Email letters, August 19, 2014

Government handouts to blame for problems in Ferguson and country

So, who’s to blame for what’s happening in Ferguson? I blame the government. Because we took the “hand out” approach instead of offering “hand up” help beginning with FDR’s New Deal, we now have four generations of inner city Americans that are totally dependent on the government.

With free housing, free food, free medical care, free phones, etc. what possible motivation do they have to provide for themselves? Many have supplemented their income with illegal activities and have a blatant disregard for authority. While many more African-Americans ( I hate the fact that we hyphenate “Americans”) are seeing the bigger picture and speaking out, there remains a strong culture that will use any excuse to riot, loot, and destroy private property. I would wager a fair amount that none of the looters are business owners (or at least legitimate business owners) or likely any that work for the businesses.

No doubt there are some overzealous police officers but I can’t imagine any that would shoot a perpetrator for obeying what they are being told to do. With the inherited disregard for authority and the push by prominent black men (they are not Americans in my mind or they would be trying to fix the problems instead of making a living by perpetuating them), they really don’t see any future other than the cycle they are in.

While actually being oppressed by the very government they vote for they are told, and believe, that they are still slaves to the white man.

Government created this problem and government needs to solve it. However, as long as Democrats are “buying” votes with handouts, I don’t see a change unless conservatives can learn to play give and take within their own party and speak with one voice. As long as old school Republicans, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, and Evangelicals continue to clash publicly, they will never be able to provide for a much needed pendulum swing back to conservative values.


Grand Junction

Government employees not exempt from laws

This is a gentle reminder to government employees, including all elected, politically appointed, hired bureaucrats, law enforcement officers, and all other government employees:

We, as in the citizens of the United States of America, live in a nation of laws.

We, the people, do not have the option to pick and choose which laws we think we want to obey, and those we desire to not obey. Neither do employees of our government.

Elected and appointed, and hired, workers at any level of government are not exempt from this fact of life.

Immigration laws are not exempt.

And refusal to enforce is not an option.


WATER Club and others deserve thanks for Colorado River cleanup

This community owes a giant thank you to The Western Association to Enjoy Rivers for once again doing a tremendous job of cleaning up the Colorado River corridor. Starting from the Corn Lake boat ramp and going all the way to Loma, the WATER Club, with over 45 volunteers, managed to pull 16 old tires and over 17 cubic yards of trash from our water way. That is serious cleanup that took a lot of effort and got a lot of people dirty.

Thanks are also due to City of Grand Junction, the Town of Fruita, and Mesa County for providing dumpsters and waving landfill dump fees. Without local government participation to dispose of the tires and trash, this cleanup would be ineffective instead of a huge success.

Thanks also to the BLM for their participation, to AMEC for providing an excellent BBQ for the volunteers, and to the 5-2-1 Drainage Authority for once again donating great tee shirts. Thanks to REI, Legacy Coffee, Cabela’s, and the Edgewater brewery for the door prizes that were given away at the post cleanup barbeque.

The biggest thank you is due to Bob Richardson, a long time WATER Club member, who has put in the hours and the effort year after year to secure the cooperation and participation of all the organizations mentioned above.

So enjoy your next float through town, and let’s keep tires and trash out of the river.

Grand Junction

Penry’s ‘war on women’ piece misleading

I am writing to address the opinion piece by Josh Penry in the August 1 issue titled, “The phony war on women.”

Penry attacks every Democratic candidate he can think of, but clearly the title of his piece is misleading, because he says nothing about women, women’s rights or war.

Women in our country continue to make much less for the same job as men. There are laws being proposed and many have passed in our country limiting a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. The major source of resistance to equal pay for women and the sponsors of the reproductive freedom laws, are older white men in the Republican party.

Do you think that Penry knows this?? I hope the women in our country know it and will take it into consideration when casting their votes this fall.

Lake City

District 51’s new calendar a step in the right direction

David Shrum and others are off base in their criticism of District 51’s new calendar. Shrum feels we need to continue doing the same thing we have be doing for 200 years, even though he is not happy with the results and is ignoring that our world has changed. He feels that District 51 is solely responsible for students having to take remedial classes in college, yet he does not want the District to change. He fails to look at other facts, like many students taking those classes are from home school, private schools or difficult home situations; and more children are going to college than ever before.

Secondly, it is well known and based on years of research (and common sense) that when someone stops learn or practicing something for an extended time (like 12 weeks under the old calendar) they lose some of that knowledge and have to spend time relearning. Shrum feels that is incorrect and that children will lose the same knowledge during a one or two week break.

