Email letters, Dec. 7, 2012

Maintaining security, freedom should top list of government priorities

The United Nations charter, I thought, was to maintain peace. Instead they encourage violence and mayhem by a terrorist organization to rain rockets over civilian territories with impunity and grant them authority to continue this type of behavior.

Since we are running out of money, and time, let’s stop this charade.

Keeping our country safe and free is our government’s number-one obligation. It should not require more than three months of our lawmakers’ time. Then cut their salaries by three-fourths.

Now we’ve solved the fiscal cliff and done some good. The states can take care of the rest.

Grand Junction

Resolve pressing fiscal issues now for the sake of future generations

For heaven’s sake! Why would this stupid article (Outnumbered 3 to 1) merit the front page?

I have been Democrat for my entire life that fortunately has been long. Why wouldn’t people vote for the candidate who can best solve the issues of today? The fact that Mesa County voted “red” says that many of us have experienced and understand the issues.

The policies of the Democrats have not been this socialistic in the past. I am a Democrat who wants a president AND Congress that are keenly in tune with the needs of all Americans, including the younger generation.

Yes, I have children and grandchildren. My biggest concern in 2013 and beyond is that my children might be citizens of a bankrupt nation and very possibly a third-world country. What good would that do for poorer citizens who depend on the government (food stamps) or folks on Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security?

All of these so-called “entitlements” will go bankrupt without restructuring in the very near future. Restructuring these programs is not a threat to those of us who are currently on these programs or other retirement programs.

As of today, Obama wants total control of the debt ceiling and will not make any concessions on spending. One does not have to be a mathematician to know that is a bad deal. I hope and pray that our leaders will make some sensible decisions and balance the spending cuts with tax increases and balance the budget.

Having said all of this, I understand that talking politics or religion in some gatherings (work, family and friends) is not advisable. But, this is not worthy news for the front page.

Certainly campaign yard signs should not be vandalized, nor should anyone be fired for his or her political preferences. The Sentinel calling this a minority problem is only adding to the country’s real problem of division, which is getting more damaging every day. Will we return to one nation united any time soon? I am one hoping and praying for that.

So, America, let’s unite and demand that all of the issues (restructuring of Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, tax increases balanced with spending cuts and a 2013 balanced budget) be resolved now. Our congressmen and president are paid entirely too much to be allowed to do nothing constructive.

Grand Junction

Norton’s debt relief request shows double standard

I find it very interesting that Jane Norton is asking for debt relief from the Federal Election Commission for her 2010 campaign debts of $476,000 at the rate of 4.6 cents on the dollar.

What happened to the fiscal responsibility she so often preached? Spending only within your means?

Perhaps that was the message for the rest of us but not for her. The hypocrisy of this woman is amazing. Thank goodness she didn’t win that Senate seat.


Be sure to support senators’ concern for scenic Colorado

I’ve said it for years: After a great mountain bike ride, hike in the backcountry or float down one of Colorado’s iconic rivers – Woooo! We live here!

As Sen. Michael Bennet correctly points out in his recent letter, “we’re lucky in Colorado” to have our magnificent public lands. They are why we live here, why our economy thrives and why we are the envy of states across the country! What Sen. Bennet modestly overlooked in his letter is that we are also lucky to have great lawmakers like him and Sen. Udall who are working tirelessly to ensure the future of our public lands.

If you live here like my family does because of all the great recreational opportunities on our public lands, I hope you will join in supporting Sens. Bennet and Mark Udall in their efforts to ensure the future of Colorado’s public lands. It’s true: We’re lucky that we live here!


Has the Grinch infiltrated the U.S. Postal Service?

No wonder the Postal Service is hurting and needs to increase rates. On Nov. 26 I phoned the USPS toll-free number to order some stamps.  I ordered more $67 worth of both domestic and airmail stamps and was told they would be available in no more than seven days. 

Having waited past that time, I telephoned again yesterday to check on the order.  My credit card had been charged for the full amount on the day I placed the order.  I finally reached a very bored and unhelpful agent who researched the order and advised it had not been shipped until Nov. 30.  Why it took four days for the company to fill the order was beyond his knowledge. 

It is now 10 days since I placed the order, and I still do not have the stamps.  With this delay, my Christmas cards and letters will not reach their destinations for the holiday.  Next year, everyone will get e-mail cards.  I would prefer to support the postal service, but it seems service is sadly lacking.
Grand Junction

Members of Congress are overpaid, underworked

It was disgusting to watch a news broadcast on television Wednesday evening of members of Congress fleeing the U.S. Capitol for a several days of recess or vacation.  Apparently, most of them were Republican House members.  Were they told to escape or avoid the debates on the “fiscal cliff” issue?  It seems to be a strategy employed by Rep. Eric Cantor and Republican leaders. So, these members of Congress were fleeing their responsibilities. 

According to the news anchor, they have only three actual days remaining in December to conduct legislative business. I checked the congressional calendar, and this looks to be accurate.  According to a reliable website on our national government, it costs taxpayers $30 million per day to have Congress in session. So, we have a part-time Congress shirking its responsibilities and costing taxpayers tons of money each day.

It is almost cowardly that these elected representatives cannot face up to their responsibilities and do their jobs.  Be they Democrats or Republicans, they choose to work for their political parties and not for their constituents and go home for a vacation. 

When Congress is in session, its members are scheduled to do very few days of actual legislative business. The rest of the days are wasted non-essential, non-working days for them. They all should just stay home and save us millions of dollars. 

It is obvious that many of these members of Congress do not care about the 98 percent of the Americans that pay most of the taxes in this country.  We need continue the tax cuts for middle- and lower-income Americans. Aren’t you tired of supporting the wealthy 2 percent and corporate America? 

New Castle


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