Email letters, Dec. 17, 2012

As viticultural area, North Fork Valley must be preserved

The North Fork Valley constitutes one of only 189 American Viticultural Areas in the United States. In California, Napa is another. It is bad management to lease lands with the intent to industrialize an AVA.

This is a rare and unique designation that promises multi-generational, sustainable economic development. To industrialize the region by leasing parcels in close association with the vineyards, and, by extension, the organic and artisanal food producers that always develop hand in hand with an AVA, is without question to destroy what would otherwise become an economic asset and point of pride for Colorado.   

Lease these parcels, and the BLM proves it is incapable of planning past five years. That’s when the wells run dry, the agricultural opportunities are ruined, tourism becomes a thing of the past, and the tax base has moved to a state with the gumption and foresight to plan for the next generation. 



Are we turning into slowly boiled frogs?

I’ve noticed as indicators such as prices, taxes and unemployment numbers go up, what’s considered normal numbers for these are readjusted and shown lower. We’re being told that much of what’s happening with these numbers today is the new normal now and we should just learn to live wit them. In other words, like downward spiraling morality, it’s just the way it is. The government and the media say so.

Morality is so far gone now that I doubt it will ever improve, but now that it’s shot, we’re expected to accept the same downward trend in all those other indicators, too. I believe it’s intentional and the media’s willingness to report it daily in a “matter of fact” fashion simply pushes it along.

The mainstream news listeners, the “sound-bite crowd,” hear this and accept it as natural. Thus, the “dumbing down” continues.

Sooner or later we’ll hit the bottom of this trend, like the frog that gets cooked by starting out in cold water and is slowly boiled as the water heats up. We need to wake up and get out of the water before it’s too late.

Until now, the water’s been on medium high. This last election turned the heat up to high.   

Grand Junction         

Costas should comment on insanity of car culture

I believe something must be done about the insanity of our “car culture,” in light of the recent death of the Dallas Cowboy football player in a car accident. People seem to feel as if they have some kind of right to just get in their cars and drive around and use them whenever they want to.

In fact, in spite of a whole host of laws that have been put in place to regulate their use, cars continue to kill and maim people every day. People who have been found in court to be irresponsible with their use and have thus had driving privileges revoked still find ways to use a car.

Even mandatory registration and licensing of cars has not stopped the insanity of people driving cars. The carnage is unbelievable, many innocents are killed daily, and yet people can buy cars anywhere at any time without a background check. The loopholes in the car purchasing laws are, excuse the pun, large enough to drive a truck through. There are even car shows in which anyone, even the unstable and irresponsible, can go in and purchase a car. There is zero scrutiny on private car sales.

Cars kill people, and they are everywhere. Bob Costas, where are you? 

Grand Junction

It’s time to issue school personnel guns along with planners, grade books

Once again a murderer walked into a school with numerous guns and plenty of ammunition.

Once again, children and teachers were murdered in cold blood with no means to defend themselves.

Once again this will be blamed on the guns and not the murderer.

And, once again, new legislation will be rushed through various levels of government.

It is time to stop the “once again” cycle.

It is time to arm every teacher and school employee, and any teacher or employee that is not willing to protect and defend the children they are charged with, then it’s time to get new teachers and employee.

It is past time to get rid of the ‘gun control’ laws that do nothing but infringe on the rights of citizens for political reasons.

I credit the murderer in this instance with only the first murder; all others belong to Chuck Schumer and Sarah Brady.

The parents and relatives of the victims Friday should name them personally as defendants in a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit for wrongful deaths.

Eighty million law-abiding gun owners had no part in this murder, and even if one or more had been on site, they were forbidden to carry any weapons that may have saved the lives of the children.

“Gun control” laws are presented as the only way to stop gun violence, but facts prove there has been no decrease in gun crimes, only an increase in areas in which Congress outlaws guns.

Congress is doing everything it can to convince people that its desires are innocent.

The same story that Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tze Tsung, Castro, Pol Pot ... and the list goes on.

Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, collected all the privately owned guns and now has a remarkable rate of one murder ever two hours.

Odd that Gov. Hickenlooper proclaimed Thursday that he, too, wants to disarm the American people to prevent ‘gun violence.

Now, thanks, governor. In Connecticut the cops were only 20 dead children and six dead adults away.

I want better odds.


Connecticut incident demonstrates need for better mental health services

A front-page story about gun control appeared Friday, the same day as another mass shooting, this time in Connecticut. When will people and policy makers realize it is NOT guns and gun control but mental health issues? 

