Email letters, Dec. 27, 2012

Council ought to be honest about TABOR override funds

When the TABOR override measure to provide funds to pay off the Riverside Parkway was voted on, it was presented as a temporary increase. We were led to believe that the tax increase would end when the parkway was paid off.

Now the city wants us to vote for a new TABOR override and at the same time to suggest how this increase in taxes might be spent. How about letting this tax increase expire as we were told it would? Taxpayers would not be getting a refund; the city would not be “forced to give back the money.” It is not the city’s money to give back; it is the taxpayers’ money. 

If the City Council decides to schedule a vote to approve another TABOR override, it should at least be honest with the voters and admit that this was a temporary measure that is on schedule to accomplish its objective and the city has no right to this money in perpetuity. 

No dollars will be “freed up” with the approval of a new ballot question. A new tax will be created, and the city council doesn’t even know what it wants to do with this money it doesn’t have.

I urge the city to be more honest with taxpayers, and I urge taxpayers to vote NO on this underhanded attempt to make a temporary tax increase permanent.

Grand Junction

Create gun-free zones for every important person

Politicians, bureaucrats, various law enforcement agencies and even the media say this is the best way to keep people safe.

For a long time I doubted their position, but now ...

Can everybody else be wrong?

I have come to the realization that perhaps the protection afforded our children should be expanded to protect ALL of the important people in our lives.

I think the gun-free zones should be spread to protect politicians by denying any firearm within a 1,000-foot radius of any and all politicians, and all public appearances should be publicly posted no fewer than 48 hours in advance so that law-abiding concealed carry citizens will not inadvertently violate this simple restriction.

Likewise extend the gun-free zones to police stations, sheriffs’ departments, FBI, DEA and ALL other law enforcement agencies to help make their lives safer.

All bureaucrats should also be granted the same privileges to afford them a greater degree of safety, as well.

After all, if it is so safe for schools, shopping malls, government office buildings, VA medical clinics, military bases, then why not?

This would, as a matter of law, also remove the armed guards that constantly hover around presidents, governors and other high-ranking officials. You never really know, however, that one of those guards isn’t going to go insane at the drop of a hat, so that will further guarantee the safety of the person as well as the gathered crowd.



Any Ethics Watch plan would only benefit Dems

Let’s clear this up. Colorado Ethics Watch, which has ignored the improprieties of the Democrats while damaging and tying up Republican candidates, is in favor of a nonpartisan commission to replace the secretary of state to judge elections.

Would this be like the nonpartisan member of the Re-apportionment Committee in 2011, which sided with the Democrats and essentially handed the Colorado State House back to the Democrats by gerrymandering the districts to give the Democrats a majority?

There is no such thing as a nonpartisan. If we were to go to an appointed commission, they would only be beholden to the people who appointed them. At least under the current system, the people have a say every four years. They would not under the Ethics Watch plan.

Ethics Watch has spent the last six years destroying Republican politicians. Any plan that they would propose would benefit the Democrats. This would hardly be nonpartisan.



If firearms could talk, they’d pinpoint true perpetrators of violence

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I heard a strange noise outside my bedroom door. As I opened the door, to my surprise my .22 pistol had gotten out of the gun cabinet and out of its case, and it was busy loading rounds into itself.

“I must be dreaming”, I muttered to myself, only to find out that the pistol was able to speak back to me. “Oh, you are not,” the pistol said, ”and I am guessing you are wondering what is going on.” I said I was amazed that it could speak.

The pistol replied, “I am tired of being blamed for your human failings. Every time there is a tragic shooting such as in Newton, Conn., many of you want to blame it on us guns. You believe that more gun laws would have prevented this. This is like wanting restrictions on the use of spoons because Rosie O’Donnell is fat.”

The pistol continued on, “I would like someone to please give an example of one law or one more law, considering all of the laws that were broken by the person committing this heinous act, which would have prevented this tragedy from happening. Remember the Columbine shootings occurred while the assault weapons ban was law? Also, look at the fact that more than 440 school-age children were wounded from gunfire and more than 60 died in Chicago in 2012.

“That’s right, Chicago, home of some of most stringent gun laws in the country. Perhaps you should take a good look at yourselves,” the pistol continued.”

“Guns don’t kill people. People do,” the pistol went on.

“There will be those that want to blame the violent movies that Hollywood produces or the violent video games that are produced. But who pays money to go see these movies or buy the video games? Who is really responsible?”

“Who is responsible for prescribing antidepressants such as Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft which are known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors?” I said. “What?” The pistol said. “Think mind-altering drugs, which are given to already troubled individuals, and there have some known side effects to some people using them. Some of which are suicide and violence.

“Finally, who has allowed a very small minority of members of this society to take God out of the public schools, out of the courthouses and out of public meetings, even though this country was founded on these very same Judeo-Christian beliefs? In fact, the Democratic Party had to have a vote on whether to let the word “God” be included in any of the planks of its national platform. Who is responsible for this? Not us guns.

“The Founding Fathers of this country believed God was a very integral part in the forming of this country. There were many different religions, and they believed that is with God that this country is the exceptional country that it is. Perhaps, seeing Thou Shalt Not Kill would be a good thing in classrooms and public buildings, and allowing prayers at public gatherings should be welcomed. Think about where the responsibility really lies,” the pistol finished.

As I put the pistol back in its case and back into the cabinet, all I could say was, “Amen.”

Grand Junction



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