barking about things he knows nothing about. Got that bus ticket south yet Buff? got your plan to fix all ills ready? The Mexican government is waiting. Maybe if you go clear to South America you can make a bigger impact? What does the Sentinel pay you?  Mr. Bright

Mr. Hugenberg:  I don’t put much stock in a first-term Senator who is elevated to ‘presidential material’ in the media, before he even learns the workings of the Senate.  As for blaming the Republicans - thank God they are against ‘paths to citizenship’ other than what was, and is available to those wanting to come here.  Line-jumpers screw it up for those who follow the rules.  Senate S.744 isn’t a panacea to all our woes. To say that Reagan’s ‘amnesty’ worked would be an out and out lie. Even Hugenberg agrees that enforcement has not been accomplished, nor will it.  He doesn’t offer a solution, only blame.  If the grower’s want cheap help, that can be accomplished - we have work visas - enforcement is what is lacking.  If you want to come to America, and become a citizen of America, do it the legal way.
I actually do agree with Mr. Hugenberg on what constitutes the ‘broken’ system, not what ‘amnesty’ is.  When you don’t ‘secure’ our border, fail to deport those who have sneaked in, or overstayed a visa, whether you do it to placate the growers, or because you just don’t have an interest, it is ‘de facto amnesty’.  That term can be applied whether you don’t enforce, or if you grant legal status - even limited - to those who came here illegally.  Either way - those who try to come here and become true citizens of America, get shorted by the illegal’s.
Simpson/Mazolli failed - in the manner that the border wasn’t secured, which was part of the bill.  Mr. Hugenberg can blame it on Reagan, as do I.  Reagan should have vetoed it.  Regardless who one blames, the bill resulted in the 12 million illegal’s admitted to by our government now, whether it was by non-enforcement, or whether those 12 million see their chance at another ‘amnesty’.  S.744, along with DACA, and the DREAM act, is but another ‘amnesty’ for those here illegally.
I will offer a definition of “Securing our Nation” from the hordes of illegal’s coming.  That would be to require ‘legal permission’ to be here, in the form of a visa of some sort, (papers) carried on your person, surrendered at the request of ANY officer of the law.  Border Patrol ON the border, not forty miles away, with authority to deport any person without said visa on their person.  Authorization to ask, by ANY law enforcement agency for said papers based on reasonable suspicion of lack of same.  I don’t want to hear: “We can’t just round up and deport 12 million illegal’s”.  You can’t do it in a day, or a week, or a month - maybe even in a year - but it can be done, and that is part of the ‘broken system’.  We need to have the WILL to do it.  Administration(s) have not made the effort - and that is how we arrived at this point.  Cost effectiveness should not enter the picture.  Administrations have let this go for far too long, using every trick in the book to not face it - now it is incumbent upon America to fix it.

Mr. Bright:  To what are you referring when you say that Hugenberg
“is barking about things he knows nothing about?”  Immigration?  Climate Change? (or is it Global Warming this week?)  Maybe the ACA?  There are so many things he comes up short on, that I’m having trouble discerning what it is you refer to.  Thanks.

J.C. Smith:  We all have wondered just how it is that Bill Hugenberg enjoys such a level of printed matter in the Senile.  Especially so, since most of what he writes, one would be hard put to verify in any reasonable way.  Also, if one questions one of his statements, or uses his own numbers to prove him wrong, he covers that up with yet another BS statement.  I will give him this:  He never met a far-left liberal he couldn’t back, or a conservative he couldn’t berate in some way.  (And, he LOVES Obummer)

Mr Zullan Ole Buff bitches pisses and moans about the situation on the border and he’s never spent time there, for one. I have offered to take him on a guided tour of things I have actually seen from living along the border, both north and south of our nation and let him involve the Mexican government, I’m pretty sure he could solve all their problems just as well as he has ours. HE DON’T know jack on the subject. As far as the rest of your items he quotes facts and figures put out by the liberal press and that is about all. He has nothing to say to the over 300k people in Colorado alone that had their healthcare taken away, forced to buy another private product, and pay more for others that CHOSE not to or didn’t have the means to purchase healthcare could have it subsidized. If it’s socialism Buffalo’d bill Hussein is all for it, should common sense and honor be discovered in his ramblings it is by chance only they occur. Mr. Bright

Mr. Bright:  I do believe you have your finger directly on the pulse of Buffalo’d Bill!  It’s nice that I’m not the only one who sees him as someone who will strike at conservatives, but embrace Socialism.

Mr. Hugenberg: 
Objections to a ‘pathway to citizenship’ are due to the fact there’s always been a pathway to citizenship, however, past and current administrations haven’t enforced ‘illegal immigration’, making that choice a moot point.  I would not have information regarding illegal’s desires concerning voting, and I suspect you don’t either.  As for the ‘constant threat of family-destroying deportation’ - for those who come here legally, there is no threat.  For those who sneak in one at a time - the family separation was already an issue.
As for those ‘self-identifying illegal’s’ (not undocumented) who pay $1,000. fine - I don’t think they will be lining up in droves to ‘self-identify’ and pay $1,000. - do you?  If they wait long enough - Democrats will find a way to make them legal anyway.  See “DACA, DREAM, and Amnesty”.
S.744 is “the only policy proposal on the table” mostly because the laws on the books now haven’t been enforced, resulting in at least 12 million illegal’s, and present administration keeps saying: “We CAN’T just round them up and deport them”.  We don’t need new laws, we need to enforce the laws we already have.
Non-immigrant visas, such as work visas are a good idea.  You want to come from Mexico to pick lettuce?  Get a visa, come pick to your heart’s content, accept whatever wage you will, and go back home when the picking is done.  Enforcement of these visas is required.
Those “Republicans” who are taking advantage of the illegal workers are a real pain in the neck, aren’t they Bill?  Do you really think that the “non-agricultural” employers are all Republicans?  Even in California?  “Presumably Republicans” just doesn’t do it, Bill.  We already know where your heart is - no need to make it obvious.  As for ‘hiring prohibitions’ - I agree.  Enforcement of laws that are already on the books.
Your “papers please” argument doesn’t hold water, either.  Just how many ‘brown-skinned’, legal U.S. citizens do you know who don’t have some form of ID on their person?  The ‘illegal brown-skinned’
folks are the ones without papers.  Like the “voter ID” argument, you try to make it illegal to ask for citizenship legality, in an effort to make illegal immigration a not-unlawful act, and whether it was committed yesterday or five years ago - it’s still illegal.
As for “defense in depth”, as you term it - securing the border at the border, means you don’t have to do it forty miles away.  Those at the border moving NORTH are the ones to turn around.