Our great governor spoke out and showed ignorance. To quote, “Do we all need assault weapons designed for warfare and designed to pierce bulletproof vests and body armor?”  All weapons were originally designed as assault weapons from rock-throwing slings, bows and arrows, muskets to whatever you want to choose in today’s small arms arsenals.

My father’s 30-06 deer rifle was a successor to the WWI “assault rifle,” shooting a bullet developed in 1906. I can make that 106-year-old cartridge pierce bulletproof vests. Any rifle that has a magazine can be modified to carry a larger magazine. Are you suggesting we outlaw all today’s “hunting” rifles? 

The AR is getting a bum rap because it’s “today‘s” assault weapon. Like all other small arms designed for combat, it, too, will be replaced by some updated “assault weapon.” Then the AR will be ignored, and the current weapon will be targeted. Quit looking at the common thread of firearms, and please look at the common thread of mental health disease.

Our great-thinking policymakers go after the easy course and blame firearms while cutting funding for mental health care. In the last 10 years we’ve had three local mental health centers closed because of their susceptibility to budget cuts. And you soap box that something needs to be done.

Yea, something needs to be done. We need more intelligent politicians, hospital administrators and bean counters with backbones and also the understanding that mental health problems are inadequately treated. 


Are blind ideologies more important than an honest debate?

The tragedy in Connecticut where an evil individual committed a crime against children using guns leaves all Americans at a loss, trying to explain the unexplainable.

I was born and raised in Grand Junction by a man who fought in four major invasions during World War II including Iwo Jima. The best memories of my childhood were the fall hunting trips in the mountains of Colorado. My dad taught me that the most important shot was the first shot and to make sure to aim small so that you missed small. A man who understood the horror of war always told me that if you pointed a gun at someone make sure you kill him or don’t point the gun at them.

When I volunteered for the army during the Vietnam War, I qualified as an expert marksman and was recruited for sniper school. I didn’t want to kill people, so I kept my Military Occupational Specialty as an Army medic.     

Watching the debate on the Second Amendment that gives all Americans the right to bear arms while watching guns escalate violence in our country has prompted me to write my first letter to the editor. I am a scientist and the black and white views of non-compromising ideologies that divide our country evade every principle of reason based on facts. The hypocrisies on both sides of the debate defy logic.

Liberal activists that are against guns are blind to the fact that fees paid by hunters and other sportsman pay for programs that enhance wildlife. With this said, the gun violence that grips our nation is unacceptable. The NRA and its political clout provide as much of a solution to solving this problem as radical anti-gun groups. The facts are clear that guns in the home are more likely to escalate domestic violence to destructive levels than to protect individuals from outside home intrusions.

We have to ask ourselves a simple question in view of this remarkable tragedy: Are blind ideologies on both sides that solve nothing and result in 20 kids ages five to ten dying from a madman more important than an honest debate?

While this is certainly a complex issue and the rights of the Second Amendment are worth protecting, I ask my gun owning friends if there are ways to keep guns away from the mentally ill while maintaining their right to bear arms. I think the solution to this problem needs to come from people who own guns responsibly. Are they willing to compromise on the level of the destructiveness of weapons to minimize the terror of a well-armed madman?

Are they willing to support reasonable controls that ensure their rights to own guns while keeping them out of the hands of someone who slaughters innocent children? It is not a black-and-white issue but one that all Americans need to openly debate and compromise in order to protect our kids and our country.

Grand Junction

Arrogance and ignorance trump America’s best interest

The lesson we learned from the mess going on in Washington is that we now know that interest of the Democrat and Republican parties comes first.

This game of chicken with the economic wellbeing of America has put citizens in last place. The question of who gets the blame for going over the so-called ” fiscal cliff “ is now the standard of success or failure. They don’t care about the consequences, as long as the blame gets put on the other party; to hell with the fact that our fragile economy is now showing miniscule signs of improvement   Any progress on economic growth will be choked off by the uncertainty created by the jerks in Washington.

The only solution to our debt issues is economic growth. Taxing the rich is non–productive. We need policies that create an environment for businesses to grow. All we are getting from the current administration are roadblocks.

Grand Junction

Comfort those suffering from the loss of loved ones, but don’t panic

It hurts to hear about children being harmed in any way, but to shoot them as they sit in their classroom learning their ABC’s is unconscionable.

This person that did this horrible thing should not have his name mentioned or even talked about. People like that are looking to get their names in the history book so that others can read about them. They should only be called sadistic mass murderers, which is what they are.

