Email letters, January 25, 2013

Hillary may have divulged more If questioners could stop talking

Many questions directed to Secretary of State Hillary were excellent but never answered.

Why?  Because politicians can’t stop talking. Instead of asking a question and waiting for an answer, the congressman would go on and on until his/her time was up.

What a farce!


No matter what state decides, writer will follow mandates of Bible regarding homosexuality

I see in the daily paper that our state reprobates have decided Congress needs tell the people our votes don’t count. When Colorado voted to move the definition of “marriage” to constitutional status, We the People also voted on the same ballot to say NO to civil unions.

Now the reprobates in Congress do not serve in fear of God nor man—except the queers. We have a Congress controlled by the Democratic Party and a state governor who as a mere candidate told the reprobates (on Valentine’s Day, no less) that he felt the state ought recognize the dilution/fraud called same sex marriage.

I do not care what a godless state declares it will recognize. I will recognize only “marriage” as defined by Moses in Genesis 1:27 and 2:24 (and nowhere does Moses define “marriage” as anything other than the union of a man and a woman).  Apostle Paul also comments on this matter in 1 Corinthians 6:9-20. 

As a Christian, I am convinced that anybody can either accept or reject what is written, but we have NO more RIGHT to change the meaning of the text to accommodate sin than the president has to change the meaning of the terms of the law he is sworn to uphold and defend.

When Christians reject the clear meaning of scripture, they act as children of darkness and as a stiff necked and rebellious people governed by the doctrines of man that make void the word of God. And I cannot agree with them. The godless state will do what the prince of this world dictates.

I know not what others might do, but as for me I will serve the risen Lord.

The state insists civil unions are not “marriage” and state recognition of same sex fantasy in no way will affect “marriage.” Right. 

All they intend do is recognize as equal to “marriage” something that is not “marriage.” Right.

And mere possession of a gun will compel the owner to use it in a crime. Not even the coke freak Freud believed that. I will not recognize civil union as equal to “marriage.”



Half-page ad deceives readers about oil shale

What a pretty half-page ad in this morning’s paper. It was all color of a serene scene showing an oil derrick in the distance and a fisherman fishing in a pretty stream in the foreground. I would call that ad as “softening up the rubes” for the ever growing push to get leases on federal land for future oil shale mining, or whatever it turns out the technique will be to harvest the petroleum within our local shale.

The ad talks about oil and gas being freed up through the fracking technique. That’s natural gas in the gaseous state and oil in the liquid state. Both come from pockets within shale formations hundreds or thousands of feet below the surface.

That is not the oil shale potential energy in our area that, the pursuit of which, ended up in the disastrous big bust here in the Eighties. It has yet to be determined how that energy can be economically harvested, but it will almost assuredly have an impact on our scarce water supply and particularly on the landscape locally.

Have you ever seen areas that have been strip-mined? The landscape has been forever changed, and not for the better, no matter how much remediation has taken place. What is the primary benefit our section of the country offers? I would say the natural beauty of our surroundings.

That pretty ad makes no differentiation in the shale oil they’re talking about and the shale situation locally. They are very different. They want you to think shale is shale and harvesting it results in sylvan scenes of tranquility and outdoor recreation. Why else explains the placement of the expensive ad? An invitation to come to North Dakota?

Beware of pretty pictures meant to distract. We could have a potential horrendous mess unless we proceed very carefully.

Grand Junction

Closed-door meetings show lack of responsiveness

County commissioners having closed-door meetings to get ready for the meetings. And not having transparency. Seems like some back scratching is going on, by some outside sources.

I sent in several comments to one particular commissioner about doing for the good of the city and county and to pass it on. I believe my comments went into the trashcan. I never got a respectable reply. This may also apply to the city.

Grand Junction

BLM tries to divide community of Paonia

At the recent Paonia town council meeting, the BLM is on record stating that coal leases in the North Fork would be at risk were they to cancel the proposed 20,000+ acres natural gas lease sale this February. This is a blatant lie.

A review of the BLM’s own environmental assessment documents makes clear that no relationship exists between the two operations and that permitting activities in one area is separate from those in the other. It is obvious that the BLM is attempting to divide the community by creating friction between the overwhelming majority of valley citizens opposed to gas activities and those who derive their livelihood from coal. This is an artificial schism that should not be created. Withdrawal of the proposed gas leases will not affect coal-mining activities now or ever, and it is unbecoming of a government agency to stoop to this level in advancing its agenda.

