Email letters, January 31, 2013

Immigrants seeking citizenship should comply with stipulations

Here we go again with the illegal immigrants.

I guess my first question is whether people in Congress understand what is meant about being illegal. So, guessing that they will pass something, I offer a few suggestions.

One is that immigrants must learn to read, write, speak and understand English within five years. Two is they may not vote in any election for at least 10 years after they become citizens and they learn about the country and the Constitution.

Three, they may not be allowed to draw any Social Security until they are 66 — period. Four, they may not be allowed to draw any welfare for five years. Five, if they cannot meet the first four, then they leave the country on their own.

Now, to further make sure they can read, write, speak and understand English, all documents for driver license, voter registration and all other legal documents must be in English. Throw away everything that is written in Spanish. This alone would save us a lot of tax dollars. Just a few ideas that may help.

Grand Junction

Complainers about Brady Trucking might wish to examine own uses of energy

OK, Grand Junction has had inversions since I’ve lived here every winter since 1963 and probably before then. So, we blame Brady Trucking for the diesel smoke when we fly in and out on a jet. Next time make it a one-way trip. 

All the rest who can’t seem to understand the inversion should stop driving their cars on the days that it’s inverted, turn off their heaters in their houses and put out their wood stoves.

And for the rest of the people, we will just have to deal with it as we have for years, but it will get worse because of all the people that are thinking about moving here. Oh yes — first there have to be jobs to bring them here.

Grand Junction

Properly trained teachers can help protect children

Some people just don’t understand gun policy. I have been safely handling firearms for more than 60 years.

If we put guns into schools, it should be on a strictly volunteer basis. The teachers who want can carry after they go through a very good training program. The NRA is willing to do the training.

If a teacher passes and carries, the firearm should be concealed as much as possible and never leave the person carrying it. That is just common sense.

I know that if I were a teacher I would be more than willing to take the course and carry. I may have to protect myself some day.


School children remain vulnerable in gun-free zones

So, the Colorado Senate panel rejects the bill to allow teachers and other employees to have guns on school grounds, preserving those “gun-free zones.”  Instead, Senate President John Morse suggests a “culture change when it comes to gun violence.” 

Well, if it’s that simple, let’s not stop with gun violence. How about child sex abuse, spouse abuse, alcohol and drug abuse and the casual practice of abortion to cover for our nihilistic entitlements to sex without responsibility? We could also hope for cultural change that transforms mere politicians into actual statesmen.

We could expect an end to the waste of taxpayers’ money, cronyism and elected officials in bed either with lobbyists or someone other than their spouse. Heck, how about a general cultural change for us all?  Could we not all practice, with God’s help, being more loving, merciful, generous and grateful? 

Meanwhile, evidence — and urgency — be damned. Children remain unprotected in the liberal fantasy world of gun-free zones. while armed security keeps watch over government buildings and courtroom proceedings.

I have an idea for a bill the Senate might consider:  Remove all security personnel from government buildings, courtrooms, legislative sessions, etc. and subsidize their employment in neighborhood schools.  If the politicians want to continue their experiment with gun-free zones during this time when the culture has most certainly not changed, let it be at their risk, not the children’s.



Environmentalists unaware of how energy is obtained

Regarding the North Fork Coal Mine, I see that members of Earth Justice, Wild Earth Guardians, Rocky Mountain Wild and Sierra Club are challenging its expansion. These people believe energy, jobs and money toward nearby towns comes by waving a magic wand.

We have energy resources in America to use and the technology to develop them in a responsible way. The I-70 to Denver and other projects would not have been built with this attitude. These same people use them.

We all pay for this waste of time in high energy costs, lack of jobs and other ways.

Grand Junction

Writer correct in stating that morality can’t be legislated

In the Jan. 29 issue of the Sentinel, Terry Bridgeman hit the nail on the head. Morality cannot be legislated.

Its destruction, however, can be enhanced by feel-good, huff-and puff-legislation that deliberately ignores the religious principles of our forefathers implemented in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Until we admit that the moral stream of our civilization is in rapid decline and we attempt to reverse the trend, don’t expect much improvement in our “violent” society.

Until we rid our legislatures of the infestation of self-aggrandizing pseudo-statesmen who put their own agendas above the interests of their constituents, I don’t think we can expect much change for the better.

For confirmation, see the work of H.L. Mencken,  “On Politics,” published in 1956.


Guest columnists on crusade against energy development

In their joint guest column, Denver City Council member Deborah Ortega and Carbondale town trustee, PR specialist Allyn Harvey, tried to justify the decision by Denver City Council to pass a resolution supporting the BLM’s draconian plan to cut the legs out from under an emerging oil shale industry, because of the potential threat to “Denver’s water.”

The two claimed that the plan is merely a “go-slow” approach, which ensures that questions are answered before commercial development can begin. The authors claim that the Denver City Council’s concern is for all Coloradans.