Now all we are going to hear about is gun control and why it is necessary. Well, I am not for gun control; I am for stricter laws to obtain a gun.

Colorado has some of the best laws on the books, such as having the Colorado Bureau of Investigation do a background check on you before you may obtain a gun, going to class to get certified that you know how to use that weapon, and getting a permit to carry from your local sheriff’s office.

You must remember that there are about 180 million people out there that have guns and that only one person has killed people. Guns do not kill; people kill, and no one knows what sets them off to go on this rampage of violence.     

Killing starting as far back as Cain when he murdered Abel, his brother, just because he thought that God loved Abel more then he. What he forgot was that God loves us all the same.

Let us all not panic over this tragedy but get together and comfort those who have lost love ones. Just think about others who have died that day, some by a knife, some poisoned. How many have been run over by a car? Killed in a plane crash? We can go on forever on how people are being killed, but no, we have to stay on this gun control kick.

I am not trying to make small what happen to those little children and the others. What I am trying to say is that we should remain calm and vigilant and don’t panic. Remember that this man was a coward, afraid of people who might stand up to him, people who love others, such as the little ones that got massacred.

These cowards hide behind body armor and terrorize those that are vulnerable. They sneak around so as not to be seen, and then most of them kill themselves so as not to be ridiculed in front of others. Don’t be afraid of these cowards; pity them and give solace to their parents.

When your children ask what happened that day, depending on the age of the child, do not go into the hard facts. Keep it simple and easy for them to understand. They do not need to know the graphic details of the shooting, or even how many children were injured. Be gentle with them like you would when their grandmother or grandfather passes away.

We have to remember that our children are strong and should not be coddled. They should know the difference between winning and losing, being first and being last. Remember that not all children are the same: some are stronger then others. It’s not their fault, but it is your fault if you do not act upon their strengths or weaknesses and give them courage and support when they need it.

So, today and every day give your children a hug and a kiss when you send them off into the world. 

Atrocities point out need to stop costly waste of federal dollars

Clearly, the recent mass shootings around the country, and especially those shootings of unprotected, harmless and defenseless children are unspeakable atrocities. The thoughts and prayers of all reasonable minded, caring Americans go out to all of those families affected by these senseless acts.

Unfortunately, before the smoke could even clear, several on the left, including Obama, were quick to impart their political spin on the “gun control” issue. How sad to take advantage of these horrible crimes against fellow Americans, and especially the young. I know that there are some detractors from my view, but to be clear, these acts were not “gun violence”, but rather violence, period.

A gun did not walk into that school. A deranged individual with an ax to grind walked into that unsecured school full of innocent children. And that is the key element (unsecured) that the Washington crowd always overlooks, preferring rather to play to their anti-gun base. A viable solution will never be reached or even addressed in America today, given the highly divisive political landscape.

Yet, some viable solutions really can be considered. What if a majority of Americans were to demand that our federal government stop wasting trillions of dollars on wasteful ventures, such as some of the following:

Billions of dollars a year to Muslim countries that clearly hate us, and are over-charging us for oil, all in the name of getting them to like us more. Or how about the billions that Obama threw away on at least 10 known high-risk solar companies that are now defunct?  Or $600 million under Obama’s watch, paid to retired or disabled federal employees who are DEAD? Or $30 million to Pakistani mango growers? Or $10 million to develop a Pakistani Sesame Street program?

What if such wasted funds (and there are many more examples) were to be redirected to help America’s school districts truly provide the level of security that America’s children deserve, via well thought out, effective security training programs, systems, building design and staffing? How about drafting AND ENFORCING very severe, zero tolerance, first-time offense penalties for all individuals who are determined, for whatever reason, to be incapable of owning/handling a firearm, regardless of what means they acquire their firearms by?

I also can’t help but believe that most school staff would rather be trained in the proficient, safe use of a weapon themselves, rather than cowering under a desk holding students while they wait to be executed by some deranged individual who will always find some type of weapon available. Lastly, the far left’s desire to disarm honest, law-abiding Americans will in no way contribute to protecting honest, law-abiding Americans or their children, as only the criminal element will then be armed.

Grand Junction 

Research issue of marijuana thoroughly before drawing conclusions

Once again we’re on the cusp of interesting times. Marijuana in various forms is almost legal in Colorado, but in dire need of sensible regulation.

