Email letters, February 25, 2013

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Dave Kearsley’s on-line letter (“We need to rebuild country”, February 25, 2013) evinces Republicans’ schizophrenia.

In November 2008, when Michelle Obama said “For the first time in my life, I’m proud of my country”, she was vilified by the Right for implying a prior disloyalty.  However, when Limbaugh says he’s “ashamed of my country”, Kearsley, et al. are “mesmerized”.

Kearsley poses a false dichotomy between those who inspired our Revolution against autocratic government and those who “opposed limited government”, when the initial causus belli was absentee government – “taxation without representation”.

Both “patriots” and Tories pursued their respective economic interests, but few (if any) actually “saw the opportunity to create a great nation and did it”.  Thus, Kearsley relies on a teleological fallacy to imply that eventual outcomes were foreseen and intended.

Kearsley also ignores the fact that those same “founders” actually opted for less “limited government” by replacing the Articles of Confederation with our Constitution.  Today’s Republican “elites” equate to the Tories of 1775 – preferring oligarchy to democracy.

Parroting Limbaugh, Kearsley claims that President Obama “resembles a cult leader”,
but the “Country First” rhetoric of those who would have put Sarah Palin “a heartbeat away from the Presidency” remains profoundly suspect.

The 2010 elections proved that, when Republicans resort to exaggerated fear-mongering after eight years of their own fiscal profligacy, many folks can be taken-in by their spin.

The 2012 election proved that, having systematically gerrymandered many Congressional districts, anti-democratic Republicans can cynically distort electoral results.

Arnold Toynbee wrote that “civilizations die by suicide, not by murder”. 

While President Obama’s policies would “rebuild this nation and replenish national pride” without hitting “the debt wall”, Republicans like Kearsley seek to accelerate our economic suicide by “sacrificing” what America built in spite of them – while refusing to make any financial sacrifices themselves.

                  Bill Hugenberg

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