Email letters, February 3, 2014

Wright’s stance on rights of gun owners is out-of-date

Regardless of their interpretation of militias and arms-bearing rights, all the responsible gun owners I know care about safety. But Rep. Jared Wright, in his crusade not to limit freedoms to carry concealed weapons, seems deaf on the subject — and to concerns that not everyone pistol-packing in public is responsible simply by virtue of the Second Amendment.

His proposed bill would apparently eliminate any requirement that concealed-carry gun owners certify they know the laws, understand gun safety and have some acquaintance with how to operate their weapons.

The Constitution was written in the days when most citizens lived in rural areas. A crowd might constitute a few dozen seen a few times a year. They would never in their lifetimes enter a grocery store, restaurant, movie theater or shopping mall.

If a law enforcement officer ever had to pull over someone on a traffic stop, the citizen would not be driving a tinted-window SUV. And if he were fired upon, the shooter would only have time to get off one shot.

The world has changed, and Rep. Wright can’t change it back.


Grand Junction

Donations requested for not-for-profit oil and gas company

This letter is for all those people who think making a profit large or small in an industry shouldn’t happen or are against these profits.

I’m going to start a not-for-profit oil and gas drilling company, and I need them to donate large amounts of their hard-earned income to this not-for-profit organization, as it will produce no money of its own, kind of like the government.

Now I would also like to enlist the environmental groups to send money, too, as we will be doing everything as environmentally sound as possible, but this takes money also. I will also go for government subsidies, as this company will be not for profit, which means all gas and oil produced will be given away.

So, please open your pockets and give freely, as this is going to cost a lot of money to do, and I plan on being in business for 40 or so years, so we will need large amounts of donated money. Because nothing in this world is “free.”

Grand Junction

Nation must rein in spending madness

A couple of months ago in response to a letter that was published in the Sentinel, I was accused of McCarthyism, of accusing political opponents of subversion. The issue was the use of the IRS to stifle the growth of the tea party.

I erroneously linked this effort to a letter I thought our Sen. Udall signed and sent to the IRS, but that was Sen. Tom Udall. It is undeniable that this attack on political free speech was and still is encouraged by most Democrats. IRS itself prevented Nixon’s trying to use the IRS to target opponents. I don’t trust the IRS today to be nonpolitical.

I do submit this president is subverting the Constitution by his near daily revisions and changes in Obamacare without consulting Congress. Special deals are made for special interests, such as unions and the Congressional staffs. These are facts there for all to see. The abuse of the president’s power through executive orders, the IRS and the Justice Department is also plain to see. He’s proud when he says he will go around Congress.

Sen. Udall did support passage of Obamacare. Without him there would be no Obamacare. We get to vote up or down on Obamacare and other abuses supported by him and his party in November. He is enabling the out-of-control spending and debt. Paying your bills (the primary goal of the so-called tea party) is considered radical by Democrats. We need to start to rein in this madness. If that’s McCarthyism, I’m guilty.


Life, liberty and property caused men to make laws in the first place

The season of politicking draws near again, as though it ever fades, and we will soon be subjected to the endless cacophony of promises from crusaders for the public good, each purporting to be “the one” capable of saving us from our miserable selves. Whether they be seekers of local office, state seats or federal positions of power, each ultimately asks, “What can I do for you?” For me, the answer is simple and can only be found in the understanding of liberty.

Long gone is the Washingtonian mindset of serving fellow countrymen in their quest for that liberty. Rather, we live in the current age of progressive bureaucracy, on both sides of the aisle, wherein ever-growing government must entangle itself in every aspect of our lives, all within the guise of helping the common man, insistent that those in power know what is best for us.

Rather than follow the law for its intended purpose, as a collective organization of individual right to self-defense, we have allowed our leaders to pervert it as a weapon of greed and malice in their endless quest for power which ultimately manifests itself in the usurpation of our own individual rights.

Sadly, we have forgotten that freedom does not come from government. We were free before governments were formed, and we elect leaders not to lord over us, but to protect our individual freedoms through proper adherence to the law and a healthy respect for the true rights of man.

In this everlasting political season, I would offer the following reminder to those seeking our support. Your position will not give you authority to rule or give rights to the people, instead the people will grant you limited power to act on our behalf, and nothing you do will make us any more free than the day we were born.

In the words of Frederic Bastiat, “Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.”


People everywhere should show solidarity for Mexicans evicted from Basalt

In regard to the evictions of the Mexicans by the town of Basalt, little people everywhere should stand in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters against the broken promises of crony capitalism.

Social justice: Power to the people.


Contact officials to express concerns over air quality

The bad news: air pollution. The good news: You can do something about it.

In an article in the Boston Globe, Oct. 18, 2013, the World Health Organization officially cited air pollution as a carcinogen more dangerous than second-hand cigarette and cigar smoke. Dr. Kurt Straif, head of the WHO department that evaluated carcinogens, said that the air most people breathe “has become polluted with a complicated mixture of cancer-causing substances.”

