Email letters, August 30,  2013

Tomlinson commnded for keen capture of nature

I want to thank Christopher Tomlinson for the magnificent photos he has presented in The Daily Sentinel through the years, but, especially, the photos, “Droplets Reflect Sunflowers” and “Home to Honey.” Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Grand Junction

Fast food workers show out-dated union mentality

So, some fast -food workers in Detroit walked off the job at a fast -ood restaurant for higher wages thus shutting down one of the few employers left. Way to go, Detroit union mentality — that’ll show ‘em!

Grand Junction

ObamaCare will cost trillions, increase government dependency

When I read an editorial that glorifies ObamaCare I know a government pie eater is writing it because they’re the ONLY people Obama-care benefits. Even Obama’s tush-kissing unions hate it because it’s already exploded their healthcare costs and it’s barely started.

Insurance premiums have increased an average of 30 percent, jobs are being lost or converted from full-time to part-time, seniors are already being rationed, doctors are quitting and governors know state budgets are going to be crushed when they’re forced to load Medicaid with millions more freeloaders (both legal and illegal).

FACT: If Obama-care is fully implemented, nearly 150 million Americans will get free healthcare from taxpayers and virtually all others will be getting a subsidy check from them. How in the hell can America afford to do this?

We now know ObamaCare is going to cost taxpayers trillions instead of billions, but it’s exactly what Democrats wan —  government dependency. Exactly opposite from the foundation on which America was founded. Well, you Democrats go ahead and get your Obama-phone and call Obama “Daddy.” I’d rather be an American.

Grand Junction

Fire state legislators who don’t do jobs, uphold Constitutions
Don’t like how the state’s run?

Throw out the senators and representatives who aren’t doing their job, and especially the ones who don’t or won’t uphold the Constitution of the state and the United States.

It’s simple. If one does not do the job one was hired to do, then fire that person.


Grand Junction

Consumers are the real benefactors who are providing people with jobs

Today’s letter from Richard Blosser suggesting, in effect, that we should be thankful for businessmen who provide the jobs we badly need indicates either a lack of understanding of basic economics or that he is under the spell of our local Chamber of Commerce.

Nobody invests this or her money in a business with the objective of providing jobs. The businessman is the one who should be thankful that there is a demand for the product he is selling. Only members of the public make it possible for the businessman to exist because they provide the necessary demand and ability to pay that caused the businessman to choose to go into business in the first place. Show me a businessman whose first concern is to provide jobs, on a continuing basis, and I’ll show you a person who will soon be out of business.

Blosser seems to have fallen under the spell of those who are “supply-siders,” who truly seem to believe that if you provide it, they will come. Any good businessman will laugh you out of his presence with such a belief. Business exists to fill a need/demand. Whether jobs are created is totally dependent on the strength of the demand and the best businessmen seek to hire as few people as possible to carry out the needs of satisfying the existing demand at any particular time.

No, as much as our local chamber would like Blosser to believe that businessmen are superhuman and should be put onto pedestals, the fact is that the persons who should be on that pedestal are the source of all business profits, the consumers.

Grand Junction

Valley’s boom-bust cycle still preferable to a perpetual bust

The Sentinel’s account of the renovation of Main Street in the 1960s notes also that uranium production was near its peak; the uranium boom was pumping money into the local economy.

The construction of the current Grand Junction Regional Airport terminal occurred during the oil shale boom of the early ‘80s. St. Mary’s hospital expansion occurred during the gas boom of the early 2000s. That these and many other capital improvements we continue to enjoy occurred during the boom cycle was, in my mind, not a coincidence.

I have lived in Mesa County through all these booms and the busts that followed, including the bust of the 1930s. I have to say that I prefer a boom-bust economy to a perpetual bust-bust economy that seems to be the current goal.


Grand Junction


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Mike Bambino should get his facts straight.  [See:  on-line letter, “Obamacare will cost trillions, increase government dependency”, August 30, 2013.]

Thus, as reported by Bloomberg News yesterday, Rand Corporation researchers found that “Predictions of sharp increases in health-insurance premiums for people getting coverage under the Affordable Care Act have been over-stated and many states will see little to no change”.  Actually, health insurance premiums annually increased by an average of 10% to 15% in the decade prior to the Affordable Care Act, but by only 6.1% in 2011, 4.1% in 2012, and 4% in 2013 (and never Bambino’s “30%”).

While some employers are indeed cutting jobs and hours to reduce their health insurance expenses, 94% of firms with more than 50 employees will still provide at least employee coverage.  Moreover, the Congressional Budget Office (“CBO”) found “ObamaCare” to be a net “job creator” – reducing existing employment by 0.5%, but stimulating millions of new health care jobs and enabling smaller businesses to expand by reducing and subsidizing their health insurance costs.

Seniors were being “rationed” before “ObamaCare” (due to Congressionally-imposed caps on Medicare reimbursement rates), and older doctors were retiring for a variety of reasons (including the cost of converting to electronic medical records).  Meanwhile, S.744 – the comprehensive “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act” now pending before the House – could greatly increase the inflow of qualified foreign-trained physicians using Conrad-30 J-1 visa waivers.

As to “freeloaders (both legal and illegal)”, S.744 expressly exempts undocumented immigrants from eligibility for “ObamaCare”).

FACT:  employers and individuals will pay for health insurance coverage (not “free”), and the CBO estimates that only 35 million (not Bambino’s 150 million) Americans will qualify for subsidies by 2019, costing $210 billion annually (not Bambino’s “trillions”).

Therefore, Sentinel readers are better advised to attend Club 20’s all-day program on September 7 (Gary Harmon, “Club 20 to address health insurance”) than trust Bambino.

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