Email letters, Feb. 14, 2012

Bill will help prevent suicide

Colorado has the sixth highest rate of suicide in the nation. 867 Coloradans died by suicide in 2010. The largest number of suicides is among men of working age, 35 to 54. These men are sons, husbands, fathers, wage earners. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people, ages 10 to 34.

Men over age 75 are at highest risk. A death by suicide affects the entire community. It has a profound impact on family and friends, and the workplace, and results in an untold loss of productivity.

House Bill 1140, sponsored by Rep. Matt Jones and Sen. Linda Newell, will help prevent suicide. If passed, it will ask hospitals to provide information about suicide (risk factors, signs, and sources of help) to family and friends to whom a suicidal person is being discharged. The State Office of Suicide Prevention would work with hospitals to develop appropriate materials. Suicidal persons who go to the hospital are often those who have attempted suicide, and these individuals are at serious risk for eventually dying of suicide. Any effort that gets information into the hands of those closest to suicidal persons will help save lives.

Please contact the members of the Health and Environment Committee and ask them to support HB1140. Together, we can save lives in Colorado. Learn more at

Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado
Grand Junction

Adequate funding for education is critical

I believe people have the habit of blaming the system, which isn’t always wrong. Recently teaching staff of District 51 has been under high pressure to give results such as improved test scores. The teachers are working 12-hour work days while getting paid for 8 hours per day.

If the school system is underfunded what does this say to our students? Does it say we care that they perform well, but we won’t support them? Why should students care if people don’t care to give proper funding to schools?

I agree the school system is failing, but I believe the blame goes equally to taxpayers as it does to teachers. This problem is far more important than people realize. Students coming from this system are your future employees, employers, neighbors, political leaders. How can the future generation cure cancer if they don’t know what it is?

Grand Junction

Nuclear power plant being built in Green River

A quick question to our friends on the Western Slope. Do all of you realize that Blue Castle Holdings, a development company formed by a former Utah state legislator, is moving ahead with plans to build a nuclear power plant in Green River, Utah? This with the blessing of Utah State Engineer Kent Jones.

I’m no expert but I believe that puts you folks a few score miles downwind. After recent events in Japan this proposal stretches the limits of credulity, but I assure you it is for real. Articles and an editorial appearing recently in the Salt Lake Tribune raise serious questions about the viability of the developer and the project as a whole.

I urge everyone to educate themselves and speak out now lest all that we hold dear is threatened by this ridiculous proposal.

Moab, Utah

Planned Parenthood is not a sacred entity

I share letter writer Judity Chapin’s concern for abused children. Abuse produces devastating effects on society.

Ms. Chapin’s premise seems to be: support Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic and America will be better. PPHC has been around for more than 75 years and America is not safer. Child abuse has not gone down. Fewer children live in two parent homes. Birth control is freely available throughout the United States, but families are not more stable and thus children are not being raised in a safer environment.

If PPHC is doing so much good for the family, why are Americans increasingly (since 1933) hostile toward the young, and the young increasingly hostile toward all? The PPHC organization does not save children. It prevents conception or, if “contra”- ception fails, it destroys the products of conception. There are no children involved; PPHC does not allow a child to come into being.

In the cynical world view, we have already killed the hope and beauty inherent within a new human being (poor or wealthy), so it is a little thing that we destroy the mere physical combination of molecules that houses that potential.

My point: PPHC is not a sacred entity. Earlier this month we heard indignant outcries when the Komen Foundation rescinded its financial support for PPHC. Clearly a sacred cow had been struck. When such responses become predictable, we are in danger of becoming a superstitious society.

America has many serious problems and it is crucial that we use our best logic, our most respectful negotiation, and our unified commitment to resolution to solve them.

PPHC does some good things and it does some bad things. PPHC is not a sacred cow. It can be improved. Regardless, as a society, we need to get busy building stable families.

Grand Junction

In response to the Feb. 12th letter from Judith Chapin, of Fruita, I would like to state the following: Does she really believe that killing a child before it is born to prevent its “possibly” being abused after birth is a good thing? This is an old, old byline of the pro-abortion agenda — kill them before they’re born so they’re not hurt or killed afterward. What kind of twisted thinking is that? 

By the way, statistics prove there has not been a reduction in child abuse since the passage of Roe vs. Wade. 
Do you realize the horrendous torture and pain an unborn baby goes through during an abortion — is that not the ultimate “child abuse?”
Planned Parenthood is no one’s savior but their own — their abortion industry brings in untold hundreds of millions of dollars every year, plus they receive our tax dollars. How many abortions do you think they do for free? How often have they been in trouble for performing abortions on underage girls with adult partners (against the law). All they want is the money. If they truly cared about the girls, wouldn’t they want them to have the information and time to make the right choice, with all known alternatives? How come they fight every piece of legislature regarding ultrasounds, waiting periods, parental consent, etc.? Think about it.

