Email letters, August 17, 2011

DOW did great job with outdoor safety class

I would like to applaud the local Division of Wildlife along with the Mesa County Democrats who provided 25 middle- and high-school students the great opportunity to learn more about gun safety, outdoor survival and responsible hunting.

Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 145 were terrific to provide the facilities for the training. KKCO Channel 11 took the time to film and share it with the community and its young people.

I would love to also thank those students who took the training very seriously and gave up some of their last days of sleeping in to become trained. What a wonderful group of young people.

Although I had planned to only meet and greet the student participants the first day, I found the training to be so very valuable and informative that I stayed for two days along with the students. As an avid hiker, it was just terrific.

The young people of our community deserve our support — in their classrooms as well as outside of school. I know many of the Democratic volunteers this past weekend don’t have kids at home but join me in realizing how important it is for the community to support our students.

Grand Junction

Mt. Sopris should keep its name

I would like to comment on the attempt to add John Denver’s name to Mount Sopris. The comments by J.P. McDaniel about the opposition and in general the reasons for adding the name seem innocent. But, they are in the traditional flatlander way not considering what the people here want.

While John Denver may be liked, Mount Sopris is revered and respected. A friend from Aspen High lost his life on that mountain a very long time ago. I have climbed many of the fourteeners in the elk mountains. Mount Sopris has beat me back on two occasions.

The people here speak of the mountain as a lady and call her Sopie and she is a constant reminder to us that live here just how small we really are as we stand before the magnificent beauty of that creation. Generations before me who are long gone called her Sopie. My children and grandchildren call her Sopie I do not want that to change.

I liked John Denver. I grew up in Aspen before John Denver came. He did good things for Aspen, but so has a lot of other people. Three thousand supporters from the metro area may think it’s cute to just name a mountain on a whim. The people here have a different feeling when it comes to changing the names of our mountains they are family to us.

If there is so much support for a John Denver Peak, why not Green Mountain or Lookout mountain then everyone in future generations from Denver can look up and say, “That’s John Denver Mountain above the city named after him.”

J.P. McDaniel could go to Boulder next and change the name of the Flatirons to Larry, Mo and Curly to honor the Stooges. That would be just as fitting because Larry Fine was from the great city of Boulder and indeed already has a park named after him. The people of Boulder would not like that much because the flatirons define that area and the memories of those mountains should forever remain the same.

Glenwood Springs

Comics are a break from the mundane

I agree. Most of the comics in The Daily Sentinel are not appropriate.  Let’s see, we have “Blondie,” which is about a workplace slacker with an obvious eating disorder (we never really see what Dagwood does after his gluttonous binges, do we? How does he stay so slim?)
Then there’s “Born Loser,” a great role model for younger readers whose life consists of being continually berated by family, friends, children and boss. Reeeeal funny.
Out with “Dilbert,” too.  There we have corporate humor where cynical employees and a dim-witted boss are controlled by sociopathic dogs and cats.
And do we really want our children reading “Zits,” about a sullen, disrespectful teenager whose mission in life is emotionally tormenting his parents?
And dare I go on about the self-absorbed feline, “Garfield,” the ancient, bickering couple in “Pickles” and that violent hillbilly “Mark Trail” (is it me, or is he just not funny)?
Seriously, though and with all due respect to letter writer Larry Head of Hotchkiss, I laugh at “Pearls Before Swine” and “Get Fuzzy.”  I know a lot of folks who also find “Pearls” and “Fuzzy” funny.  I don’t know if it’s a majority.  I just know some do.
The comic’s page presentation of life over-the-top is meant to give us a break from the mediocrity of life. Set me in front of three egg-head lawyers discussing case law and I’m bored. Give them a collective I.Q. of 50, have them resolve problems by slapping and eye-gouging one another, call them The Three Stooges and I’m in stitches.
I suppose comedy is a matter of perspective.  If I slip and fall, that’s a tragedy.  If I see someone else slips and falls, that’s comedy.  But if you can’t read the comics page (and, yes, that includes “Doonsbury”) without being incensed, then maybe you’re wound up a bit too tight.
Grand Junction

House of Representatives is the real wet blanket

Letter writer Dave Kearsley would have us believe that there is a wet blanket keeping us from wealth, health and happiness. Regulations play a big part of his complaint. I also resent a lot of regulations. But they don’t exist in a vacuum. They are the result of some within our citizenry that don’t use their good sense in their actions, or worse, don’t care about harming their fellow citizens. As always, the minority with their irresponsible actions cause us all to have to live with laws and regulations designed to keep the irresponsible in check. It’s the price we pay for civilization. It would be nice if we could always rely on trust. In an impersonal world who do we trust to do the right thing?
Kearsley also thinks that a wet blanket is also the cause, apparently, of the near-depression we are suffering and somehow the president can get us out of it. For those paying attention they realize that customer demand due to too many financially strapped people is at the root of our recession and joblessness. Can the president mandate that those who have the capability to buy do so immediately? Does Kearsley seriously believe that anything other than additional government spending will correct the situation? Spending is what the economy is all about. If citizens can’t, who can? Business men? Expand and hire people to make what? Who will buy it? For sure further de-regulation won’t do it.
No, the wet blanket hindering progress is the House of Representatives who want to drastically cut expenditures, borrow no more and not raise taxes? Apparently Kearsley’s wet blanket is also you and I not getting out there and spending more. The government can’t and won’t. Personally I’m insulted by his implication. How about you? Still more voodoo economics.
Grand Junction

Job-creation package is a loser

All bets are on. Obama’s new job creation will be a 1-plus trillion stimulus package, (which will never pass), increasing the unemployment payments for 26 plus weeks. What a loser.

Unemployment? Simple solution — base unemployment on the minimum wage scale. You will be paid minimum wage times 36 hours. Within 6 months unemployment will drop by 50 percent. Help wanted signs will disappear. The average unemployment check per week is over twice the average monthly retirement check. Does anyone see the disparity in this?



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