Email letters, December 20, 2013

Sheriffs are just following federal government’s example

I found Mike Littwin’s column in the Dec. 19 edition interesting. He seems a bit perplexed as to why several county sheriffs will not enforce recent knee-jerk gun control legislation.

I wonder if Littwin considered that the sheriffs in question are just following the federal government’s example. The president instructed the Department of Justice to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act in 2011, which has been the law of the land since 1996, and the federal government cherry-picks which federal immigration laws it will and will not enforce. These are just two examples right off the top of my head. I’m sure there are more if I dug into it a bit more.

Hey, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? As a Marine, I was always taught that one leads from the front. Well, it looks as if our county sheriffs are just following their federal leadership examples.

Littwin quotes the Constitution at the end of his article. I suggest he look at it again to see if there’s anything that says, “When knee-jerk panic legislation is required in the opinion of a misguided politician with an agenda, then bypassing the Constitution is OK.” I doubt he’ll find that either.

Grand Junction

Those worried about enforcing laws should look at president’s handling of issues

Mike Littwin’s column on enforcing the new gun control laws is provocative, but offers no practical suggestions. Sheriffs swear an oath to uphold the law and will do so when they have evidence of a crime. This new gun law is not one they have the resources to investigate on a stand-alone basis. If in the process of investigating another crime, they discover evidence of a gun law violation, they must add that to the list of charges. That’s pretty much how the system works with many of our criminal statutes.

Now, if you are concerned about enforcing the law as written, you should be asking our president about his handling of immigration, IRS, environmental laws and Obamacare. There is no lack of evidence. Talk about missing not just the elephant in the room but several of them.

Executive discretion is the answer the president gives us. There is law that makes it clear that under our system that “discretion” is limited. If executive power is not restrained, presidents become more like kings than presidents. But let’s worry more about the sheriffs’ discretion in assigning their limited resources. That’s much more important.


Will president continue to lie?

Now that we know President Obama lied about his health care plan, can we honestly believe he hasn’t been lying to us about everything for five years and will probably continue to do so for another three?

Cabela’s staff deserves special ‘note’ of thanks

A special thank you to the Grand Junction Cabela’s staff for accommodating the musicians of Tuba Christmas, which is sponsored by the Centennial Band  

The musicians were scheduled outside in downtown Grand Junction at Wells Fargo, but due to the below-freezing temperatures, they needed to find an indoor place to perform.  Within an hour, the Cabela’s staff cleared a space around the Christmas tree, which allowed the tuba and euphonium musicians of all ages to perform their Christmas concert.

Cabela’s staff went above and beyond to make this event happen.

Director of Centennial Band
Grand Junction

Wright deserves recognition for support of Constitution

In last Sunday’s Daily Sentinel editorial, we got our weekly dose of the paper’s attacks on state Representative Jared Wright.

It’s ironic that the very policies the Sentinel attacks him for are the reasons voters in this district elected him - his dedication to the Constitution and his dedication to stopping the growth of government.

His positions also reflect a growing number of Americans. In the latest Gallop Poll, 72 percent saw the growth of government as the greatest threat to America’s future.

More and more people realize that excessive government regulations and intrusions into people’s private lives negatively impact our national prosperity and liberty. This has been especially evident in the energy industry.

Wright’s position is to oppose laws that only benefit narrow special-interest groups who milk the government for our hard-earned tax dollars.

If people take the time to check on Wright’s voting record, they will get a more accurate picture of his job performance as our representative than they will from your slanted reporting. Why would Wright want an interview with such a biased newspaper?


Grand Junction

Sentinel should editorialize for repeal of exemptions

The Sentinel’s editorial – “Another study takes careless aim at fracking”—in response to Thursday’s AP story—“Study links fracking fluid, health problems” – lends undo credence to local politicos (acting as shills for the oil & gas industry) who carelessly repeat the oft-debunked mantra that “there’s no proof that fracking can cause health problems”.

While the AP story was even more alarmingly captioned by other media outlets, the title of the University of Missouri’s study – a peer-reviewed article pre-released by the journal Endocrine – is more esoteric:  “Estrogen and Androgen Receptor Activities of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals and Surface and Ground Water in a Drilling-Dense Region”.

