Email Letters: July 12, 2017

Daily Sentinel continues to be biased to the left

With the continuing biased AP stories, left wing columns by Washington Post and New York Times writers and the left-wing letters to the editors, I am beginning to think the only thing that The Daily Sentinel is good for is the plastic bag that it arrives in that I use to pick up my dog’s poop.

Grand Junction

Look upon the universe as ours to perennially discover

We’re all in the same boat, people of earth. We were marooned on this speck by a higher power. It is a doomsday premise. Oh, we poor souls, at the mercy of some unknown beings, not gods, but flawed; not noble, but extraterrestrial, and non-human. For the gods have fallen from Olympus and Valhalla, and reemerged as these ET “things.” What, or who are they? So, who’s in charge?

Imagine space flight. Who could travel to a star light years away in a lifetime? That would require thousands, if not millions, of years. It also becomes absurd to carry on a two-way conversation, unless one waits around for a hundred, thousand, million or billion years for a response.

Communication becomes a monologue of faith. If one wanted to “reach out” in a lifetime, it would be impossible. Yet the question remains: Who is out there, and what is out there worth communicating about? To find out, simply send an explorer ship to a likely “habitable” place with genetics on board that would replicate along the way, in unfolding stages to the point of “landing.” Are we encountering avatars of those who sent such an explorer ship? At this point, astrology makes more sense.

This brings things down to earth. The power is within us.

Example: Ancient Aliens on the History Channel is the education about ancient sites all over the world…and skips the aliens. The show takes us to where humankind has built similarly fantastic architecture all over the world. The question raised is: How did they do it, and why is it all the “same” or similar? The answer is: Each civilization locks into the same universal power; the power doesn’t lock in to them. It isn’t little gray people or others who control civilization; it is humankind’s realization or awakening to the universe. We are not anyone else’s; we are our own. A simple message Jesus taught.

So, skip the ET savior stuff from “out of this world,” and take control; “own” the future. This is the way forward. The power is within. Look upon the universe, and know that it is humankind’s, if we dare. It’s written in Genesis; it’s ours to perennially discover.


Grand Junction


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Mr. Blosser, You could get a bird.

Blosser, “With the continuing biased AP stories, left wing columns by Washington Post and New York Times writers and the left-wing letters to the editors, .....”. These things exist. They should be banished from the Sentinel? In favor of what? If you are bothered by them, don’t read them. Freedom! Choice! You are in control! Or start your own paper with only you’re acceptable stuff in it.  You have endless options. Use them. Meyers is right. Get a bird.

Obviously Borgen doesn’t get out much or he’d realize “get a bird” means the paper is only useful as a bird-cage liner.

No, I meant he badly needs companionship. He can still use the paper in any way he chooses. Options! But why pay for the paper for that use? There are cheaper ways and if you want to display your feelings for the paper you can always do that in this venue for those few trolls left. Notice the fall-off? Some of the old favorites seem to have vanished. Good riddance!

Thank you Mr Meyers! 

Mr Borgen
  I think that I am intelligent and well enough read to make my own decisions.  I get all the New York Times and Washington Post editorials by reading them and watching CNN.  The AP articles I see on line and don’t need them in the Daily Sentinel. I really don’t need your advice on where to get my information.

Blosser, simple enough. Don’t subscribe. Or start your own local paper and print only stuff that suits you.

To Richard Blosser, the New York Times is doing a fantastic job of exposing the rotten lying and devious shenanigans of the Trump administration. You should take the plastic bag off your head and face reality.  The Trumps’s have allied themselves with the Russian Communists and you are OK with this?

Wow, the True Believers are out in force tonight.  Just because the NYSlimes reports it does not mean it’s true.  Matter of fact there’s some quite interesting information coming out about the rest of the story of the latest Slimes expose’.  You won’t notice the retraction.  It’ll be on page 42A.

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