Email letters, August 20, 2014

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the supreme court, IRS, DOJ, Treasury Dept, all weaponized against citizens, unconstitutional executive orders up the ying-yang, violation of the war powers act, shovel ready jobs shoveling BS?, devaluation of the dollar thru credit ratings being dropped,
$650 million wasted on a website? over $700 billion in stimulus unaccounted for, secret amnesty programs for illegal with records, closing of NASA, cancelled national day of prayer and say we are no longer a Christian nation, war on the NRA, threatened insurance agencies if they talked of reasons for increases in policies, firs president to abrogate bankruptcy laws to turn over control of companies to labor unions, filing of lawsuits against states and supported a foreign country over his own country, $102k a year for a dog trainer?, vacations and private trips on the tax payer dollar, 22 personal servants for Michelle on our dollar, the president repeated the Holy Quran and tells us the call to prayer is the most beautiful sound on earth??? and my personal favorite, Told the troops of this nation they should have to pay for their healthcare benefits because they “volunteered” for their service to this nation. Wake Up America, of which Hussein Hugenburg no longer is a member apparently. Mr. Bright, Recycled from yesterday just Hussein Hugenburgs drivel. Vote for a lockstep liberal and get more of the same, yup definition of stupidity

Obama did not say we are ‘no longer a Christian nation.’  He said we are a nation of all faiths, which is—in fact—how our national government was set up, and is—in fact—what Freedom of Religion entails.  I know you have strong opinions but they would go further, beyond the little Tea party echo chamber and Mesa County bubble, if they were based on real fact.

As I was listening to a news program last night, I watched in horror as Barack Obama made the statement with pride…‘we are no longer a Christian nation; we are now a Nation of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, .... a short time later he was quoted as saying, “the sweetest sound I know is the call to prayer in the morning”. ...Mr. Bright

unfortunately Peter you pigeon hole people in the Tea Party without knowing who they really are or what they are about. Moderates ARE the problem along with Liberal bias and the current chest beating by the Left because they are in the majority for now. I have seen this for many years. I suppose it’s wrong to judge some one by their actions and statements when they depict socialist policy and act outside the letter of the law.? Mr. Bright

Mr. Goffin, You have listed some things that are very true and point out how politics have been working here in “Happy Valley” but you somehow missed the part that is played by the Democrat Party here too. The things you mentioned in your letter are all being done with the cooperation and planning of the upper echelon of both parties.

Maybe you haven’t noticed how many times someone with a (D) behind their name suddenly switches parties so the can have an (R) there just in time for the next election so they can run. Do you really think that is an accident or that they all suddenly decided they really weren’t democrats after all? The D. A. and the Coroner both come to mind and there have been many more in the past.

You don’t suppose it is all planned at the highest levels of both parties working together do you? Voting for either party will keep the same players in power.

Vote for only those who are not beholden to any party. Mike Harlow, Benita Phillips, and Steve Henderson are just three of ones who will serve you, not the party.

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