In addition to our state’s efforts to organize appropriate regulatory laws, on the horizon looms possible litigation with the entrenched federal anti-marijuana laws, which are not about to be rescinded, and smart lawyers are gearing up to make a profitable career out of this controversy as it slowly wends it’s way through the system to the Supreme Court.       

Looking into my crystal ball, I foresee all sorts of outlandish assertions and hysteria on all sides of the issue and only few wee, small voices of reason and knowledge. The feds have a long history, going back into the 1930s, of hysterical lies, deception, duplicity and a vested interest in weed remaining illegal. We can expect the feds to vigorously protect their interests but don’t expect unspun, unvarnished facts from them. I don’t see that happening.     

On the other hand, the super liberal pro-weed, outer-fringe forces now will act out in print and public, celebrating what they see as a victory sought these several decades since the anti-war love-ins of the Sixties. Don’t expect a lot of good information from them either. In fact, their anticipated antics may end up alienating some undecided folks and in the long run work to the advantage of the feds. 

So, if we wish to think for ourselves, to know when we’re being told the truth and when we’re being lied to or manipulated, where do we find useful, objective information about cannabis? Not in the media, not in our schools and universities, certainly not from the pharmaceutical industry, not from our churches or agricultural extension services. Where then?

Try the Internet or our local library. It’s there, it’s objective and it’s factual, but you have to work at it. Look at titles concerning medical marijuana in particular. Read the reviews in order to avoid biased disinformation. Google the author for qualifications. I’m 78 and am interested in improving my objective knowledge about cannabis, both its history of the many medicinal uses and the political obfuscation of this important plant’s potential value to us all. This issue we’re facing requires lots and lots of facts, pro and con, accurate historical perspective and thoughtful consideration before taking sides and speaking out. 

On a personal note: So far, I have found to my satisfaction that marijuana’s legality won’t automatically mean an increase in use by your teenager any more than legal alcohol automatically meant an increase in its use by your teenager. Do some kids smoke weed now and again? Yes. Will that likely continue? Yes. Are kids drinking alcohol? Yes. Will that likely continue? Yes.

“Not MY kid!” you say? That’s what many of us think, thought and will think and many, many of us are, were and will be, wrong. My parents were; how about yours?

And what about the assertion that marijuana’s recreational use leads directly to using hard drugs? From what I’ve learned so far, it’s no more likely, in and of itself, to lead to other drugs than drinking Red Bull or eating ice cream. But that’s another matter. Learn the facts for yourself. 

Remember the phrase, “ the truth shall make you free”?” Seek it before speaking out or jumping to conclusions or setting your opinions in concrete. Today, tomorrow and beyond, a sensible dialog of informed opinions will be required to deal with creating new state laws about the many different uses of marijuana.

When you talk about marijuana, and this goes double for our elected folks, know the facts, know the history, know the truth. Then speak up. That’s what I’m trying to do. I hope you’ll do the same.       

Grand Junction

BLM state director asked to forego fracking

The following is an open letter to Helen Hankins, Colorado state director of the Bureau of Land Management.

Dear Ms. Hankins,

In writing this email, we speak for just about everyone we know in Gunnison County, as we all hold the same opinion. Some will also write to you; others will miss deadlines. We are adamantly against the proposal to lease lands in the North Fork Valley for oil and gas interests, especially as regards the Fracking methods. ADAMANTLY Against!

We chose to move here for many specific reasons. It is a “given” about the pristine natural beauty of the wilderness that thrills our senses. It is literally indescribable, daily. But high upon our list is that here we can find clean, nutrient-packed food grown locally. We enjoy amazing products from the farms, orchards, ranches and restaurants, all this that is grown and raised locally. It is our dream come true to be so nourished by this lifestyle.

These valleys are so rich and self-sustaining. They absolutely MUST be protected for this unique agricultural community. The potential for this relatively new fracking industry to contaminate water and food resources and livelihoods is immense. The impact is reprehensible.

The proposal to lease to oil and gas interests opens up an invasion of unwanted industry. Thousands of letters were written to BLM last year of which 99 percent were AGAINST oil and gas development in North Fork Valley. The devastation that a fracking Invasion creates is beyond repair for the land and of the people who live here. There’s no way anything that we love and cherish about living here could ever be the same.

Isn’t this reason enough to take the entire issue of leasing or sale to oil and gas companies who want to Frack this landscape off the table? Isn’t the strong vote of 99 percent of the residents heard loudly enough, or is our plea to not frack falling on deaf ears? Surely you will stand up against this proposal, Ms. Hankins, because it is the right thing to do.