Caprock Academy School has had a similar schedule (actually starting even earlier) and their testing results have been very good. There is a waiting list to get in.

Gone are the old summer jobs for children. Now, most jobs available have schedules that can accommodate high school schedules. Vacations for families never were eight weeks (the amount of time they have off on the new schedule).

Most parents cannot take more than one or two weeks for a vacation at any time. Day care costs under the new calendar should be the same since not one new day was added (which would be a big help in improving learning).

Most teachers do not work summers, and all colleges now accommodate teachers by adjusting schedules or offering classes on line.

Regarding sport and band camps; is it the job of District 51 to accommodate those? I am sure that the people running these camps will find a way, since most operate to make a profit (free market).

District 51 must continue to focus on the main thing: educating children. Only in America are sports, music, dances and other things a part of the school culture. If that is what we want, that is a discussion for another time. In the meantime District 51 must find ways to improve learning for all children. People need to face the facts and find solutions. I, for one, applaud District 51, the administrators, and teachers for moving forward

Grand Junction

Udall a key enabler of Obama’s progressive agenda

At some point the evidence piles up and becomes hard to deny. President Obama’s true agenda and the results are now becoming clear to a solid majority of Americans.

In foreign relations we are seeing the cost of getting all our troops out of Iraq without leaving a presence to secure the peace. Putin saw pushing the restart button with Russia as weakness. The results in just these two examples are genocide in Iraq and what may be the beginning of a new cold war.

In the domestic arena Obama has maxed out our “China credit card.” The economy struggles under an avalanche of regulations. Obamacare tops the list of costly programs that limit our personal freedom. The EPA swings an economic wrecking ball. Obama’s abuse of executive power scares even liberal constitutional scholars, like Jonathan Turley. I could go on as it is quite a pile.

This is my opinion and if you are a progressive, you will see it differently. That’s a valid debate.

However, if you are Sen. Udall, you don’t get to deny that you have been a key enabler of Obama and his progressive agenda. That includes being anti-coal and anti-natural gas. Udall will deny it, but the best evidence is the campaign funding he receives from the anti-coal and anti-gas environmentalists. Hollywood progressives are another great source for him. If you like the results, Udall is your guy.


Enough is enough of Tipton’s fear mongering and falsehoods

Kudos to Gary Harmon (“Tipton calls for security of borders”) for chronicling “Tea Party” Congressman Scott Tipton’s resort to fear mongering and falsehoods in Fruita.

Tipton admitted that “our current immigration system is broken,” but failed to define what he means by “security of borders” or explain why the $43 billion and doubling of the Border Patrol passed by the Senate on June 27, 2013, in the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act” (S.744) is insufficient – much less why the House refuses to vote on it.

Instead, Tipton disingenuously claimed that “the House has passed a measure calling for the children to be reunited with their families in their home countries,” when – in fact – on August 1, 2014, Tipton voted for H.R. 5272, which would accelerate the deportation of thousands of non-Mexican unaccompanied minor refugees (many of whose relatives are already here) and 700,000 “Dreamers” (whose only “home country” is the U.S.).

Tipton demonstrated his utter lack of political courage by endorsing George Mollick’s preposterous tripe that “President Obama is committing murder by allowing the U.S. to be overrun by illegal immigrants” – when Tipton knows full-well that Congress (not the President) bears the primary Constitutional responsibility for “securing our borders.”

Moreover, Tipton’s all-too-familiar anti-government pandering still relies on the proven falsehood that “federal regulations are costing businesses $1.6 trillion annually,” an assertion authoritatively debunked in 2012 in “The $1.75 Trillion Lie”.

Tipton also failed to explain why he voted for H.R. 2667 on July 17, 2013 – authorizing delay of the ACA’s “employer mandate”, then voted for H.Res. 694 on July 30, 2014 – authorizing Speaker Boehner to sue the President for delaying the “employer mandate.”

On October 1, 2013, Tipton voted for H.J. Res. 59 – which precipitated the “government shutdown” and cost our economy $28 billion. Enough is enough.

Grand Junction

Obama should have taken time to attend general’s funeral

Our Commander in Chief can’t take time out of his vacation to attend the funeral of a two star general who gave his life in the line of duty but has no problem cutting it short to attend a high level political strategy meeting.

How can anyone have any respect for this man when he doesn’t even respect his own generals?

