Email letters, August 21, 2014

State’s decision to buy heat sensors irrational

Has the state of Colorado completely lost its mind? Two aircraft equipped with heat sensors for fighting wildfire at a cost of 9.5 million and 2.5 million dollars yearly upkeep?

I fought wildfires for over 20 years and never had to have heat sensors to find one. This has got to be one of the biggest wastes of money I have ever heard of.

Maybe an air tanker or something that can be of use would make more sense. Oh, I forgot, I’m talking about government. Nothing going on here folks; just keep walking.


Someone has to win or everybody loses

The reason there is so much political strife and disagreement in our country today is that we have two separate ideologies, with distinctly different expectations, churning among our people. The statists who believe in a large, centrally controlling and wealth redistributing government and the constitutionalists who believe in very limited government and great individual freedom and liberty.

These two philosophies have little room for real compromise on such basic principles as liberty, economics, sanctity of life, religious freedom, personal responsibility, individual ownership of weapons, and a range of others even to the limits of free speech. Unfortunately, the progressive/statists have won the majority of the compromises over the past five decades as the legislatures and courts have frequently abandoned our Constitution in favor of the Progressive agenda of following current mores. This has left us as a centralized Socialist country with little real power at the individual state level, which, ironically, established the federal government in the first place.

Compromise has left us with a hybrid country that satisfies neither the needs nor desires of the statists nor the constitutionalists. Compromise has failed us and has often given us leaders with little or no guiding principles, unable to determine a consensus direction for our country, resulting in faulty leadership based on their personal agendas. Our guiding light, our Constitution, is forgotten and we have become a nation bankrupt both morally and financially.

For our country to move forward again one philosophy must intellectually defeat the other, convincing a significant majority that their agenda is the right one for the future success of our nation. Neither side has yet accomplished this. Historically, Progressivism leads to national failure as it has no permanent vision or guiding principles and eventually consumes itself. As a Constitutional Conservative I vote with the Constitutionalists as the only way to recapture our national spirit, “With liberty and justice for all.”


Gardner’s disavowals of his record prove he is not fit to represent Colorado

To reinforce “Tea Party” extremist Republican Cory Gardner’s efforts to “run away” from his own sordid record on women’s reproductive rights, Gardner’s supporters accuse incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Udall of waging a “war on women.”

While Sen. Udall remains confident that Colorado women cannot be flim-flamed by such audacious distortions of his record, the facts are that he has consistently supported – while Gardner has consistently opposed – reproductive freedom for Colorado women.

State legislator Gardner voted for laws that would jail abortion providers and force rape and incest victims to carry pregnancies to term, opposed Medicaid funding for emergency contraception, and backed the infamous “personhood” ballot measures that would make a fertilized egg a legal person and ban both all abortions and many forms of birth control – depriving Colorado’s women of their Constitutional right to make their own reproductive decisions.

As a Congressman, Gardner introduced similar “personhood” legislation in the House, but now claims that he did not understand the repercussions of his own bill for Colorado women.

Gardner has also voted for every iteration of the GOP’s extreme “Ryan Budget” – which would privatize Social Security (of which 55% of adult recipients are women), “end Medicare as we know it” (of which 57% of Colorado recipients are women), and “block grant” Medicaid funding to the states (in which 58% of Colorado enrollees are women).

Meanwhile, Gardner voted 50+ times to repeal and/or defund the Affordable Care Act – which now benefits some 24 million Americans, including at least 300,000 Coloradans (of whom 52% are women) – thereby threatening the security of Colorado families by exposing them to potentially devastating health care costs.

In sum, Gardner’s weasel-worded disavowals of his own record and conveniently hasty retreat from his own legislative proposals confirm that he is not fit to represent Colorado in the Senate.

Grand Junction


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Mr. Thomas: It’s a way of subsidizing real estate developers who build where they shouldn’t. Rational analysis doesn’t apply.

yay Gardner, listen to Ryan as he knows what he is talking about and Buffalo’d Bill doesn’t. Hussein Hugenburg the candidate that supports infanticide, atta boy Buff, you go girl, support the party of lies and deception. Get out there and spend your great grand children’s country down the socialist river of lies. Mr. Bright

I do hope that Buffalo’d bill continues to harp on the fact that Gardner voted 50+ times against the ACA and for Ryan Budget cuts and his false war on Women. Those alone should get him elected if anybody has done their research and seen the truth of the matter.
Mr. Bright

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