This land provides for our community now. Listen to the people. Please stand up for us. Put an end to the proposal to frack the North Fork Valley once and for all. You will sleep at night knowing you’ve done all you can to save an entire community and all creatures that live in this valley. Imagine how good that will feel!

Thank you for your consideration,


Crested Butte

Easy gun access part of American gun culture

Once again we endure a senseless tragedy, this time by a shooter at an elementary school with easy access to guns. There are an estimated 310 million nonmilitary firearms in America. So how again do guns make us safer?

Anyone who wants a gun can get a gun. But all of these people who have guns aren’t stopping these shooters from causing mass carnage. Yet, with all the easy access to guns, it is easy for these shooters, most of whom have a record of being law-abiding citizens, to continue to kill multiple victims without anyone stopping them.

I heard the laughable argument that every adult should be required to carry a firearm. But what happens if you go to a bar or are in a sports stadium with numerous people around and you get into an argument and you are losing that argument and you are feeling humiliated. What is to stop you from pulling out your gun and settling the argument? Yeah, that would make us all safer, all right.

With all the firearms we have in America, we are going to continue to experience these tragedies. These shootings are never going to end with the gun culture we have in America. And the blood of all the people killed in these shootings is on the hands of all the pro-gun people who make easy gun access possible.

So, again I ask, how does easy access to guns make us safer? 


Grand Junction

Gun-free zones become easy targets for predators

When are we going to quit setting up gun-free zones so predators bent on causing death and mayhem will not have a target-rich environment?

We take the most innocent among us, the children, and place them in buildings. Then we announce to the world that the children or adults there have no means of self-defense. It would not matter if the perpetrator had a gun, a sword, or cyanide tablets. These children and adults have absolutely no protection.

Guns in the hands of trained, law-abiding citizens do not cause problems, but they could certainly provide much needed protection for children in the schools should the occasion arise.


Grand Junction

County commissioners lauded

Thank you, Janet Rowland and Craig Meis.  An author friend of mine recently quoted Mahatma Gandhi in saying “The future depends on what we do in the present.” Janet and Craig, along with their partners Steve Aquafesca and Tillie Bishop, made many decisions over the past eight years that will serve Mesa County residents well for many years to come.

Their time in office was filled with many challenges (some of their own making but most created by recession and difficult times nationally). Mesa County is recovering from the recession faster than most counties across the country.

The commissioners have put in place many business-friendly policies. They have significantly reduced county administrative costs while maintaining quality services. They have established stronger partnerships with other agencies, private and public. They have put in place a new county administration that will provide healthy leadership for years to come.   

While the past eight years haven’t been totally devoid of drama, the effective and efficient delivery of county services will continue to benefit the residents of Mesa County for many years to come. Thank you for your past eight years of service.   

Lady Lake, Fla.

President now must feed ‘monster’ of entitlement system

Everyone knows exactly why President Barack Obama was re-elected, and it wasn’t because he doubled the price of food and gas, added 5 trillion dollars of debt to our kids, or caused millions of us to lose our health insurance.

Nope. And now that he’s added millions and millions more Americans to the entitlement system to get elected, it’s time to feed the monster!

Santa Claus is coming to town, people, and he’s bringing higher taxes and a much higher cost of living. You can’t stop him now.

I warned all of you there’s not a nation in Europe that gives any less than 60 cents of every dollar they make to pay for their ungodly monster called socialism. Well, America, you’ve been playing pretend-socialism. Instead of hammering taxpayers with ungodly tax rates such as Europe, we just ran up the kids’ debt. 

But now it must change, and that’s why Santa Claus and his party (who only spend other people’s money) must fight so hard for every extra tax they can on Americans. Santa’s new budget calls for $1.6 trillion more in taxes on Americans added to the $3 trillion Uncle Sam already takes from us each year. And Santa’s new budget doesn’t include the half-trillion in taxes his Obamacare is set to inflict on people who pay for health care.

America, you had a chance to vote for jobs. You didn’t, and now you must pay.


Grand Junction

Tragedy reflects price sometimes paid by free people

The school massacre in Connecticut was tragic beyond words. Shock and grief have plunged the nation into mourning. It’s sure to stir the ire of the gun control crowd and will probably signal the beginning of a new campaign for gun bans.

Obama’s public statements, though appropriate, are, I believe, simply the “run-up” to the liberal goal of banning firearms altogether. This incident was so horrendous that public outrage may very well accomplish what the botched “Fast and Furious” operation was intended to do but did not.