Grand Junction

Readers should be wary of health care reporting

One has to wonder what to believe about the cost of health care as reported in The Daily Sentinel. Indeed, believing any of it could be a gross mistake. I’m referring to Greg Ruland’s piece, “A pain in the wallet” on Sunday.

In the not too distant past we were told, in the Sentinel, that Mesa County health care was so efficient and cost effective that it was a model that people came from afar to study and emulate. It was supposed to provide some ideas for the laughingly titled Affordable Care Act. Now, Ruland reports that Mesa County residents pay more for health care than do people in 41 of Colorado’s 64 counties.

To further strain credulity, Ruland tries to tie population and lower competition as reasons for the differing cost of health care. As proof, Ruland cites Jackson County (Colorado’s 4th least populated county) as being the most expensive county at $6,993 per privately insured person per year and Saguache County as the least expensive at $1,989 per privately insured person per year.

When the two counties are compared by population density it is revealed that there is only one person per square mile difference in the two. Apparently, Ruland would have us believe a difference of one person per square mile can make a heck of a difference in health care costs. That is utter nonsense.

The take away from all of this is that readers need to beware of the reportage on health care. And, it’s safe to say that The Daily Sentinel is in good company with other news sources. None of them are believable.

Grand Junction


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Say Henry. “Reproductive freedom” is not health care. Laws be damned. She makes that choice of “freedom” whenever she takes her clothes off.

Another day of Hugengurg. Sentinel seriously consider a name change. I recommend MSNBC Print Edition.

hussein attend the Generals funeral? You must be kidding.

Hugenburg your eloquence in citing Tipton’s voting record is very good. However my memory is of you defending to the death (0) care. Remember? Tell us again about Udall and the democraps selling us a bill of goods. How about Udall VOTING TO GIVE UNITED STATES GUN RIGHTS TO THE UNITED NATIONS. Please tell us why the democrap controlled house, senate and square office didn’t fix immigration, sequester and on and on in 2009-2010. Please tell us why the democraps had time to “pass it so we can see what’s in it” and yet could/would not help us out in so many other areas?

Enough is enough. You as well as the democraps.

And Mr Kolbenschlag EXACTLY how is your comment connected here? Pres GW BUSH? He has been in Crawford painting and supporting our troops for 6 years. Keeping his mouth shut about the (0)occupying the American peoples house but locking it to visitors. Oops he is never in there. Find him on a golf course somewhere.

Perpetual Republican apologist Dave Kearsley is at it again – spinning a string of world events into an incoherent partisan narrative that oversimplifies the complexities we face.

Thus, “at some point the evidence builds up and becomes hard to deny”.  Republicans’ “true agenda and the results are now becoming clear to a solid majority of Americans” – having made a mess of our economy and the Middle East and obstructed President Obama since January 2009, they “etch-a-sketch” history and blame it all on Obama.

“In foreign relations”, for example, “we are seeing the cost of” George Bush’s misguided invasion of Iraq, of his failure to adequately fund the VA, and of his inability to negotiate a “status of forces” agreement before bequeathing his mess to President Obama.

Given the obvious political dysfunction perpetrated by GOP obstructionism and the “Tea Party’s” ideological disdain for governance and ignorant disregard for sound fiscal policy (including adequate revenues), “Putin [rightly] saw pushing the restart as [self-inflicted] weakness” – wherein extreme partisanship undermines both our military and economy.

“The results in just these two examples [of Republican policies] are genocide in Iraq and what may be the beginning of a new cold war”.  Fortunately, in contrast to Bush/Cheney and the NeoCon “hawks”, Obama/Biden are determined to “not do stupid stuff” again.

Meanwhile, “in the domestic arena”, Bush “maxed out our ‘China credit card’” by twice cutting taxes while fighting two wars and enacting Medicare Part D entirely on credit, then bequeathing President Obama the largest national debt and annual budget deficit in history (not to mention the financial crisis and a near-Depression).

Nevertheless, despite Republican obstructionism, the economy has gradually recovered, annual deficits have been cut, and Kearsley no longer proclaims that “the sky is falling”.

Likewise, the ACA “tops the list of” the most successful health insurance reforms in our history – already benefiting at least 24 million Americans.

The EPA protects our water and air quality, even though “fracking” remains exempted from adequate regulation.  President Obama’s purported “abuse of executive power” is yet to be litigated – and the Constitutional remedy is impeachment.  Bring it on!

Indeed, Senator Udall would never deny that he has been a proud supporter of President Obama’s domestic policies, a dogged critic of the NSA’s vestigial surveillance programs, and a determined advocate and protector of women’s right to control their own bodies.

