Email Letters: August 30, 2016

Environmentalists keen to lock up land under guise of ‘protection’

What are environmentalists? I think of a longhaired hippie that does not dye or cut their hair and lives completely off the land in a shack made completely of wood with nothing modern. Nothing modern. We all know this is not true. They drive cars and live in homes run with propane, natural gas, Freon, plastics, rubber, coal and oil. Why do think they have a better understanding of the world than I do? I would consider myself an environmentalist in most circles. I don’t throw my trash out the window. I recycle when I can. I reuse when I can. I love the outdoors – fresh air, hiking, camping and sitting on my porch as much as they do.

I am a realist though. I have a natural gas furnace. Self proclaimed environmentalists do too. I eat and drink from plastic cups and bottles. I use a lot of plastic. Self-proclaimed environmentalists do too. I could list other things we use, like cell phones, tablets, computers, clothes, furniture, carpet, glues, laminates, pans, dishes, x-rays, radiation therapy for cancer, literally almost everything we use. I would challenge anyone that wants to call themselves environmentally friendly and “green” to try to make a living and support our families futures without using any product made from the places they think need to be protected.

It seems to me over the past 30 years that the environmentalists want to lock up all land. We have huge amounts of land tied up in Utah already under the guise of “protection.” Our lands are already being protected by the EPA, Antiquities Acts, natural historic areas and many others already. The land is being used responsibly. The mining processes and directions are constantly being improved to be safe and to beautify.

Why then do we need more protection? I feel like this is just someone’s project and a way to leave some kind of legacy. I would ask the president to please be his own man and not just another “yes” man. That would leave more of a legacy than another monument. We just want to live in San Juan County, Utah and make a living and be able to have a future for our kids here in San Juan Count. Environmentalists live, have, and want the same things we do, so why are they attacking our way of life? It seems a little hypocritical. No Bears Ears Monument! No more monuments.

Blanding, Utah

Recent column about Clinton foundation not based on facts

Charles Krauthammer’s editorial in the Aug. 28 Sentinel cannot go unchallenged. The issue of Clinton Foundation donations while Clinton was secretary of state will continue to be controversial as long as the campaign lasts, even though their practices are not uncommon with other charities.

However, Krauthammer’s charge that the foundation is a “massive family enterprise disguised as a charity” is close to libel. Charity Watch gives it an A rating, indicating 87.2 percent of the funds actually went to the charitable recipients in 2014. GuideStar gave it a platinum rating. David Borochoff of Charity Watch said, “If Hillary Clinton wasn’t running for president, the Clinton Foundation would be seen as one of the great humanitarian charities of our generation.” CNN ‘s web page says it provides HIV/AIDS “medication at 90 percent lower cost – more than half the adults and three-quarters of the children getting treatment in the world today.” Paid staff listed on the foundation’s website do not include any of the Clintons.

Thus Krauthammer, a Fox News commentator, makes charges about the foundation channeling funds to “maintain the Clintons’ lifestyle,” and “employ a vast entourage of retainers, ready to serve” that seriously resemble the right-wing hyperbole that has culminated in Truthless Trump and his vitriolic campaign.

While it is good to hear both sides of any story, arguments as un-based on truth as this one seriously discredit the source, and make one wonder what other liberties with the truth this column contains.

Grand Junction

Kudos to paper for putting spotlight on Chapman’s underhanded deals

I see the notorious Tom Chapman has had a setback in the Telluride area. I really appreciate The Daily Sentinel putting the spotlight on his underhanded deals. For decades, Tom Chapman has made news and profits by choking fishing and hiking and hunting access around the region. The taxpayers too often have had to pay him to stop damaging natural beauty – and that is always his plan.

I expect he is also smart enough to scheme under the cover of various company names to avoid real prosecution. That is where professional news gatherers can help the ordinary citizen understand what is happening.

Grand Junction

Without past sacrifices, Kaepernick would not have the freedom to refuse anything

In the news, the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand up for the United States national anthem because he believes the United States oppresses African-Americans. He probably voted for this administration that we have in place now. The U.S. flag is a symbol of the past sacrifices of human lives in battles with the enemy, as well as the national anthem. With this being said, Kaepernick would not have the freedom to refuse anything. Kaepernick’s purpose would be better served if he would have a meeting with the president, since they might see eye to eye.

Grand Junction

Does the word ‘bigot’ define Hillary Clinton?

Bigot: One who strongly or unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. Or more profoundly: One who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions.

Pick an opinion and stick to it irrationally because it feels good, become a bigot. So, is there reverse bigotry like reverse discrimination? That is, when one over-compensates and is guilty of the same fallacy in reverse? Ask Hillary Clinton. She sanctimoniously labels surroundings and people in her life and never looks deeper than or independently reevaluates the label. For example: military scale, communism, trade policies, world affairs, religion, social reform, etc. are all dated from when she was growing up in the “Cold War” era. In this sense, is she a conservative as well? Is she not a bigot?

“Goldwater Girl Gets Paid for It.” And behind every great man is a woman? Poor Bill Clinton.

Grand Junction

49ers quarterback is a disgrace

I was introduced to professional football in 1954 when YA Tittle quarterbacked the San Francisco 49ers. If I owned the current 49ers, that stupid idiot who calls himself a “quarterback” would be gone. What a disgrace!

Self-importance is no excuse.


Grand Junction

Those complaining about burn season should have done due diligence before moving to area

First, a bit of history. I moved into the Grand Valley in the late 1960s. Burning did not bother me for I was young and healthy and such petty issues were not worth the energy it took to worry about them. Twenty-some odd years ago I developed a lung disease and lost the use of 70 percent of my lung capacity.

Instead of writing letters to the editor and trying to get people to feel sorry for me, I adapted to those things I could not change. Nor did I try to impose my problems onto others. What you want places no burden on any other person.

To the gentleman complaining about burning, did you go around and tell all of your neighbors that you would make the dump runs or whatever so they don’t have to burn, or do you get to
demand that all others fit your wants into their “things to do” list?

Had he been born in the Grand Valley, he would already know the why of burning by the
farmers. Since he never noticed the smoke before, he’s probably a recent transplant. If he is a recent transplant, why did he move into an area that has, since before his grandparents were born, burned weeds?

Did he not do his research and discover all of the conditions that pre-existed his move to the valley?

Why does he feel it is the inherent responsibility of every weed burner in the valley cease and desist for his failures to perform due diligence? Or is this just another episode of the dreaded victim card in an attempt to shame others into submission? Instead of living in the valley, perhaps Glade Park would be an option if he really needs to stay in the valley?

Black smoke comes from burning fossil fuels. White/grey smoke comes from burning vegetation. Please learn the difference.

Hickory Flats, Ga.


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