But remember, as a nation of freedoms, the most in recorded history, this kind of tragedy is sometimes the price a free people must pay. An old cliché comes to mind, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” The school shooting was wrong, a vile, evil deed, but to follow it with a purely reactionary thing like blaming and then banning guns, would be wrong, too. 

Grand Junction

We must all serve each other by supporting increased budgets for mental health care

Once again a national tragedy brings our awareness to deficits in mental health care.

A group of women in First Methodist Church have a mental health study group. In October we published a report based on replies to a survey of mental healthcare professionals. These professionals have ideas of how behavioral health care in Mesa County needs to improve. 

The poor are the ones who have the most difficulty getting care. There are 12,405 people under 20 on Medicaid in Mesa County. Rocky Mountain Health Plans carries 70 percent of the Medicaid, and it does not offer a mental health benefit. This needs to change. 

Colorado West Regional Mental Health is the sole provider for Medicaid services, and many of our survey responders expressed the opinion that services to clients could be improved if more providers could participate. 

The mental health care professionals repeatedly mentioned three needs that may overlap: 1) services for children, including domestic violence 2) substance abuse and 3) Mesa County’s terrible suicide rate.

Law enforcement responders to the survey focused on the need for an organized way for law enforcement, physicians, therapists and hospitals to screen and move people through the system to receive the care they need. 

Budgets for behavioral health care have been defunded every year for many years. A letter from the governor’s office states that “the budget for 2013-2014 requests that a priority be placed on behavioral health. The request for $17.1 million is comprised of: $10.3 million for expansion of behavioral health crisis response system, $4.8 million for improving behavioral health community capacity and $2.1 million for increasing access to civil beds for those defendants determined incompetent to proceed with their trials.” 

It is time to support budget increases for this crucial community need.  Each of us in Mesa County can make a difference if we increase our awareness of troubles of friends, family and neighbors. Watch for withdrawal, sadness, hopelessness, talking of death, or increased drug and alcohol use or if a family member is entrapped in domestic violence. Encourage seeking help. If loved ones are in danger of harming themselves or others, try to find a way to lock up firearms. We all serve each other.     


Members of Greatest Generation remember making willing sacrifices

My dad fought in the Pacific in WW II. He was part of the greatest generation. We lived in a small New England town that looked like it was right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. I loved the root beer at the soda fountain. From pictures I’ve seen and stories I’ve heard, it was pretty much like life in the Grand Valley at that time.

We proudly waved the flag and honored veterans. We felt blessed to live in the greatest country.        Before WW II we had been suffering under the failed attempts of FDR at improving our economy. Pearl Harbor happened, and we pulled together. We paid for the war ourselves by buying war bonds.

The war was won by many personal sacrifices. People helped each other. The money raised was invested in manufacturing capacity to build ships, tanks and planes. At the end of the war those investments were converted to peacetime production. Our fathers and mothers built the economic base that would support us for generations.     

Today, too many in this generation feel entitled to everything. To some having to buy their own birth control pills is a great sacrifice. Compare that to the sacrifice made by Rosy the riveter of the WW II era.

It’s taken 67 years for liberals to chip away at the strong sense of independence we inherited from our parents. Yet, many Americans still have a competitive spirit and will eventually rein in the government that holds us back. That’s my wish for the New Year.   


Media must accentuate positive in stories such as Sandy Hook

My wonderful son brought up a great point with me about how the media sensationalizes the criminal in the heinous acts our society faces. I would like to ask that this be changed.

Starting here and moving forward, I ask that only the heroes’ names be mentioned. Make the story about the heroes—how and what they did when this crime happened. Take the power out of the hands of those that want to go down infamously known for taking lives. Bring about the positive to these stories in the media. Negativity breeds negativity. Please change how these stories are viewed.

A positive spin on ALL the stories would help us all to see the world in a positive light. To feel a united nation of good is all around us. Taking the power away from those who would delight in seeing themselves on TV as they took lives and destroy families. Even as they rob a convenience store. Why does that name need be known as any more than criminal? Post his picture to find him, but never say his name as anything more than criminal. If this story is dealt out positively to show how the clerk scared the gunmen off or brought about his capture. The power is in the hands of the good to all the viewers.

The families whose lives have been forever altered deserve justice for those they have lost. Anyone who has suffered tragedy at the hands of someone else deserves justice. This isn’t justice in full, but isn’t it a good start? Please do what you can to change these stories and take away the criminals’ power. Maybe it will stop a criminal in the future. 





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