Ortega is an ultra-liberal, lifelong Denverite, who infamously stated during Denver’s redistricting battle last spring that the process should defend everyone’s right to elect a Denver City Council representative that looks and talks like them. Hardly the type of inclusive speech that would suggest concern for communities outside of her sphere.

Her partner in the article, Harvey, is a trustee for the trendy-left town of Carbondale, a community that is a world apart from the places on the Western Slope that would be impacted by oil shale development. Harvey’s biggest claim to fame is spearheading a campaign against a commercial development project, the Village at Crystal River, which would have provided jobs and greater economic opportunity for Carbondale.

Clearly, these two share an agenda that has nothing to do with wanting research on oil shale development done. It is interesting to note that Ortega could not find an official from elsewhere on the Western Slope – from places such as Rifle, Silt, Craig, Meeker, Grand Junction, Collbran or Fruita – to join with her on her crusade.

That was probably because the people in these communities understand both that commercial energy development and conservation are not mutually exclusive and the stakes at play when Denver starts talking about our water.


‘Law-abiding’ citizens carried out massacres

Obviously collecting more lethal guns is not slowing more lethal massacres.

The NRA claims the sky is falling but doesn’t understand the government can’t abolish amendments. If the people decide guns are manned by a bunch of crazies, that’s what will eliminate the Second Amendment. The NRA brags about “law-abiding citizens.”  About whom is it talking?

The kid in Connecticut was a law-abiding citizen. So was his mother. The kid in Aurora was a law-abiding citizen. And in Tucson, Virginia, Columbine — all law abiding citizens.

Not long ago in Grand Junction, a young man intervened when he saw a neighbor beating his wife on the front lawn, and he was shot and killed by that drunken law-abiding citizen. Maybe people need to know how many gun deaths are committed by “law-abiding citizens.” Red flags abound.

DUIs, domestic disputes, belligerent drunkenness and drug use are all red flags. What about people who brag about taking out their aggressions or relieving stress by shooting at human figures? Does anyone out target shooting take notice of careless use of weapons and do anything about it?

It’s already obvious many gun sellers care nothing about who’s buying their weapons. Maybe selling to a criminal should put accessory charges to the seller. Does the NRA consider these law-abiding citizens?

All of our civil rights are responsibilities, not toys. There’s nothing wrong with hunting, shooting contests or marksmanship. If using these rights makes you feel like John Wayne or Billy the Kid or gives your fearful outlook on life a sense of power, that’s irresponsible and a red flag.

Grand Junction

Colorado senators should join others in rejecting Hagel nomination

Unless one only appreciates bipartisan politics and judges this only on that premise, there are no good reasons why Chuck Hagel should be confirmed as defense secretary.

His past is littered with reckless decisions and poor choices of words. He opposed the surge in Iraq, calling it “the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam.”

He urged President Bush to commence in “direct, unconditional, and comprehensive talks with Iran,” and opposed financial sanctions on them in 2008. He all but said in his book, “America: Our Next Chapter,” that Iran should be free to develop nuclear weapons.

Sens. Udall and Bennet should reject Hagel for this position.


Government’s proposed ban on assault weapons is unfair

I find it a bit confusing when our illustrious senators are contemplating an assault weapons ban to the public, including standard high-capacity magazines as unneeded and unsuitable for personal protection.
At the same time, our Department of Homeland Security has on order, “7000 ea. 5.56 x 45 mm NATO select-fire firearms suitable for personal defense use in close quarters and/or when maximum concealment is required.”

The above quoted from the order request issued by the DHS.

The definition of select fire weapon is for a weapon capable of semi- or fully automatic fire upon the flip of a switch.

Call me suspicious, but when the government wants to ban this type of weapon from the law-abiding American citizen but plans to arm its own private army with the same type of weapon, I have questions.
Currently our senators and members of the House are discussing the ban of the above weapons. It is time for our senators to get real and stop this illegal act against the Second Amendment of the Constitution.


Grand Junction

Government Band-Aid won’t solve gun violence

I have been a legal gun owner for more than 45 years and have enjoyed the sport of hunting. I would never have a need for an “assault” type gun, but there are many legal gun enthusiasts who enjoy target/competitive shooting.

As typical with the government, if it gets its foot in the door with ban on assault type weapons, it will not stop until it bans all guns from legal gun owners.

Also, I find it very interesting that President Obama, his family and some politicians are protected by guns from those that would do them harm. We, as legal gun owners, have the same right as they do to protect our families and ourselves from harm.

I would agree that those with a true clinical mental illness and/or felony be required to undergo a stringent background check to prevent them from obtaining a gun. As the old saying goes, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

Those that commit these heinous crimes need to be prosecuted fully by the law. The government does not need another quick Band-Aid fix by attacking legal gun owners and the Second Amendment.


Grand Junction


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