The report focuses on “Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals” (“EDF”s)—which Paonia’s Theo Colborn has warned about for years—that can cause hormonal imbalances and even birth defects, and found increased levels of EDF’s, both near reported fluid spill sites and in the Colorado River itself.

As the report aptly noted, “hundreds of products containing more than 750 chemicals and components are potentially used throughout the [oil & gas] extraction process, including over one hundred known or suspected endocrine disrupting chemicals.”

However, because of the “Halliburton Exceptions” that Dick Cheney inserted into the Energy Policy Act of 2005, both the investigative and regulatory authority of the EPA are constrained by the fact that “fracking” (albeit purportedly “completely safe”!)  remains exempted from several federal environmental laws—including the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Clean Air Act. Why? 

Consequently, while industry advocates (and the Sentinel) can still plausibly insist that there is as yet no “scientific certainty” (just as do “climate change deniers”), remaining “uncertainty” is largely attributable to those statutory exemptions – which subordinate public health to the industry’s exaggerated “cost-of-compliance” misrepresentations.

Thus, it’s time for the Sentinel to editorialize for repeal of those exemptions.

Grand Junction

Duck Dynasty star unfairly castigated

I never paid much attention to Duck Dynasty. But I will be buying some of their merchandise just to peeve the reprobates at A&E.

It is much deeper than the attempt to penalize Phil Robertson and Christians in general. Television was much better when it produced shows like Wagon Train where there were actual prayers included in the story. The theology wasn’t always right, but the writers and producers didn’t dis the Christian.

The problem is in our society, which has been loosed from the reins of the Constitution and fundamental law. When Massachusetts violated both law and reason and made the fraud of same sex marriage legal, Hawaii followed suit. The reaction of the people was immediate, and 30-31 states defended “marriage.” Now several have embraced legislators and governors that embrace sodomy and sin and encourage both. And the “already captured press” encourages the “change.”

It is like the Methodist Church and church discipline, which required an ordained minister be released for violation of church doctrine. That doctrine, like Phil Robertson’s personal opinion, is in line with scripture.

Yet the media favors the defrocked, rebellious preacher? It is like the support given the unconstitutional braying of Mikey Weinstein who does not reflect the First Amendment but has used its corruption as a weapon to harm the cause of religion everywhere he goes. He does NOT represent the First Amendment and ought not be accorded any power over it.

This goes much deeper than Duck Dynasty. But if I had a T-shirt that could display Phil Robertson as James Coburn in the Movie DUCK You Suckers, I would wear it proudly.



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Diane Cox is wrong. The Daily Sentinel went easy on Representative Jared Wright. How easy is it to stand for Conservative causes when they don’t stand a chance of passing?

While the Western Slope economy continued to struggle what did Wright do? Sponsored a bill that gives money to one of the largest environmental groups fighting energy development.

Did you know there was a recall attempt on the Western Slope? Representative McLachlan in HD 59 was under Recall this summer. It was the recall that failed. Where was Representative Wright? Did he get signatures for this recall? Oh, that’s right, there were no photo opportunities like with the Hudak recall.

While the Conservatives in Mesa County were attempting to win the School Board elections, where was Representative Wright? Denver raising money from the Special Interests and Lobbyists.

In the past month the Western Slope has received several body blows to the economy, with layoffs in mining and drilling industries. Representative Wright’s response? Go after the Affordable Care Act. When the Western Slope is starved for jobs, we get a Representative who wants to Grand Stand by bringing bills he knows will not even make it out of committee.

The Western Slope needs someone who is more interested in representing the District and focusing on the local problems instead of trying to establish his Conservative Bona Fides.

Here is a hint Jared, if you have to establish yourself, you probably aren’t Conservative to begin with.

NO Ms Cox Mr Wright got elected because voters were presented with no choice. I am not banking on his re-election as there, indeed, is a choice. Why has not Mr Wright “cleared up” his allegations of the Sentinel targeting him unfairly while pre-election “investigations” were going on as he stated he would do? Why? Because he is like every other politician and just wants to stay “in power.” Elected representatives SHOULD NOT be elected for life. Period. Ala hatch, feinstein, boxer, pelosi, schumer, waxman, baucus and on and on.

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