The facts are sobering. In the Grand Valley we live in an environmental air trap. We create most of the trap: vehicle emissions, wood stoves, industrial pollution, open burning and recently (and more in the future) byproducts of drilling and dust.

What happens when valley residents move away because of fear — fear of inversion and air pollution? What happens when people do not move here
because of the health hazards? What happens if the economy suffers when there are no tourists?

Local officials could institute any number of regulations to improve air quality, including unpopular programs such as auto emissions tests, more open burning restrictions, requirements for covered coal cars and limits on oil and drilling. Why haven’t they?

What can you do? Contact your city and county commissioners, phone the Grand Junction Air Quality Field Office (243-0002) now, as air quality will be discussed in meetings this week. It’s your health at risk.

As Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


Grand Junction

Ballot initiatives are last shreds of freedom

I recently came across an editorial a few weeks back complaining about all the ballot initiatives that are soon to go onto the ballot. The editorial said that it’s such a hassle that we should set tougher restrictions to get measures on the ballot.

In response I say this:  Ballot initiatives are the only reason I even bother to vote at all anymore. They are the last shreds of freedom in this nation because with them I see that my voice actually carries some weight.

With elections all I see is another politician who doesn’t listen to me. But with ballots I see results. With them I can change things. Freedom is a hassle, but I think it is well worth it.

Grand Junction

State of the Union address could have been quite brief

I see someone was upset about The Daily Sentinel’s next-day coverage of the State of the Union message. My suggestion would be to look at last year’s review or even the previous two years, since nothing was really different.

Quite frankly, the president could have saved everyone a lot of time by saying the state of the union is great and then show reruns.

Grand Junction

Oil, gas wells should not be blamed for birth defects

Here you go again … spinning your headline to suggest a link between gas wells and birth defects from “researchers” well known as extreme environmental activists who deliberately mislead the public to further their agenda.

Why is your newspaper printing such misleading headlines? Why do you try to blame oil and gas for everything? Have you ever heard of “you are what you eat”? I would suggest for your “researchers” to go back to the research group (mothers) and find out how many drank diet sodas (aspartame) or smoked or ate fast foods and had poor diets and poor health in general. There in that information you’ll find a direct correlation to the poor health of their babies.

Much more toxins are in their environments than just their proximity to oil and gas development. Quit blaming everything on oil and gas, and take responsibility for what you people put into your own mouths.

Grand Junction

Marine serving near China cannot serve as local juror

My son is a U.S. Marine, serving somewhere in the China Seas area. Haven’t seen him in two years. He has a juror summons.

Trying to contact and straighten this out is nearly impossible. One person, apparently a Rose Anne Kelly, must be the most insulated service worker on the planet.

Obviously we are paying a staff that is not doing their homework. And now it’s on me? Something is wrong here.

Grand Junction

Local water users must show more restraint to better protect Colorado River

Will the media please tell the truth?

Yahoo states that the Colorado River is going dry!  However, if you check records for Mesa County, the river on the south side of Grand Junction, the Colorado River, is above average for this time of year.

If all the users southwest of Grand Junction could let the golf courses and the lawns be a little brown, they might have water. Check the counties saying they only have 90 to 120 days of drinking water left. How many golf courses and how many green lawns?

As the man on the country-and-western station says, “Wake up, America.”

Grand Junction


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Local investment adviser and conservative talking-point-parrot Dave Kearsley is at it again – peddling nonsense to his fellow-travelers disguised as informed opinion (“Nation must rein in spending madness”).

Contrary to Kearsley’s paranoia, there is still no evidence that – under President Obama
—the IRS engaged in selectively partisan examination of political groups masquerading as “social welfare” organizations.  Rather, both conservative and progressive groups were “targeted” in a bureaucratic attempt to enforce the IRS’s long-standing guidelines.

Likewise, given Republicans’ determination to oppose everything President Obama is for – and the “Teapublican”-controlled House’s refusal to conduct constructive hearings on “technical corrections” to the Affordable Care Act (routine with any major legislation), President Obama is compelled by that partisan obstructionism to exercise the full limit of his executive authority.  Whether he has exceeded his legitimate Constitutional powers is for courts or the Senate (if the House impeaches) to decide.  Good luck with that.

While “spending and debt” were indeed “out of control” under Republican Presidents Reagan and “Dubbya”, there has been no “spending madness” to rein in under President Obama.  Rather, every reputable study concludes that any perceived “debt crisis” was caused by four factors:  the Bush tax cuts, the Bush Recession, Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the bail outs (initiated by Bush and implemented by Obama).

With the “bailouts” past, the wars ended/ending, and the economy slowly recovering, what remains is to restore the revenues redistributed to the “1%” by Republicans in the name of “trickle down” economics, and to close corporate tax loopholes.

Under Bill Clinton, the economy created 22 million jobs when the top tax bracket was 49%—but net zero new jobs were created under Bush’s tax cuts.  Meanwhile, 25% of profitable corporations pay no corporate income taxes. 

Thus, the real problem remains inadequate revenues, not excessive spending.

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