Email Letters: August 28, 2017

Walcher column filled with falsehoods, distortions and questionable conclusions

Regarding the column, “Hello McFly, are you rich yet” written by Greg Walcher, quite frankly it is a pathetic diatribe filled with falsehoods, distortions and questionable conclusions, consistent with his usual writing. The fact that he writes as “president of the Natural Resources Group” implying that he is a conservationist has set him up as a messenger who distorts truth and reality.

In this column, he disputes the scientific fact of global warming, even though well over 90 percent of responsible scientists involved have concluded through comprehensive studies, that our earth is warming at a rapid rate due to “man-made catastrophic global warming” (Walcher’s terminology). Then Walcher overstates and distorts this science by claiming that scientists know and have claimed publicly that, “they absolutely know what will happen in the future.” What rubbish!

Walcher goes on to say, “if the science is completely settled” – (which it pretty much is) – “and further research is pointless – (who claims this but Walcher?) – “why don’t these scientists and activists just use the information to make their fortunes?” Therefore Walcher’s primary premises discrediting the science of global warming is that if the science was accurate, the scientists reaching these conclusions should and would have become entrepreneurs and grown obscenely wealthy based on their knowledge and data. His base assumption: the only consideration that should and would drive scientists and science is greed and profit. Pathetic! And shame on Walcher.

Walcher claims he’s being “a bit” sarcastic but goes on to say that, “Capitalism and the profit motive are more likely to solve environmental problems than any government regulations.” What rubbish and just an absolutely stunning and cynical conclusion.

With all the resistance to change represented by the extraction industries, with the mines deserted by corporations (these mines left to create a nightmare of problems and falling on government to solve the dirty, polluting problems they created and walked away from) with oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, we could go on and on. Yes, Walcher, “free enterprise has created unprecedented wealth,” (much of which has gone to the elite wealthy few, I might add), but we are living with the environmental consequences of this greed which these same people, (including you), deny and take little responsibility for by walking away from the nightmare they have created while cynically slamming scientists and government. Shame on you.


We need to promote healthy foods in our local schools

With the new school year upon us, parents turn their attention to school clothes, school supplies, and school food. Yes, school food!

More than 31 million children rely on school meals for their daily nutrition, which too often consists of highly processed food laden with saturated fat. Not surprisingly, one-third of our children have become overweight or obese. Their early dietary flaws become lifelong addictions, raising their risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

To compound the problem, the Trump administration has loosened Obama’s 2010 school lunch rules calling for whole grains, fat-free milk, and reduced salt content. The rules had an 86 percent approval rating.

Fortunately, many U.S. school districts now offer vegetarian options. More than 120 schools, including the entire school districts of Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Philadelphia, and San Diego have implemented Meatless Monday.

As parents, we need to involve our own children and school cafeteria managers in promoting healthy, plant-based foods in our local schools. Entering “vegan options in schools” in a search engine provides lots of useful resources.

Grand Junction

Request Environmental Impact Study for Fram proposal

I am not against oil drilling per se. We all need it and use it. However, I am very concerned about Fram’s request to the BLM to frack 108 oil wells, some of which will be in or near the Grand Junction watershed that supplies some of our purest drinking water. The potential for an underground or above ground accident exists and therefore I urge everyone to request a full Environmental Impact Study for the project.

Grand Junction

Employee defends Fram’s standards on environmental impact

I have been working for Fram Operating LLC ever since they purchased their holdings from Aspen Operating. To my knowledge, Fram has never not done everything needed to protect the environment.

I take care of their storm water and weed control. I would not work for a company that didn’t take care of the land, air, water, and the neighborhood. I live here too. They would not pollute the watershed or disturb the wildlife, as much as mountain bikers’ impact on the Palisade trail.


Long-term care is a complicated issue with no easy solutions

If you or I get Alzheimer’s, who will take care of us? The Alzheimer’s Association reports that more than half of the people over 85 suffer from some form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s. The number with Alzheimer’s is projected to increase to 16 million by 2050 as baby boomers mature and reach the age of highest risk. At this time Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the USA.

This is important as our community grapples with long-term care solutions for our aging population. Hopefully everyone is saving enough money to last, especially if the final years of life are lived in a nursing home. No? Maybe buying long-term healthcare insurance is the answer however the premiums are very high and increasing, if you can even qualify. How about moving Mom or Dad in with the adult children? This could be a solution for those lucky enough to have adult children who are willing to put careers on hold to tend to the 24-hour a day needs of a parent suffering from dementia or advanced Alzheimer’s. For many, the eventual answer may be checking into a nursing home. Mesa County has 2,600 nursing home beds and about 300 are dedicated to memory care.

