Email letters, August 8, 2014

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The intellectual dishonesty of nativist, racist, anti-immigrant zealots like Richard “Not So” Bright is amply illustrated by his partially plagiarized and pernicious fear-mongering on-line letter – “Illegal immigrants carriers of communicable diseases”.

In fact, Mr. “Not So” Bright is apparently not quoting the “CDC report” at all, but rather the notoriously right-wing Breitbart on-line newsletter – “Feds Bend CDC Rules for Sick Illegal Immigrants”.  However, even Breitbart has more intellectual integrity than “Not-so-Bright”, because Breitbart reports only that “some” – not “many” – unaccompanied children arriving at our southern border carrying communicable diseases.

Meanwhile, the Texas Department of Public Health has reported that the actual incidence of such diseases is insignificant, while a University of Texas at El Paso study confirmed that the immunization rate for familiar childhood diseases in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras is higher than that in Texas.

Consequently, the Texas Observer reported that the “Disease Threat From Immigrant Children [is] Wildly Overstated” and that “The Central American kids arriving in Texas are likely to be better-vaccinated than children in Texas”.

Intellectually dishonest and irresponsibly alarmist propaganda like that spouted by “Not So Bright” prompted MediaMatters to report that “Right-Wing Media Exploit Ebola Outbreak In West Africa To Spread Immigration Fears” – specifically identifying Breitbart (and now “Not So Bright”) as the primary perpetrator of such nonsense.

Allowing potential children refugees to seek redress and have their cases considered IS consistent with US Law, as signed by GW Bush.

Libtards Hugenburg and Kohlbenschlag surely need treatment. I have a TA 312. Classification of “refugee” and “immigrant” is subject to definition. We have laws on the books for LEGAL IMMIGRATION. To spew, as with Hugenburg, “anti-immigrant” zealots is nothing more than the waste generated by bull’s. OMG global warming. The sky is falling chicken little. Refugees from what? Parents that do not want them. Nothing more than ineffective democraps wanting illegal voters. I was accused of being under the influence of legal marijuana yesterday. I am convinced Hugenburg is under the influence of a greater demon——south of the belt envy.

Obviously, Bright was caught in another lie (which he doesn’t deny)and like-minded Jerry Sanders childishly lashes out in his defense.

No wonder our immigration system is broken!!

Dear Bill Hugenberg I truly wish to meet you someday. You must be an ugly old bug looking like the social parasite you are. Feel free to actually see the posting on the CDC and apparently plagiarized by the WSJ? Which is where I read it. I have lived along our southern border and seen some the things I described, I doubt you ever have. The “TExas Observer” reported and was disputed by the CDC. Should you wish to call me a liar, please do so in person so I can dispute it in like kind. Your perverse distortions are printed in the Sentinel daily it seems, do you work for them just to stir things up. Are you a part of the giant liberal machine set on wrecking the country just so lawyers like yourself can feed on the bones of the nation. Buffaloed again Bill?
when do you plan on moving to Mexico so you can be god and sold all their problems the way you persist in trying to do so here? They need you, we don’t. Oh and the report you profess to be the truth by the Texas Dept of health is 5 years old, not of current issue according to the WSJ. Get your flea shots and go help them and leave us alone. America, love it or leave it. Mr. Bright

and PS Buff, glad to see you read Breitbart and feel the white hot iron of truth every now and then.
Mr. Bright

Our immigration system is just fine. If it is so broken why didn’t the democrap controlled house, senate and president fix it 4 years ago? They fixed us up with the pink elephant barry hussein care after all. What a joke.They are the idiots that do NOT want to protect our borders or our rights. I was not caught in any lie. My TA 312 and commo wire await you Hugenburg.

hey buff planning that trip to Mexico to help those poor people out? I offered to buy you a bus ticket once but you were too gutless to do anything. A family member that lives on our southern border and knows of the problems first hand, having fought the immigration problems for years sends his love. You can go down to his land along the river and work with the kids first hand. He has a tent you can borrow, the kids have taken up the church, the high school gym, the local hospital and are living in the streets. They need you Bill please go help them. fix South America’s problems. Lie to them for a few years and see how they like it.
Mr. Bright

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