All women have a right to choice — it is the right to create a child or not.

After conception, the choice has been made and that unborn human being also has rights. If it’s not a baby, you’re not pregnant!

Let County Clerk do her job

Marilyn Marks suing again, really? Evidently, she was getting nowhere in her former suit asking that she be able to see the ballots from former elections. Our County Clerk, and many others throughout the state, in trying to protect our voter’s rights, made the argument that in certain areas containing minimal ballots it was possible for someone to see how voters voted.

Now she is turning that around and saying that our election officials have the ability to see how voters vote in the way that ballots are counted. Seriously? And now she’s suing in federal court? What a waste of our taxpayer money, not to mention the hours away from their jobs our County Clerks have to spend in trips to Denver to answer all these frivolous suits.

With a major election coming up, not to mention the recent relocation of their offices here in Grand Junction, let our County Clerk and Election Officials do their jobs without having to answer to activists like Marilyn Marks.

Grand Junction

County Clerk is not following statutes and rules

While it remains unclear exactly what Mesa County Clerk Sheila Reiner told The Daily Sentinel — “Voter rights violated, lawsuit alleges” (Feb. 14) — one statement attributed to her is at least misleading, if not materially false.

Thus, not all of “the procedures she follows are prescribed by statute and rules”. Nothing in Colorado statutes or rules required Reiner to partially deny Marilyn Marks’ request for anonymous voting information under the Colorado Open Records Act, which has opened a Pandora’s Box of apparently discretionary local procedures which enable the penetration of voter anonymity and thus compromise the “secret ballot..”

Nothing in Colorado statute or rules required previous Mesa County election officials to abandon the randomization of opened mail-in ballots — after verification of the ballot count — which now enables some opened mail-in ballots to be traced back to the voter.

Nothing in Colorado statutes or rules requires the retention of unrandomized opened mail-in ballot batches for 25 months — which can then be traced back to the voter using various election reports and distinct ballot styles.

Nothing in Colorado statutes or rules requires small special voting district elections to be included on the combined mail-in ballot in coordinated elections rather than being conducted using a separate ballot included in the same mailing envelope — which causes the number distinct ballot styles to proliferate and the cost of elections to escalate.

Nothing in Colorado statutes or rules requires the splitting of precincts by smaller special voting districts, which also promotes the proliferation of distinct ballot styles and thus causes the costs of coordinated elections to further escalate.

Nothing in Colorado statutes or rules justifies the estimated $400,000 cost to the city of Grand Junction to conduct the special election necessary to disestablish a special voting district.

Such dubious denials — rather than effective solutions — precipitate lawsuits.

Grand Junction

Council members were wrong about concessionaire at Tiara Rado

This letter is intended for the group of Grand Junction City Council members whom thought it was a great idea to shut down the food service at Tiara Rado Golf Club.

Having a father who ran a successful restaurant business for over 35 years, I have learned one thing about hospitality. It takes a lot of work to get a customer into your business even harder to keep him coming back. We had a great operator on Tiara Rado, the food was extremely good, as was the service. It was always full on Saturday and Sunday mornings, with one of the best buffets in town. It had a regular clientele for breakfast lunch and dinner, great turn outs for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, etc.

The locals who didn’t even play golf enjoyed the restaurant for its awesome views and great food. They could walk over from home enjoy a great meal and one the most beautiful restaurant views in the valley.

But council members were not happy with it, they wanted a change, they felt they could run it better than someone with experience. So they treated the manager poorly, lied about him, tarnished his character and destroyed the business. Then they decided to get somebody else in there to save it.

Problem was they had already destroyed the business. We quit coming in for breakfast, quit staying for lunch and we quite buying beverages, they raised the prices so much it wasn’t worth it. We could not count on them anymore, now it is closed again. Council members need to come clean with the people of Grand Junction with how much money they have lost since they started down this road. They owe us an apology and a look at the books.

Grand Junction


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I agree with Gladys Woynowskie and Carol Anderson in their responses to Judith Chapins letter concerning Planned Parenthood. Your responses made so much more sense than the sick belief she apparently has that abortion “saves children”.  How can anyone sincerely believe such a ridiculous idea.

I agree with you Joyce. Judith Chapins letter was outrageous. Thank you Gladys and carol for your letters. Will they be printed? Probably not.

I think that The Daily Sentinel has the responsibility to print these letters too.  This is a hot button issue for both sides.  How about DS?

sorry, it should have read ‘how about it, DS?’

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