Email Letters: August 23, 2017

Money would be in good hands with Haptonstall

The taxpayers’ dollars would be in good hands at District 51 with Dr. Haptonstall leading the spending. As a former employee of Garfield 16, many noticeable capital improvements were made while Dr. Haptonstall was the superintendent. Buildings were constructed, buses were purchased, and the appearance of the exterior grounds was improved. Additionally, the money needed for necessary professional development that supported the mission and vision of the district was secured. As a result, Garfield 16 underwent a transformation that was greatly needed in a small community because the taxpayer’s dollar was carefully managed. The money was used to improve student achievement and the overall well-being of the district.


It’s unbelievable that Christians continue to stand with Trump

I agree with Dan Ford’s letters to the editor seen in your newspaper Aug. 22. How anyone who identifies him or herself with Christianity can stand with a president whose every word or deed smacks of anti-Christian immorality leaves me stunned in disbelief.

Grand Junction

Give God the glory for such events as the recent eclipse

I read many articles on the eclipse that happened on Aug. 21, including some in The Daily Sentinel. What I did not see is that anyone gave glory to the God of the universe! Why? These eclipses that occur are not produced by some random chance. No, they are set in motion by the very God that said, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis Chapter 1, verse 1. The heavens and earth were created with art, order and design in mind, for us to enjoy and have dominion over.

Kepler knew this, so did Galileo. God blessed these men to be able to show us the science behind the Creator’s handiwork, not some cosmic evolutionary accident or happenstance. We use Kepler’s math to determine these things using advanced software today to look into the past and future of the placement of these events. So, give God the glory for such events and open your eyes to the wonders made by the works of thy hands, that is God.


Grand Junction

‘Conservative’ extremists still seek to rewrite history

Kudos to Dan Ford and Timothy King for exposing – and courageously repudiating – the spurious “religious” underpinnings of contemporary racism. Would that men and women of good conscience (especially Republicans) across our nation embrace their sentiments in response to the ongoing debate over Confederate statuary.

Unfortunately, for some self-anointed evangelical “leaders” (and local apologists), it is apparently not enough that unabashed White Supremacists, cross-burning KKKers, and swastikaed neo-Nazis felt compelled to defend those statues (and the “Confederate flag”) and committed vehicular homicide in Charlottesville. Instead, they continue to embrace the false equivalencies spouted by our “racist-in-chief” and parrot his lame excuses.

For example, in his Sunday letter, Mesa’s Dave Kearsley sophomorically claimed that “It is extremists of any stripe who think that rewriting history is a good thing,” when the statuary itself was part of a seditious campaign to rewrite the history of the Civil War and to obfuscate the sordid history of slavery and the wave of lynchings, church burnings, and Jim Crow apartheid that followed the end of Reconstruction in the defeated South.

Closely related is the myth perpetrated by some that the Civil War was never about slavery at all – but rather about “states rights,” economics, and/or “preserving a way of life.” Thus, after release of the movie “Birth of a Nation” in 1915, the “United Daughters of the Confederacy” sponsored erection of monuments as far north as Helena, Montana (removed last Friday) – insisting that their ancestors had fought nobly for “states’ rights.”

However, the Proclamations of Secession promulgated by each of the Confederate states confirm that their primary reason for rebellion was the imperative to defend and extend slavery in the face of newly-elected Preident Lincoln’s purported intent to abolish it. While white Southern politicians (who became military officers) certainly fought and died for their States’ right to “preserve their way of life” – based as it was on the perverted economics of slavery – most of the ordinary soldiers who died for them were not slave-owners, but “only pawns in thar game.”

In fact, Lincoln was not an abolitionist, avoided the issue of slavery in order to preserve the loyalty of border states, and pursued his Constitutional duty to “preserve the Union” in the face of racist insurrection.


Grand Junction

Keep Wagner’s column and You Said It in the paper

Reading my paper today I noticed a letter that attacked two of my faves, so I feel the need to respond. A Martie Edwards wants “You Said It” and Mr. Rick Wagner’s columns removed. I vote no.

Edwards said both were nasty. I don’t agree. Mr. Wagner handles his column just fine.


Grand Junction

Tearing down statues is not going to change history

So, Kitty Nicholason, apparently you don’t know the difference between World War II and the Civil Wear. Judith Chapin was talking about the statues of the Civil War. Hitler wasn’t even born yet. This is history of the United States. The Holocaust Museum in New York has all sorts of Nazi references. Are you against that? That’s World War II history. I’ve been to Germany and found no statues of Hitler. I don’t think one person in this country would approve of a Hitler statue. I, too, feel we should keep our history. Tearing down statues is not going to change history. Chapin did not support or say she supported a Hitler statue at the roundabout in Fruita. Your comments were a little hateful.

Grand Junction


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Ms. Patton, nice to “see” you again. 
Isn’t it remarkable that we’ve suddenly gone from Russia Russia Russia to everyone who disagrees with the Left being Nazis.  I can hardly wait to see what they come up with next.
Your questions about Soros funded “Barry’s Antifa” are good.  I have another one.  What happened to all the guns and ammo purchased during the Obama administration?  Do “we the people still own them” or have they gone to “Barry’s Civilian Army just as well equipped as the military?”  Two Left-wing groups were sporting AR-15s in Phoenix—-Redneck Militia and John Brown’s group. 
And just for fun here’s a parody video of “Antifa’s Pepper Balls” in the hospital.

Mr. Meyers, thanks, I got a laugh out of the video. Things are going to get very interesting so get yourself a very large tub of popcorn, sit back and watch the show. I for one am not going to waste my time or raise my BP with the DS junk yard dogs.

Ms. Patton

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