Two booklets available locally and on-line provide information about all types of senior resources for aging well. They are Western Slope Seniors Blue Book, and Navigating Through Memory Loss & Dementia: A Guide for Patients & Families,

Long-term care is a complicated issue with no easy solutions. We must pay attention as our members of Congress work on healthcare issues.

Grand Junction

Support our community’s public safety initiative

I support the Mesa County Public Safety Initiative simply because the nature of our community demands a properly funded Sheriff’s department and District Attorney’s Office.

Mesa is the most populous county on the Western Slope, and – people being what they are – a higher population naturally brings with it a higher crime rate. On top of that, a large percentage of Mesa County’s population resides in unincorporated areas, which are not covered by municipal police departments. This puts an added strain on the Sheriff’s Office, which bears the responsibility of policing these densely populated areas.

It is unsurprising that Mesa County has the highest crime rate on the Western Slope. In fact since 2006, while violent crime dropped in surrounding counties, Mesa has experienced a rather extreme increase. Despite this, Mesa County has fewer officers per capita than any other West Slope county. It seems obvious that this needs to be corrected.

Public safety is any government’s first, and most important, order of business. The increase in the sales tax being proposed to provide for our public safety professionals is small – only a 0.37 percent increase – about $3 per month for the average family, but the value it brings is the safety of our community’s police officers and the citizens they serve. Not a bad deal.

Grand Junction

You’re not American if you love the Nazis, period

I wrote a letter two weeks ago saying that I wanted my GOP party back. Cancel that order. After Charlottesville our President and the GOP have shown they support the Nazis and white separatists. By claiming false equivalence Trump thinks Nazis are no different than Democrats.

But the worst part is the white people of America supporting the two biggest losers in history. The Rebs tried to break up the U.S. with their pro-slavery war and the Nazis tried to destroy everyone not a Nazi. But Trump-supporting Americans love them. Twenty-two million Trump supporters bend the knee to the alt-right and the Nazis – the freaking Nazis.

You’re not Americans if you love the Nazis, period. If you’re not anti-Nazi you’re pro-Nazi; you can’t sit on the fence. Maybe the Americans who still act like Americans can get the GOP back but I doubt it. The Grand Old (white) Peoples party.


Writers of two recent letters have both acted on human-manufactured information

The Letter to the Editor today by Mr. Forbes is interesting on many levels. The Book of Matthew was written, according to Biblical authorities, sometime in the late part of the first century, after the death of Jesus. In that era information was dispensed mainly by word of mouth. Mr. Forbes’ use of anything in Matthew totally overlooks human nature.

Have you ever participated in the parlor and party game wherein one person is told a story who then secretly passes it on to another and so on down the line of many people? So how does the story usually come out after passing through many people, word of mouth?

Mr. Forbes uses the term Scripture in his letter. Does that have reference to the Bible and the belief of some that, somehow, the Bible contains the word of God – is that Jesus? – although most consider that the chapters of the Bible were written over a span of many years by people who were not contemporaries of Jesus? Suddenly we are faced with human nature and the passing on of information.

Does Mr. Forbes care about the fact that the Bible is only considered a book like “Gone with the Wind” or “War and Peace” when he makes his reference, as if it is somehow authoritative?

Mr. Ford’s letter discussed his opinion that he can no longer consider himself to be a real Christian because so many pick and choose on what basis they want to be known as Christians. It is his choice, not that of Mr. Forbes. Mr. Ford has come to the conclusion, maybe, that all the trappings of supposed Christianity are arbitrary and have no basis in fact or history. Most people around the world believe in their own written or spoken word and some also believe humans seem to instinctively make up stories to explain their existence and then utilize that information to keep the public in line.

Believe what you want, Mr. Forbes. Mr. Ford does not have to agree. Both have acted on human-manufactured information.

Grand Junction

Abortion is king for Planned Parenthood and it should be defunded immediately

“You and I have heard it said before: ‘but abortions are only three percent of what Planned Parenthood does!’ This deceptive statistic must be exposed,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, Susan B. Anthony List. The following statistics compiled by a Charlotte Lozier Institute study revealed just how deceptive Planned Parenthood is in regard to its market share:

Abortions = 35.4 percent of the market share
HIV tests = 1.4 percent of market share
PAP tests =

<1 percent of market share

And to give you an idea of how enormous its market share in abortion is, look at the market shares of other industry leaders: GM: 17.3 market share, Samsung: 21.6, Wal-Mart: 17.3. Southwest Airlines: 19.1.
And so we should be able to see that abortion is what Planned Parenthood is about. It dominates the industry. So when Planned Parenthood says that women will suffer if it’s defunded, the following statistic should further clarify just how untrue this is: Community health centers have 14,878 centers throughout the nation and Planned Parenthood has 639. In other words, community health centers outnumber Planned Parenthood by 23: 1 ratio. HIV and PAP tests can be had at community health centers as you can clearly see, so don't buy into the lie. Abortion is king for Planned Parenthood and it should be defunded immediately!