Consequently, Senator Udall’s campaign contributors include thousands of individual donors who oppose polluters and extremist ideologues – like his opponent Cory Gardner.

Senator Udall gets the results clear-thinking Coloradans appreciate. “Udall is their guy”.

Do you listen to yourself Hussein Hugenburg? The middle east crisis was solved by Slick Willie and the (0) of office currently, didn’t you hear? that’s why we could withdraw all those nasty troops and use the money of (0) bamacare? Let’s raise the minimum wage to $100 and hour and use those tax dollars for more boondoggle programs of salvation from the left-ists. I don’t recall you and your kind ever NOT blaming previous administrations for anything or taking credit for the downgrading of economic ratings, highest debt level in history, or any other “mis-spoke commentary” from this administration. When do you leave for the middle east to solve their crisis? as you have the southern border crisis? Mr. Bright

Will you Democrats EVER own hussein? How bout Benghazi IRS FAST AND FURIOUS IMMIGRATION PEN AND PHONE BOMBED husseincare HHS Sequester. Facts my friend.

Tell em like it is Mr Bright. I am on your 6.

the supreme court, IRS, DOJ, Treasury Dept, all weaponized against citizens, unconstitutional executive orders up the ying-yang, violation of the war powers act, shovel ready jobs shoveling BS?, devaluation of the dollar thru credit ratings being dropped,
$650 million wasted on a website? over $700 billion in stimulus unaccounted for, secret amnesty programs for illegal with records, closing of NASA, cancelled national day of prayer and say we are no longer a Christian nation, war on the NRA, threatened insurance agencies if they talked of reasons for increases in policies, firs president to abrogate bankruptcy laws to turn over control of companies to labor unions, filing of lawsuits against states and supported a foreign country over his own country, $102k a year for a dog trainer?, vacations and private trips on the tax payer dollar, 22 personal servants for Michelle on our dollar, the president repeated the Holy Quran and tells us the call to prayer is the most beautiful sound on earth??? and my personal favorite, Told the troops of this nation they should have to pay for their healthcare benefits because they “volunteered” for their service to this nation. Wake Up America, of which Hussein Hugenburg no longer is a member apparently. Mr. Bright/ Semper Fi Jerry

DO NOT expect the zero hussein pundits to answer up. All they do is blame President W rather than try to explain (0). They sure as he’ll try to blame everyone else as if (0)) could be so great. Remember Udall and the rest? Let’s pass it so we can see what is in it. Well we have seen what bs they can produce. Rather than blaming everyone else why not tell me how grand (0) Reid Clinton Kerry Lerner holder Udall and the rest are?

Mr. Sanders, women’s reproductive health and freedom are, in fact, synonymous with healthcare.

To obtain the most effective forms of contraception, a woman must visit her doctor and obtain a prescription. Spacing babies too close together poses serious health risks for both for mother and child. For the mother, these include problems with the integrity of the placenta. For babies, spacing too close together can lead to preterm birth, low birth weight and can increase the risk of autism in the second-born child. Pregnancy and breast feeing can deplete a woman’s stores of essential nutrients. I once worked with a 35 year old woman who, after having given birth to five children, had to wear full dentures. She had lost all of her teeth due to calcium deficiency from having too many children too close together. Her body pulled calcium for the babies out of her teeth.

Every year, 47,000 women die worldwide from medical complications of unsafe abortions. The only thing that is known to conclusively decrease the abortion rate is ease of access to effective, reliable methods of contraception, which again requires a doctor’s prescription. Restricting access to abortion does not lower abortion rates. It just endangers women’s health.

A woman’s failure to utilize formal, medical health care for both pregnancy and efforts to avoid pregnancy can result in unplanned pregnancies, a decline in her socio-economic advantage, interruption of her formal education, lower wages over her lifetime, and many other problems. 

I think you should take back your repugnant and ignorant comment that women make a choice of reproductive “freedom” whenever they take their clothes off.

OH B*. Keep your clothes on. Easy. Do NOT need tax dollars subsidizing lack of personal restraint and responsibility. Bout time to quit government handouts for pissed poor performance.

Ms. Landman attitudes such as yours are the reason moral decay has created so many single parent families. You are free to have your choices, are you going to pay for my choices that concern my body or anything else for that matter?
Mr. Bright

I am on your 7. Be home soon. Wonder if Ms Landman is glad her parents did NOT ABORT her liberals ass??

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