Fabricating social frictions is a sign of desperation and makes me wonder what underlies the BLM’s agenda here. Why the mad press to lease?

Helen Hankins, the state BLM director, stated that the rush to drill is all about energy independence. A nice sound bite to be sure, but unfortunately still a lie, one designed to tap into patriotic feelings of social sacrifice in service of country. If only it were accurate. At this moment, there are plans to develop 16 massive liquid natural gas terminals on our coasts to ship our gas to ports overseas for use by other nations in advancement of their own economies.

Were this all about energy independence, the gas taken from here would stay here and there would be strong legislation to ensure so. Regrettably, this is not the case.

No. The rush to drill is not about America, but is rather about large future profits for a few companies and a few already wealthy individuals. Those of us here at ground zero suffer the consequences and long legacy of unbridled gas development while a tiny few are enriched.

It has been the same story throughout American history with government often abetting the interests of the private sector at the expense of the public. This is a poor calculus indeed. The BLM is charged with proper stewardship of our public lands. Its actions here are hardly the way to effect this.


CMU’s Foster is right in promoting tuition cuts

Colorado Mesa University President Tim Foster deserves kudos for publicly supporting in-state tuition for children of undocumented aliens (“Immigrant tuition bill advances,” Jan. 24).

Yesterday, Foster properly testified, “There is a cadre of very bright, talented young men and young women who would really benefit from lowering the cost of going to college and allow us to continue to progress as one of the most educated states in the union.”

This is the same “cadre” of potentially productive future Americans who would be offered a “pathway to citizenship” if a comprehensive federal immigration overhaul incorporates the DREAM Act.

Consequently, Foster’s support of in-state tuition for Colorado’s “Dreamers” constitutes a welcome departure from the insipid callousness of the Republican primary debates, wherein then would-be Republican standard-bearer Willard Romney bullied his fellow candidates and pandered to tea partiers (and earned their applause) by appealing to the “darker angels” of anti-immigrant prejudice and advocating “self-deportation.”

Foster’s better informed and more empathetic perspective is also entirely consistent with President Obama’s policy directive issued last June, in which he extended the suspension of deportations of thousands of qualified non-citizen children of “illegal immigrants”—precisely so that they could contribute to our union by pursuing their education, serving in the military, and presumably (assuming that the DREAM Act eventually becomes the law of the land) moving along a “pathway to citizenship.”

Heretofore, Republican opposition to in-state tuition and to the DREAM Act has derived from the calculus that a “pathway to citizenship” leads to more minority voters – who, unless their voting rights are successfully suppressed, are likely to vote Democratic.

Foster is thus also to be congratulated for rising above such partisan concerns to support what is best for these kids, for CMU, for Colorado, and thus for the future of our nation.

Grand Junction

Better define consequences of misuse of firearms

Why do legislators continue to try to pass bad gun laws that only serve to protect us from honest people? Duh! We have legislators who don’t know the difference between an AK-47 and a Red Ryder bb gun trying to define assault or military style weapons and not the violations. Quit trying to define the gun.

If a person intends to use it to harm or kill someone, it doesn’t matter whether it is a 22 cal or a bazooka. Another bad gun law will not stop that problem. One only has to look at where tough gun laws are already in place such as Washington D.C., Chicago, or LA. Wow! So-called tough gun laws really work there! It seems only the honest people got the message.

Writing a good gun law should not be very complicated if we quit defining the gun and look at the offender. 1. Have stringent requirements to purchase a gun, including a thorough background check. If this takes a long period of time, so be it. 2. Anyone selling, possessing or acquiring a gun in violation of the existing gun laws immediately pays a fine, severs some jail time and loses the right to own a gun again—ever! 3. If a gun is used while committing a crime, do not “pass go.” Go straight to prison. No plea bargains. No “I’m sorry.” No “I didn’t know the law.

What we don’t need is another 200- or 2,000-page gun law defining a gun.  Define the consequences.


Grand Junction


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Many federal, state and local laws passed regarding gun control are unconstitutional PERIOD! The end run around the constitution used by lawmakers is “Laws can stand side by side” This is contradictory and hypocritical. The only legal change to gun rights that can be made is to DIRECTLY amend the second amendment to the constitution. They are trying to sneak up on that one so legal gun owners BEWARE! We have a lot of little King George wannabe’s running around out there!

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