Email Letters: August 4, 2017

Why would we rely on preachers to provide ‘wisdom’ to City Council?

Belief in magical invisible characters who live in the sky must inevitably cause many logical problems that lead to awkward and embarrassing conclusions. For example, Christians believe that God (if this character actually exists) created everything. If this is so then He must have created Satan.

Furthermore, if one believes that God is all powerful (as most Christians do), then He allows Satan to exist, in spite of His power to eliminate this evil character from the world. The first chapter of Job, where God and Satan have their little chat up in Heaven (over several drinks, perhaps?), makes it clear that Satan may only operate under the permission and strict supervision of God.

Using a terrestrial example, if a parent knew that an older child was molesting a younger one, and failed to do anything to stop it, doesn’t this make the parent an accomplice to the evil? Same situation with God and Satan. According to Holy Scripture, God watched and did nothing as Satan carried out his evil acts against Job. Doesn’t this likewise make God an accomplice to evil?

Of course, Christian apologists have been scribbling for 2,000 years to “explain” all these very awkward problems that arise from the antics of their beloved invisible characters, so I’m sure a veritable army of preachers is ready to “solve” this theological dilemma with more elaborate Bible babble.

My question is this: if the preachers can’t even resolve some of their most basic theological contradictions and logical inconsistencies, then why should we rely on them to provide any “wisdom” to the City Council?


Christians, too, think freely, examine evidence, and choose religion

I bowed my mind and heart to Christ when I was a freshman in college. I thought freely, examined the evidence, and turned from my agnosticism to Christianity. Others have done the same.

Augustine was disabused of his Manichaeism and embraced Christianity at tremendous personal cost. C.S. Lewis turned from his atheism to Christianity and was dragged “kicking and screaming” into the kingdom. Why? He examined the evidence.

It was during the Enlightenment period that faith was philosophically divorced from reason. But prior to that, Aquinas wrote his Summa Theologica believing with all his heart that reason leads to faith. Faith and reason, in fact, are two sides of the same coin.

The “creed” read on Aug. 2 at the City Council meeting called for honesty, justice, respect for worldviews, and freedom to shine the light of truth. I agree.

Paul exhorted all Christians to “speak the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15). The ancient prophets hammered away at justice and mercy (Micah 6:8). Paul showed respect for Stoicism and Epicureanism when he spoke to the Areopagus (Acts 17:16-33). Jesus told His followers to “let your light shine” (Matthew 5:16).

Perhaps it was just wrong-headed and not arrogant to assume that only atheists and freethinkers examine the evidence. But, I assure them; I have thought freely, deeply, and sincerely and have made my decision for Jesus.

Grand Junction

Urge BLM to take a look at plan’s possible negative effects

Last month, the Bureau of Land Management released the updated Environmental Assessment of Fram Operating, LLC’s Whitewater Master Development Plan.

This revised assessment now accounts for the horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) that will be done, and addresses some concerns over its impact on our wildlife. However, many local environmental groups are still very concerned about the possible adverse effects on such threatened species as Hookless Cactus, Colorado River Trout, and Kit Fox, to name only a few of the dozen or more species that could impacted.

In addition, several Colorado Natural Heritage Potential Conservation Areas could be adversely affected, not to mention our own drinking water! There is a growing coalition of individuals and groups attempting to raise awareness about this problematic plan, and we as citizens can help by submitting public comments to the BLM.

Luckily, we have been able to extend the public comment period by 30 days, making the new deadline Aug. 28. We must urge the BLM to take a hard look at the possible effects on our land, water, air and wildlife. If you are concerned about this dangerous proposal, please write to the BLM and tell them that you oppose this plan; ask them to require an Environmental Impact Statement (a much stronger set of guidelines to assess the impact on the environment) in order to address these concerns. Together, we can make a difference and protect our amazing outdoors.

Sierra Club Conservation Chair
Grand Junction

Sentinel should have covered group praying during invocation

Regarding the prayerful protest to the satanic invocation. I appreciate the coverage in The Daily Sentinel of the people praying in the circle. I was disappointed that no mention was made of the group three times that size that prayed a short time earlier. The other group was covered by television media.

Grand Junction

Allowing satanic invocation was cowardly of City Council

Grand Junction City Council allowing a Satanist to do the invocation is just cowardly. Why does the community allow a small liberal group of atheists to dictate a one-minute prayer? We are a country founded on the people’s choice through vote. Majority wins. The invocation should be voted on. Shameful to bow down to a few people, when the masses object.



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Mr. Bagley, the constitution specifically says government cannot favor any particular religion and cannot establish any religion within the government. It’s called the Establishment Clause and is specifically meant to keep exactly what you propose from happening, religion within the government by popular choice.

You can have all the religion of your choice you want but not at government sponsored events — like council meetings

Thank you to City Council for being inclusive of all citizens.

Ms. Engard must have missed the article right next to the one about the invocation that covered the group she was talking about.

Mr. Bonnet,

Hoe did you resolve the logical contradictions inherent in a being such as the god described in the bible? Or the problems with the authorship of the texts? Or the failure of the archaeological record to support the events described in the bible? Or justify the atrocities committed by god and in his name?

What was the source of the evidence you say you have examined? Would it be too much of an assumption to say it was from a Christian source?

The question to Ms. Engard has to be the following.  Were you really interested in praying to your “god” or being mentioned in the media, in order to be considered virtuous and “more worthy” by others?  Many, such as yourself appear to have a problem in that regard.  Had you been praying to your “god”, it would not have mattered if you were noted or not.  But, as it appears to matter, that has nothing to do with any god(s), but rather ego, and even super-ego.

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