what people and I reluctantly include Buffalo’d Bill Hussein in that, don’t know is that it isn’t just children that have been coming across our borders illegally. Also there is human trafficking, drugs (IE… Tunnels of recent news), and people that gee golly whiz just wanna be free! Having spent actual time living along that border I know for a fact that criminals, coyotes, gun runners, and numerous other felons run back and forth across the border regularly. Where does it end. I have a friend that is an ICE agent that sums it up like this. “I had a kid ride up to the border on his bike everyday”, “I asked him what he was doing, he said just visiting”. After a year he finally figured out the kid was stealing bikes and taking them north and selling them. Let the border patrol do their jobs! After awhile some of may get tired of foreign nations telling us how to run our lives, using our resources, and listening to the prattle of Sociopathic Socialist like the (0) in office and his lovely bride Bill. Mr. Bright

My subscription ends this month.

Mr. Bright, your dialogue is hostile and it is getting offensive. Please communicate in a more respectful manner. 

Frankly, your writings sound like they’re coming from a 15 year old school yard bully.

Sentinel readers deserve better.

Apologies Ann, due to the responses and personal attacks I have and my Wife have received from Bill Hugenburg I tend to inundate him with like in kind response. He seems to think he is capable of solving all our problems yet imposes the same failed plans that the liberals have for over 50 years that I know of. Are you a friend of Lawyer Hugenburg? He has called me far worse, impugned my moral character and verbally attacked my wife only because her name is on the top of the account, I always sign my responses. He is posted more than any other Letter writer, voices vile composites of half truths, and verbalizes glee for tearing our nation apart in order to rebuild his Socialistic view of society when his nothing more than a social parasite. Is that clearer and more concise for you. My Marine corps background sometimes takes me away in my opinions and I may have been derelict in my duty at times. When Bill Hugenburg attacks any conservative thinkings with his vile diatribe I should think you would be far more offended my occasional straying from friendly dissertation by use of improper diction. MR. Bright

You do have an “off” button do you not?

I see you a lot as well Jerry, almost as much as Buffalo’d bill. Good Morning to you too.Mr. Bright

I was talking to Ms Landman concerning the on and off switch. She is surely not the be all and end all here. I deserve better than her. You may see me here but no way in print as much as Hugenburg. I haven’t been in print in years.

noted I try to address individuals as well when warranted, Jerry as you comment came in the middle of others debate.Mr. Bright

Ms. Landman - You’re probably right to a degree.  ‘Hostile dialogue’ can be offensive - but this is the first time I have seen you comment on this page, although I did read a letter from you, printed not long ago.  I think I remember you from a few years back.  Something about a flag taken down by someone, from your property up on Glade Park, as I remember.  I don’t know what kind of a flag it was, but it evidently incensed someone enough to take it down.  There was lots of publicity at that time.  Seems the Sheriff was involved, as well as a lawyer representing you, and it seems to me, it came out during that time that you are a member of ‘Atheists and Free Thinkers’.  I don’t remember the lawyer’s name who represented you, Ms. Landman.  Care to share the reason’s for the flag’s removal, and the name of your lawyer?  It may lend some insight to lots of things.  You know - “The rest of the story”.

Mr. Bright:  Be nice - Thank you for your service to our country the Democrats are trying to waste, ... and Semper Fi!

Jerry Sanders:  Better renew - you’re going to miss out on all the fun, and we may need your help.

Mr. Bright:  I almost forgot!  While you’re being respectful and nice, don’t write like a “15-year-old school yard bully” as Ms. Landman says.

response to the Buffalo’d Bill like in kind. I am no bully but will not take Hugenburgs BS any longer, especially after his remarks upon my wife and she has never posted here. He has never been to the Mexican border that I’m aware and has no knowledge of the situation there, yet continues to quote rhetoric of an obvious ignorant ranting about it. I retired a short while back and for many years I bit my tongue as the work situation demanded it. Now, unchecked I may go off a bit from time to time, especially when threatened by the likes of the liberal loser for the Sentinel buffalo’d Bill Hugenburg. To constantly try to intimidate people with his rhetoric will not be tolerated on my watch. His support of the O in office is a constant reminder of the level of lost our education system and this state has fallen to. I grew up on the Western slope when it was a “common sense” place to live. I had many a personal Battle with the like of Pat Schroeder and others. Mr. Hugenburgs propensity to socialist teachings remind me a lot of her brand of politics. I think conservatives have been quiet long enough, this administrations failures are proof of that. Wake Up America! MR. Bright 15 year old enough for ya?

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