Prairie Village, Kan.

Total eclipse appeared to be result of some intelligent design

I was one of those people who traveled and visited our neighbors to the north in Wyoming to see the total eclipse of the sun. I must admit that I wasn’t ready for what I was about to experience. I wasn’t ready with my cameras, although I did get a great video of totality coming on and how dark it actually got. My best description is that it was like being in a room with a single light above and someone turning a dimmer switch down to off. It was amazing as to how quiet everything got and how chilly it was. Two minutes and 30 seconds went by very quickly as the spectacle above me was unfolding. I was trying to avoid tripping over the sagebrush while trying to adjust my cameras, which I was never able to do, and watch at the same time. I was able to see the “diamond ring” effect, the first flash as the moon moves from in front of the sun, which appeared to be like a flash bulb going off in from a camera taking a picture in a darkened room

As Jeff, who allowed me to ride along with him up into the middle of Wyoming, and I travelled back to Colorado the only word we kept saying was, “awesome.” We discussed the fact that the earth had to be just the right distance from the sun and the moon had to be just the right size and distance from the earth and the orbits had to line up just right to make such a spectacle appear. It was like there was some sort of intelligent design. Perhaps we should find time as a country to have a conversation about what unites us.


Grand Junction

Gray Gourmet should be welcomed by government rather than kicked to the curb

The county commissioners’ decision regarding the rent to The Gray Gourmet is just another example of how you cannot and should run government “like a business.” Government’s responsibilities are dramatically different than that of a business. While business is designed to make profits for owners and shareholders government has social obligations related to health, safety and education. The Gray Gourmet provides health and safety services and should be welcomed by government rather than kicked to the curb.


Juxtaposition of recent letters exposes hypocrisy of one

The juxtaposition of Dan Ford’s Tuesday letter (“Former churchgoer cannot support Trump”) and Carol Anderson’s prayerful response (“Trump can’t influence true belief in Christ”) clearly exposes the hypocritical sophistry of the latter.

Thus, Anderson entirely begs the question raised by Ford – how can “true believers” in the divinity of Jesus Christ support a man whose behavior contradicts Christ’s teachings? According to Anderson, “many call themselves churches and many call themselves ‘Christians’ but there is only one true meaning – a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.” Therefore, whether your “church” is a physical structure or a virtual community of like-minded disciples, what does it mean to be “a faithful follower” of Christ’s teachings?

According to others, the most important teachings of Jesus of Nazareth are chronicled in the New Testament and memorialized as the “Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 5-7) – which provides a litany of “to dos” that true “Christians” should presumably embrace to be considered “faithful followers of Christ” (see, e.g.:

While Christ would (as does Anderson) presumably “forgive” (Matth. 6:14) Trump’s multiple “trespasses” – including (but not limited to) adultery (Matth. 5:28), vituperative divisiveness (Matth. 5:22), false oaths (Matth. 5:33-37), refusal to ever “turn the other cheek” (Matth. 5:38), and touted but bogus charitable contributions (Matth. 6:2) – he might not be so forgiving of “Christians” own hypocrisy (Matth. 6:5).

Christ reportedly healed the sick, but Trump and his Republican enablers would deprive millions of their access to health care. Christ fed the hungry, but Trump and his cronies would cut appropriations for food stamps and school lunch programs. Consequently, Ford refuses to be part of a “church” that abrogates its own moral integrity in servitude to political expediency, but worships a “false prophet” who pays only “lip-service” to their purported beliefs and whose “fruits” betray his utter contempt therefor (Matth. 7:15-20).

Grand Junction


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Mr. Demist - Well said. I have been trying to get that point across since Charlottesville. There is no middle ground when you are talking about Nazis.

Mr. Higgins,

You do realize that the moon is slowly moving away from the earth, don’t you? Which means that in the past, total eclipses would have covered larger areas of the earth, and lasted longer, and in the future there will be no more total eclipses as the apparent size of the moon will be smaller than the apparent size of the sun. That we happen to exist at a point in time when the two are close to the same apparent size needs no intelligent designer, just physics.

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