Email letters, Feb. 2, 2012

Why have a bus station any place in the city?

Seems to me that if the Greyhound Company imports so much crime into our city, why do we allow them to have a station anywhere in the city?

We might be able to save some tax dollars if we just had a couple of cops guarding the Interstate 70 off- ramps to make sure the buses went only East bound or West bound, no stopping here.

Grand Junction

Everyone should sing the national anthem

I have just read the letters to the editor with complaints about who should our shouldn’t sing “The Star Spangled Banner” at sporting or other events. Everyone should sing. It is our national anthem and, even though it isn’t the easiest tune, as patriotic Americans we should be proud to sing it.

It is something that helps to unify us as a nation. I like to sing along even though I struggle with the high notes, and I notice that others do the same.

A few years ago we had the privilege of helping with an English school in China. We went on a field trip with a busload of the students. They all knew their country’s patriotic songs which they loudly and proudly sang. Would U.S. students be able to do that, or would they be belting out “Ninety Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall”?

Grand Junction

Bradford’s treatment has been shameful

Laura Bradford received a full apology from the Denver police for the shameful way her traffic stop was handled and sure enough in the same issue of the paper Bill Grant hopped on the band wagon to convict her. I hope he has a shovel to remove the egg off his face.
Insinuation and innuendo abound in the headline report of her traffic stop. “She said she had been at a legislative event when the legislature was over at noon and she was stopped at 10 p.m.” Oh yes, 14 blocks from the Capitol. She volunteered where she had been and who she was with and what she had to eat and drink.
She was stopped for an improper lane change — give me a break. How many of us if confronted with a deer leaping out in front of us would use the turn signal before swerving? A door on a car near her swing open and she swerved to not hit it or tear it off. 
Murrey, the Denver Police Chief representative acknowledged, ” she repeatedly asked to be treated like everyone else. She kept trying to get us to do our job and if we had she could have been cleared by a blood alcohol test.”
Now since they can’t prove a DUI, they want to prosecute on possession of a hand gun (secured under the front seat and pointed out by Ms. Bradford to the policeman) while she was intoxicated? Based on “he smelled alcohol on her breath?”
This shameful treatment will garner Ms. Bradford additional votes this fall as we in western Colorado are fair and resent our citizens being unjustly tried in the Media and condemned before the true facts are presented.
Grand Junction

Senator looking for input on grants and contracts processes

In Colorado, federal grants and contracts can be a useful resource when businesses, local communities and nonprofit organizations have efficient and effective access to them.

In the most successful instances, they have been useful in facilitating partnerships between the federal government and the private sector as we work together to build a strong economy in this state for the next generation.

In our state, when the process works right, federal grants have helped entrepreneurs develop ideas into reality, regional economic clusters grow, local communities build infrastructure and rural small businesses get off the ground. Many Colorado businesses have also benefited from federal contracts that help create jobs and boost local economies. 

When I travel the state, I hear from Coloradans who have had both positive and negative experiences with the federal grants and contracting processes. I’d like to work to make the process more effective and efficient for all Coloradans who apply, and I’m asking for your feedback. I have launched two online surveys to gather more information about how the federal grants and contracting processes have worked for Colorado businesses, local communities and residents.

I invite all Coloradans to share their experiences and identify ways to improve these processes through the surveys available on my website at and  

I hope these surveys can serve as the basis for a deeper discussion about how to make the federal grants and contracts processes as efficient as possible.

United States Senator

Bradford should resign

Laura Bradford is certainly not the type of candidate we thought we were electing. Any candidate who would change their Party affiliation status during their term is not the type of person either party wants and it is a totally unacceptable cop out.

Laura Bradford should resign immediately under the circumstances, whether she would have failed the DUI test or not she admitted she had been drinking. We do not need a person like this as our representative.
It is totally unacceptable to allow her to change to an independent and side with the opposition changing the balance of power. Laura should resign now and at least do one good thing at this point in her soon to be abbreviated term.

Grand Junction

Candidates should look to Websters guide on choosing leaders

In his history of the United States,  Noah Webster gave a reasonable guide for choosing our leaders. See quotes on pages 678-679 of America’s God and Country, William Federer editor, notes 140-143. One perhaps two of the Republicans still in the campaign could be pressed to fit that model. No Democrat could.

Every election since Ronald Reagan, we seem to have been told how important this election is. Every time the afterglow proved an onset to a john hugging gut wrenching pukefest of political dung.We the people have not taken to heart the wisdom of Noah Webster — and we have paid the price.

I cannot say whoever the Republican nomination is I will rally behind him. Because if he don’t come mighty close to Websters ideas, he will not earn this vote.


Bradford no longer represents her constituents

The the threat of changing party affiliation which came from state Representative Laura Bradford recently is yet another exhibit in an expanding body of evidence that shows she is unfit to represent her district in western Colorado. Laura Bradford’s problems go beyond the embarrassing situation in which she finds herself with the Denver Police. Her attempt to spin what was a stop for driving drunk is making things much worse for her, and almost unbearable for the constituents in her congressional district.

Laura Bradford’s history of voting with Democrats in the State House provides a context of disloyalty that goes beyond yesterday’s threat. Rep. Bradford has been problematic to the state GOP because her voting, and now her personal behavior, is not only unpredictable but harmful to the party, and the conservative cause.

My sentiments reflect those of many conservatives and Republicans in western Colorado who supported Bradford in her run against incumbent Bernie Buescher. She ran a sound campaign with the help and commitment of a great many good people. It is her position upon which the one-vote Republican majority in the State Assembly teeters.

Because of her erratic behavior, both in the House Chambers and on Colfax Avenue, it is my opinion that Laura Bradford should step down. She no longer represents her constituents in western Colorado who value conservative principles and personal responsibility.

Grand Junction


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