Email Letters: August 24, 2017

Trump should not influence one’s belief in Christ

Regarding Dan Ford’s recent letter to the editor: I can’t help but wonder what “church” he belonged to and subsequently left due to President Trump. The original/Scripture meaning of church is not a building but a group of believers in their risen savior, Jesus Christ. Later, some “adjusted” the meaning to mean a building, but even then, the purpose of this building was still to worship a risen savior, Jesus. Over the years the word/world has become polluted, to say the least.

All of the things he lists, as his reasons for criticizing “the church” are man-made issues not related to the true church at all, and as such are no reason whatsoever to leave the church, unless it is not truly a “church” after all.

To subscribe that President Trump or any other human being has any influence over the church or one’s beliefs in such, is to admit to never have been a true believe in our risen savior, Jesus Christ at all. Many call themselves churches and many call themselves “Christians” but there is only one true meaning – a faithful follower of Jesus Christ – born, crucified, dead, buried (for the world’s sins) and arisen to take His rightful place next our the Father in Heaven. Amen.


We can demand investments in generation of renewable energy

We are very lucky to have grassroots organizations like Western Colorado Congress who research and advocate for citizen interests, as we live in a political environment whereby our elected representatives are often in debt to oil and gas development due to their financial donations and consequently are more likely to act in their interests.

The Fram Whitewater oil development project is a good example of how Western Colorado Congress has been looking out for our health, safety and economic interests. It isn’t a matter of just objecting to the risk that oil and gas development in our pristine water basin presents, it is equally reasoned that we have other options for energy development. We can demand investments in the generation of energy with wind, sun, and water.

Do we choose to donate to the profits of oil and gas risking other economic interests like agriculture and our children’s future, or do we use our natural resources through the BLM to generate clean energy through wind, water and sun? I know oil and gas development makes every attempt to be responsible, but accidents happen. Let’s get with the greener times.

Grand Junction

North Avenue name change should have been put to vote

I would like to throw my two cents into the ring on the North Avenue name change. I think this should be a vote item. Why shouldn’t the people vote on this issue? I don’t like being told that this is how it’s going to be. The City Council is not good at priorities. And they need to ask and not
tell the people what will be. Change 12th Street to University Parkway and leave North Avenue.


NFL players should consider being members of local service clubs

For those NFL football players that want to take a knee during our national anthem, I suggest that, since you are highly educated college graduates, you can better serve your communities by being a member of a local service club such as Lions, Elks, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc. Those members give back to the community and provide great benefits. Since you have off season time and discretionary funds available you have the potential to make a difference. I say taking a knee during our national anthem by you is complete “B.S.”


Try different options to slow the damage caused from extended sitting

The most dangerous thing you will do today is to sit down – in fact, your chair is killing you.

Research has linked sitting for more than two hours a day with a nearly 50 percent-increased risk of death from any cause, and about a 125 percent increased risk of heart attack. But sitting for long periods of time is associated with a number of health concerns, including obesity, metabolic syndrome, cancer and mental illness.

Sitting in front of a television, behind a desk at work or behind the wheel of a vehicle are all equally harmful. The organs and spine are unnaturally compressed, contorted and strained. Muscles degenerate, and blood flow is slowed – or even stopped.

Fortunately, there are ways to slow or even reverse the damage from extended sitting.

One solution is less sitting, or interrupted sitting. Try standing or kneeling rather than sitting. Stand when on the phone or eating lunch, or use a standing or kneeling desk at work. Use a small cup so you have to get up frequently to refill it. Get up, move and stretch as often as you can, even every half-hour.

Make sure to get at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week, whether at the gym or through stair climbing at work. Even most forms of housework can result in a moderate work out. Or hike your favorite trail.

Another great option is to try yoga. Poses such as the snake, cat, cow, half-moon and others can even reverse the damage from extended sitting.

Grand Junction

NFL players protesting by kneeling is disrespectful to U.S. soldiers

I’m truly depressed about those spoiled NFL football players who take a knee to protest during our National Anthem, while there are thousands of U.S. soldiers missing their legs for those turds’ freedoms. Those guys don’t even know what the protest is. It’s shameful and I am very disappointed in the people who tolerate this type of disrespect to our soldiers and country.



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Ms. Anderson,  Excellent analysis passionately expressed.

Mr. Martindale,

You are concerned about the insult to veterans by athletes expressing their opinion in a non-violent manner. How do you suppose the diminishing number of WWII vets feel about people marching down the street waving Nazi flags and chanting Nazi slogans? Is a few football players kneeling during ther anthem really more important?

Ms. Anderson, what a lot of gobbedly-gook to cover up the fact that some ardent believers and church-goers claim to be Christians but, nevertheless, support Trump. He is one of the most anti-Christian individuals on the face of the earth. He will do anything and say anything that comes into his head, all to enhance his overblown ego and financial concerns. If you are a genuine Christian you do not support others that go through life not caring about anything other than themself and actually harming the well-being of others. Are you blind?

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